What Makes Chainsaw Man Manga So Hyped?

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a man with a saw in his face

If you want to know what is Chainsaw Man Manga all about then the answer to this question is that it is one of its kind as it is hilarious as well as gore.

Many readers have read this manga due to its plot which keeps you intrigued till the end.

Starting from the first page of the manga it is not very hilarious at first but it can't be said that it is not fun, it is a very interesting first episode.

You can relate to this episode if you have ever watched Parasite anime the starting of the manga is very similar but as it progresses further there the similarity ends the manga.


So, starting with the plot of the story. The story starts with an orphaned boy which has his pet like a dog.

It is very similar to any other manga out there. It can also be said that it is a tried as well as tested formula.

But here is the main twist what if the dog was a chainsaw, and on the other hand that boy is the one responsible for hunting devils for the Yakusa. After that things get to start becoming interesting.

Also, it starts to become intriguing in an absurd way. Is it worth reading? then yes it is worth reading.

In this manga, you will see that there is not a single character in the whole manga that can be said to be worth relatable to anyone that you may know.

Nor there is a single character in the manga that can be regarded as nice, even if there is not a single foil character in the team.

You will notice that each character in the manga is very sharp, stone-like eyes or stony eyes, and the most important thing they are very dangerous.

men fighting with each other

The unique thing about these characters is that they don't even care that he or she is your friend, they don't find it interesting to save the planet, and neither they have any kind of intention of saving the strangers.

Whole activities that commit are only based on their self-interest and are vain.

All the activities including killing, bloodshed is only done for the only purpose of their selfish interest.

And even if they will save any stranger then again that is all for their selfish interest.

The MC doesn't care about any girl he only does that to get intimate with a girl. Also, he tries to survive till another day.

What Makes Chainsaw Man Manga So Hyped?

The Art style

It isn't our regular manga as it involves certain artwork that will make one thing that it is very cool and amazing and you will say "Whoa" after experiencing it once.

screenshot from the manga 1

This can be said about it that it is one of the manga that involves a high-quality art style which is a reason to check it out.

Further, it can be said that it is not comparable to the art style of berserk, one punch man as well as Ragnarok. Still, it is the main feature of this manga.

The Characters are Likeable

As I mentioned earlier that the characters in the manga are not relatable but they are likeable.

They have their aura which surrounds them and differs them from any other character.

In addition to that, they have very cool personalities of their own. Denji is the main protagonist of the story.

The MC can be said to be the opposite of many other main characters of other manga, for example, Yugi Muto, As, Naruto, and also Asta. He is very vulgar and crude but still, he is very likeable.

The Fight Scenes

This manga contains one of the most visceral and brutal fight scenes which can't be found in any other kind of manga.

It is super bloody which makes it insane at the same time but in addition to this in a good way. The fight scenes keep you engaged to the scenes.

Many readers personally like these fight scenes.

screenshot from the manga 2

Overall, it can be said about this manga is that it is a very fun and interesting manga to read. Plus this manga is getting an adaptation which adds to the hype of the manga.

Chainsaw Man Anime vs Manga Difference

While both the manga and anime follow the same basic story, there are some differences between the two.

The Chainsaw Man manga is the original source material and has been ongoing since December 2018.

It follows the story of Denji, a young man who becomes a devil hunter after merging with a devil and gaining the ability to transform into a powerful chainsaw devil.

The manga panels feature intense action scenes, complex character development, and a dark and gritty storyline with elements of horror.

The Chainsaw Man anime is a TV series adaptation of the manga that premiered in October 2022.

The anime is faithful to the source material and covers the same story as the manga, but with some changes and additions to make it more suitable for a TV audience.

The anime features high-quality animation and sound design, and has received praise for its excellent production values.

One major difference between the manga and anime is the pacing.

The manga is more fast-paced and has a lot more content than the anime.

Some scenes and storylines that were included in the manga are not present in the anime, or have been shortened or changed.

Additionally, the anime has a different art style and color palette compared to the manga.

Overall, both the Chainsaw Man manga and anime are great works of entertainment with their own unique strengths and weaknesses.

Fans of the series are likely to enjoy both versions and appreciate the differences between them.

Is Chainsaw Man one of the best manga?

The Harvey Awards have named Chainsaw Man as the finest manga of 2021.

This manga, written by Tatsuki Fujimoto, has been serialized since 2018 and has sold over 11 million copies worldwide.

The comic community is now praising it for its success and well-received story.

Chainsaw Man isn't new to winning awards. The Shogakukan Manga Award for shōnen manga was also given to it.

The series has been nominated for numerous more awards,  though it has tended to finish under other manga.

screenshot from the manga 3

Since 1988, the Harvey Awards have been a part of the comic book industry.

They are voted on by industry specialists, making it a very prestigious prize.

Unlike the Shogakukan Manga Award, the best manga category is not separated into reader demographics.

Chainsaw Man was up against a lot of seinen manga, with Spy x Family being the only other shōnen entry. It's no easy achievement to win the best manga prize over horror maestro Junji Ito!

Weekly Shōnen Jump, one of the most popular manga magazines in North America, is serializing Chainsaw Man.

It has proven to be a successful series, and even though the first part ended in December 2020, a second has been announced.

The story's main protagonist, Denji, will continue to be the centre of the upcoming chapter. There will also be an anime adaptation of the series.

The Harvey Award-winning Chainsaw Man excels in portraying a horrific plot with dark comedy, and its popularity is only expected to grow as the series continues.

Is the Chainsaw Man controversial?

a man killing his enemeis

Sure, the manga is plenty of disturbing scenes, but one, in particular, was so divisive that it nearly split the fandom.

Interestingly, despite being informed that it could result in the comic being flagged by censors, Tatsuki Fujimoto believed it was vital to keep that sequence in the chapter!

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