What kind of eye does Boruto possess?

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A question that still remains unanswered in the anime series Boruto, the sequel to the much-loved anime Naruto and Naruto Shippuden.

After the events of the Fourth Great Ninja War, Boruto follows the story of Naruto's son 'Boruto' as the protagonist.

The anime takes place after a time skip where Naruto is now 32 years of age and the current 7th Hokage of the leaf village.

While Naruto's dreams and goals had come to provision, it is now Boruto's turn to show promise.

While the anime has so far only teased the idea of Boruto possessing a special eye much like his mother, Hinata.

The anime does not fully explain the potential within Boruto's right eye.

Though this is just speculation, it is the closest idea fans have to what Boruto possesses.

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Boruto possesses the Jougan (pure eye) which is a form of the Tenseigan.

The Jougan is a Kekkei Genkai (An ability that can be performed by only a particular bloodline for example the Uchiha or the Hyuga clan) that requires both Hamura's and Hogoromo's bloodline to obtain.

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Kaguya, their mother possesses the Rinne-Sharingan also called the ‘Third eye’, which is a kekkei mora (An ability possessed by Kaguya and her sons).

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Kaguya's descendants were handed down the visual prowess of the Rinnegan and Tenseigan.

Hogoromo the eldest son got the rinnegan and Haruma the youngest, got the Tenseigan.

While the rinnegan requires both the Uchiha and Senju bloodline combination.

(Senju and Uchiha are Hogoromos descendants), The Tenseigan on the other hand requires the Hyuga and Otsutsuki clan bloodline combination.

As we know Hinata is a Hyuga and Naruto is an Uzumaki (a Senju descendant which means he holds Hogoromo's bloodline, who's an Otsutsuki.)

Now that we know what Boruto's right eye is, I bet you're wondering,

What does Boruto's right eye do?

In "Naruto, the last movie", we see the Jougan being used, or at least an imitation of the original, the Jougan is portrayed to have the ability to see chakra through time and space and if that wasn't overpowered enough much like the Rinnegan.

The visual prowess of the Tenseigan gives the wielder the ability to wear a chakra cloak (much like nine tails cloak) and access the Truth-Seeking Orbs (six paths sage mode).

The Jougan can perform ninjutsu but whether it can perform Genjutsu is still a mystery.

The full potential of the Tenseigan is yet to be seen, and can only be unleashed by Boruto.