What kind of women is your type feat. Todou Aoi

A character analysis of Todou Aoi, from Jujutsu Kaisen

Todou performing boogie woogie

Gege Akutami takes his viewers and readers on a great rollercoaster ride of character dynamics and plot twists in Jujutsu Kaisen. From the complications of the characters to the plotlines that reveal their morals, Jujutsu Kaisen has successfully captivated its supporters and provided them with a plethora of different characters with perks and quirks that make an everlasting impact on them in the minds of the viewers.

Character analysis

One such twisted and morally complicated and eccentric character is Todou Aoi, who is first introduced in the Kyoto Sister Exchange Event between two Jujutsu tech schools.

On his first encounter with Fushiguro Megumi, he asks him a very bizarre question with an intention to fight.

The question was, "what kind of woman is your type".

Aoi further demonstrates that a person's type of woman determines their characteristics and personality, and he intends to befriend only those who have matched the taste of women like Aoi's.

Upon receiving an inadequate answer from Megumi, he fights him without mercy.

Quirky features of Todou Aoi

The physique and enigma of Todou Aoi are very different as is his approach to others. He considers himself the strongest and only validates those who can match up to his likes.

Further into the plot as the story unfolds, his acquaintance with Itadori proves fruitful to their battle against the curses that had appeared in the domain that is created by Mahito's accomplice.

He asks Itadori the same question to which he replies, "A Tall woman with a big ass, I guess? like Jennifer Lawrence '', which matches with the type of woman Todou likes.

A whole set of memories of him and Itadori sharing high school moments flash in front of his eyes and he immediately refers to Itadori as his brother and best friend who he had claimed to know for a long time.

Viewers and readers enjoy these quirky and funny moments between the characters and Todou's complicated whims which makes him a fun character.

His obsession with an idol, Takada-chan is laughable as the entire demeanor of his personality changes when it comes to anything relevant to her.

The eccentric, rude, and brawny guy becomes a lovesick fan and imagines moments with her, even during the fight which gives the viewers an entertaining addition to his characteristics.

His battle IQ exceeds the first impression that viewers have of him, during his fight between him, Itadori, and Hanami.

The exchange as he guides Itadori and teaches him more depth about Jujutsu after finding out they share the same taste in women shows his favoritism and loyalty, which are opposing yet complimenting when it comes to a character like him.

Throughout the entire plot, it is essential for viewers to gain such a perspective of a character who will be helpful in battling, due to his perfection, diligence, and strength in combat.

character pointing his finger at other person

The only problematic aspect of his character is justifying a personality on the basis of a favored type of woman, which also denotes objectification of gender. Not only does he render others' opinions invalidated, but also imposes his ideals on the personality traits of people.

According to him, any woman who doesn't match his taste or type is boring.

His eccentricity and dominance in ideals make him hated by almost every student of Tokyo and Kyoto Jujutsu tech schools.

This trait is the only negative aspect of the character that creates a bittersweet experience for the readers as they cannot help but be impressed by his skills and resilience and reliability when it comes to decision-making.

The reason he asks everyone about their type of women as an introductory interrogation is that back in his high school, he had met with a Jujutsu sorcerer named Yuki Tsukumo, who had asked him the same question, and he got the feeling that his world is going to change.

The woman, revving her bike, stopped at the edge of the river, by which Todou was beating up a man. She removed her helmet, applauded his fighting, and asked him the same question, "Tell me, boy, what is your type of woman?"

Yuki Tsukumo winking at todou

Todou is shown to detest everyone who has a "boring" taste in women and does not hesitate to fight them to ease his boredom. His characteristic can be compared to that of an obsessive-dominating individual whose word has to be the last word.

Yet, as the story develops, there are considerable changes seen in him, which makes him a reliable character. For instance, when he suggested Jujutsu sorcerers who can become first graders, he suggested Nobara, Itadori, and Megumi, despite having a destructive fight with Megumi.

Overall, the complication and adaptation of the characters and their ideals, while differentiating them to retain their uniqueness, and introducing developmental aspects in them, Gege Akutami never fails to satisfy his readers and viewers.

Todou is such a character who seems annoying at first, but from a hateful to a bearable and funny character to an amazing supportive character, meets the needs of the plot and flow of the story and its rhythm in a progressive way.