What is the Mystery behind Park Won Seok’s Death in Revenge of Others?

The plot thickens with Jae Beom's suicide attempt.

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Ok Chan Mi’s twin brother Ok Chan Kyu aka Park Won Seok died suddenly. Someone brutally killed Park Won Seok by pushing him off to his death. The top suspects are identified; frankly, everyone seems guilty with a motive to lynch Won Seok.

What could be the mystery behind Park Won Seok’s death? The 2022 Kdrama Revenge of Others has gotten interesting with cliffhangers and another murder cropping up with the police aiming for Ji Soo Heon.

Seok Jae Beom is struggling with his issues and could be manipulated by his family and Gi O Sung who has his own motives. Kwon Se Jin recorded everything at Park Won Seok’s death, but why step out now?

Why did Kwon Se Jin manipulate Ok Chan Mi?

Se Jin & Chan Mi

Either Ok Chan Mi is extremely gullible or she has lost her reasoning. Something about Kwon Se Jin screams off and red flags. Se Jin is hiding something and his sudden confession to Chan Mi coming clean to her was way weird timing.

Kwon Se Jin was still enrolled at school and it was he who recorded Park Won Seok’s death. Se Jin feels more than a friend to Won Seok and the subtle pretext through his actions seems imminent.

Se Jin told Chan Mi everything and conveniently convinced her that Ji Soo Heon killed Park Won Seok because of his red shoelaces. That seemed very inaccurate. Somehow, Chan Mi was convinced that Soo Heon killed Won Seok without double-checking the facts.

Se Jin was angered when he found Chan Mi was living at Soo Heon’s house. He trashed her place and took out his anger. Although, he confessed everything later, but still this doesn’t make things ok.

Somehow could Se Jin be aware of Won Seok’s secret? Won Seok never dated A Jung and was only her pretend boyfriend.

Did Ji Soo Heon have something to do with Park Won Seok’s death?

Se Jin

Chan Mi got gaslighted thanks to the police as well. She took matters into her hands and nearly shot Soo Heon injuring him. Just when Soo Heon was irritated he literally pointed the gun to shoot himself.

Whether it was a prank or an odd coincidence, the real killer called Chan Mi from Won Seok’s phone. The call was disconnected but the killer has Won Seok’s phone. Police never found his missing phone and Chan Mi was sure that the killer took her brother’s phone.

Soo Heon

It was more shocking because they heard a strange ringtone, like a different phone call. Later it was revealed that the phone belonged to Gi O Sung as it was his phone ringtone. Could Gi O Sung be the killer?

No one really knows at this point.  Ji Soo Heon didn’t have any relation to Park Won Seok’s death. He even went with Chan Mi to visit Won Seok’s adoptive parents to get his belongings. Soo Heon was angry at his parents because of their careless attitude.

Why did Seok Jae Beom commit suicide?

Jae Beom with Soo Heon

No matter where we look the mystery of Park Won Seok gets entangled with Gi O Sung and Seok Jae Beom. The timeline is confusing because Seok Jae Beom got into an accident six months ago. Park Won Seok was killed three months before. During the time of Won Seok’s death was Jae Beom in the hospital?

In fact, Jae Beom didn’t get into an accident but tried to commit suicide. His family is aware and somehow they hid the fact for some unclear reason. Gi O Sung knew of course.  His reason for suicide could be related to his relationship with Won Seok.

O Sung with Jae Beom

Honestly, the timeline is not entirely clear. Park Won Seok was closely affiliated with Jae Beom. it was entirely explicitly explained but it looked like Jae Beom and Won Seok were secretly dating.

Gi O Sung was definitely jealous of Won Seok and even tried to blackmail him with his secret. Before committing suicide, Jae Beom handed an envelope to O Sung. it was revealed that there were pictures of Jae Bum and Won Seok. O Sung was moody and not pleased when he broke the news to Jae Beom that they had a secret relationship.

Could Jae Beom and Won Seok dated, but they broke up after Won Seok became close to Se Jin? This is just a speculation but there was no concrete evidence of why exactly Jae Beom decided to commit suicide.

O Sung gave the pictures back to Jae Beom. He was still in denial as he burned those pictures but was somehow investigating Chan Mi for whatever unknown reason.

Jae Beom called out Chan Mi and went into her place when she went out to meet him. It was then he met Gi O Sung who was tracking him and Kook Ji Hyun, who had a crush on Ji Soo Heon.

Kook Ji Hyun and Ok Chan Mi had bad blood. This discovery offset her when she found Chan Mi living at Soo Heon’s place. To make matters worse, Ji Hyun tampered with Chan Mi’s scooter causing her to get into an accident.

What is Gi O Sung Hiding?

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It’s possible for Gi O Sung to have romantic feelings towards Seok Jae Beom. As Jae Beom and WOn Seok could have been secretly dating, O Sung could have been jealous. He has more than reasons to kill Won Seok as he blackmailed him with the secret.

O Sung’s attitude towards Jae Beom is kind but scary as in a very controlling and toxic manner who wants to possess him.

The new murder case somehow became complicated as the evidence left at the crime scene pointed towards Gi O Sung. the suspect shifted from Soo Heon to O Sung because of the evidence.

Before, O Sung said someone stole his phone. Could the real killer have O Sung’s phone and set him up for murder? It’s hard to speculate but somehow the events leading to Won Seok’s mysterious death could have something to do with him dating Jae Beom.

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