What Is The Difference Between Akame Ga Kill Manga and Anime?

What is the main Difference between Akame Ga Kill Manga and Anime? Is told and as well as the romantic in the series.

What Is The Difference Between Akame Ga Kill Manga and Anime?

There is not much difference between Akame Ga kill Anime and Manga but the difference starts to shows up after the Seryu's Death. Before his death we get proper backstory for some of the characters in the manga. The main thing was where Leone explained how she carefully got Lionel from the Black Market. The most noticeable difference between the anime and manga can be said is the Wild hunt arc. Which is near around 20 chapters which is quite a big amount to be said and from the story telling point of view it is very good.

Main Difference Between Akame Ga Kill Manga and Anime?
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Only in this arc we get see Run actually dying but she later on in story gets reanimated bu Kurome after she stabs him Yatsufua which eventually kills him. On the other hand the final ending in the manga is also very well described which is not the case with Anime. Akame don't actually seemed to face Esdeath completely alone. Alongside Akame several Teigu weilders also tried to take down Esdeath.

During which one of the Teigu Weilder used Spectator in order to try and trick Esdeath that she is actually facing the real Tatsumi. The abillities that Akame and Esdeath showcae against each other was quite formidable and Esdeath seemed to have more abilities as compared to Akame to the extent that she can use Ice Mech out of ice as well as she can regenerate her arms with the help of her ice. She also seems to have the ability to form Ice Swords in place of her arms which is a cool ability to say.

She is also capable of freezing an entire continent which is quite wild with Commander In chief. One more thing to be noticed is that how Leone killed Minister Honest was much more intense in the manga as compared to anime. In actual what happens was Minister Honest was able to subdue Leone by ripping her guts out open which was a very intense scene. She even seemed to broke down the belt in the process of doing so.

After this incident Leone was thrown out of the balcony and then left to die. As the story moves forward a few chapters later Honest was ambushed, and Leone too seems to infused with Leone and the reult was Honest was given the most painful death.

To summarize it shortly Leone dragged down Honest in the crowd of the Empire's people which Honest in the past treated very badly. After that what happened was rampage as people began to cut Honest into pieced tearing him apart. The manga tells all these things in detail which Anime didn't did. So, obviously there is a difference between Anime and Manga.

The Wild arc which I mentioned is completely skipped in the anime and lot of characters and plot development was left aside which is quite a confusing thing to do. The other thing which changed along with the anime was the characters death as in the anime Mine, Tatsumi and Kurome all die in the anime but in the manga it was  opposite as in the manga they were alive. So, the whole plot changed due to it.

The other biggest difference that we notice is the World building. In the manga it seems to be focused more upon the cruelity that is been commited in the Empire on the common citizens and they are tortured which is told in a detailed manner. But, the anime didn't do that and instead of that it goes into straight showdown which is rather underwhelming.

Who is Tatsumi's real lover Akame, Mine or Esdeath?

To be honest Akame is the only girl in the whole series to which Tatsumi shows some emotions too. On the opposite Mine never confessed his feelings for Tatsumi and instead he always bullied Tatsumi. Mine never confessed his feelings until the end of the series in the anime or even in the manga when he had the chance as they were alone. On the other Esdeath, she is basically a battle maniac to say as she cared only about the destruction and wrecking havoc. And if Tatsumi survives in the end of the series it is bo doubt that he will ends up with Tatsumi for sure.

Akame was maybe afraid to get close to Tatsumi as she felt somewhere that she is undeserving of the love that is shown to him by Tatsumi and the reason for that is she always blamed herself for how her sister Kurome turned out in the end. But, the question is why they were not together. Even in the show it was always hinted that they both have the best chemistry. For Mine even if she is our favourite character the chemistry between them was mostly reserved to friendship and not more than that. So, a love angle between them would be confusing.

It is clearly shown in the anime that even after Mine died Akame shows feeling towards Tatsumi. Akame most likely tossed her feelings aside as she thought that she was undeserving of the love that she received. But to surprise Chelsea was also one of the Tatsumi's lover so, she could also have rivaled them and got with Tatsumi in the end.

Main Difference Between Akame Ga Kill Manga and Anime?
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Why did the creators of the anime 'Akame ga kill' killed Tatsumi who is supposed to be the main protagonist?

The creator of the anime Akame ga kill didn't actually killed Tatsumi but it was opposite rather than killing him Tatsumi simply sacrificed himself in order to keep the people safe from the danger. However, in the manga he doesn't sacrificed himsef but instead he fused with the armor to become a dragon. It is due to the changed storyline in the anime that things got mashed up.

So, till the end he was the main protagonist of this series.