What is canon in anime?

In the world of anime, the term "canon" is used to refer to the official storyline of a particular series.

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canon meaning in anime

Canon is a term used in anime to refer to the official story or plot of the anime. This can include manga, light novels, video games, and other materials that are considered to be part of the anime canon.

What does canon mean in anime?

In the world of anime, the term "canon" is used to refer to the official storyline of a particular series. This is the story that is considered to be the "true" story, and it is the one that is used when creating new material, such as movies, video games, and spin-offs. Canon material is usually created by the original author or studio, and it is considered to be canon unless it is specifically stated otherwise.

What are the different types of the canon?

There are different types of canon in anime, which can be confusing for fans. Here is a quick rundown of the different types of canon:

Main story canon

This is the core story that everything else in the anime is based on. It is usually told through the main plot arcs and character development.

Side story canon

These are stories that supplement the main story, and usually provide additional information about the characters or world. They are often told through side characters or flashbacks.

Spin-off canon

These are stories that are not directly connected to the main story, but still take place in the same universe. They often focus on different characters or explore different parts of the world.


This is anything that is not considered part of the official story. This can include filler episodes, omake (bonus) material, or fan-made stories.

How does canon affect the anime industry?

Canon is a term that is used a lot in the anime community, but what does it actually mean? Canon refers to the official story or timeline of events that have been published by the creator of a work. This can be things like manga, light novels, games, or even interviews with the creator. Basically, anything that comes directly from the source is considered canon.

Now, why is this important? Well, for one, it helps to keep the story consistent. It’s also important for things like fan fiction and other derivative works. If something is not considered canon, then it can be ignored or changed without affecting the overall story.

However, there is also a downside to canon. For example, let’s say an author kills off a character in their work. But then later on down the line, they decide they want to bring that character back. In order to do so, they would have to introduce some sort of time travel or alternate universe plot device which can often be convoluted and confusing for readers.

All in all, canon is an important part of the anime community and should be respected as such. It helps to keep things consistent and makes it easier for people to enjoy fan

The pros and cons of canon in anime

When it comes to anime, the term “canon” refers to the officially recognized storyline and characters of a particular series. For example, in the popular anime series Naruto, canon refers to the original storyline and characters created by manga artist Masashi Kishimoto. However, some anime fans prefer non-canonical or unofficial versions of their favorite shows. So what are the pros and cons of canon in anime?

On the plus side, canon provides a sense of stability and continuity for a series. It gives fans a clear idea of what the story is supposed to be about, and who the main characters are supposed to be. This can be especially important for long-running series with complex plot lines. Canon also allows for a more “immersive” experience, since everything in the story fits together logically.

On the downside, canon can be inflexible and limiting. It can be frustrating for fans when their favorite character dies or is written out of the story because it doesn’t fit with the official canon. And because canon is often decided by the creators of a series, it can be difficult for fans to have any input or influence on what happens in their favorite show.

What are some examples of canon in anime?

anime canon

There are many examples of canon in anime. One example is when two characters are shown to have a close relationship in the show, but there is no actual proof or confirmation of this relationship outside of the show. This is known as fanon. Another example of canon is when a character dies in the show and this death is later confirmed by the creator or producers of the show.


Anime fans have been debating the meaning of "canon" for years. Some believe that canon refers to the events that actually happened in the anime, while others believe that it refers to the events that were intended to happen in the anime. Whatever your interpretation of canon is, there's no denying that it's a hotly contested topic among anime fans.