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Let’s again dive into the world of fantasies. Imagine the fairies kissing your cheeks, the fireflies lightening up the sky, you are walking into the mystical forest covered with greenery.

You suddenly meet your fairy godmother and she casts some spells which suddenly change your dress and your surroundings. This is the place that you want to stay forever.

It’s your dreamland filled with immense joy and fantasies that you always long for. But what if we give a twist to fantasies?

Let’s imagine ourselves surrounded by vampires and their scary castles. Instead of fireflies lighting up the sky, those scary black bats fill up the sky with terror.

Your fairy godmothers are replaced with blood-sucking animals who brutally suck the blood until the humans die.

Sweet Bite Marks manga is somewhat similar to this plot. In this Romance manga, you get to know the world of vampires and their blood servants.

You even come across the blood hunters. It’s a full package of entertainment that includes horror, romance, action, fantasy, and magic almost everything.


Vampires are regarded as higher-class creatures that feed on humans for their food.

They suck human blood to survive. These humans are basically called blood servants.

The noble prince of the vampire who’s also known for his ruthless and proud full behavior falls for his menial blood servant.

Sacred and afraid to die, she refuses to serve as a blood servant for the prince.

He locks up both the blood servant and her brother to feed on their blood.

Slowly as they explore each other, from hatred to acceptance, she begins to worry about the prince and solve his problems.

However, there are some undiscovered secrets and disputes which keep them away from each other.

Due to their gaps in status, classes, and hatred, this deal between humans and vampires, will they make a peace treaty and break the rule to stay together?

So, What Exactly is the plot?

Sweet Bite Marks manga is a fantasy romance manga loaded with magic, mysteries, hatred, love, and fantasies.

Two different worlds that strive to survive are actually forced to compromise on contract.

It says that humans need to be the blood servants of vampires who can feed their blood to stay alive.

These creatures have killed thousands of innocent lives by sucking their blood ruthlessly.

Vampires are stronger than humans, so there is no chance to fight back and stay away from their claws.

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A group of humans named blood hunters are fighting back to save the human race from the claws of vampires.

Though blood hunters aren’t strong as vampires, they train every day to become stronger and eliminate the vampire race.

But what if a human and a vampire fall in love? Can they save their love in this intense racial war?

What are the consequences they may encounter while spreading the peace treaty between humans and vampires?

Sweet Bite Marks manga is a story where the human blood servant and the vampire prince strive to save their love and make a peace treaty in this racial war.

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