What Episode does Asta get his Demon Form?

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Black Clover is a popular anime and manga series developed by Yuuki Tabata.

Less than two years after the publication of the manga series, an anime adaptation was released.

The story revolves around two young orphans, Asta and Yuno who dream of becoming the Wizard King, a title given to the strongest mage in the Clover Kingdom.

Even though both kids are rivals, there is a huge difference in their powers.

Yuno is a talented magician with a legendary four-leaf clover grimoire in his hands. Meanwhile, Asta was born magicless and didn't receive a grimoire.

However, when Yuno was in trouble, Asta received a mysterious five-leaf clover grimoire and gained the power of anti-magic.

They journeyed from a small village of Hage in the forsaken realm to the royal capital in the noble realm.

Asta and Yuno took their first step towards achieving their dream when they were chosen as magic knights.

But, Yuno was chosen by the best magic knight squad and Asta could barely get into the worst one.

The story proceeds as the two struggle through challenging missions to rise the ranks.

Asta's powers weren't ordinary. As a magicless boy, he wasn't supposed to get a grimoire.

However, in his time of need, he received a five-leaf clover grimoire.

In the scene, the meaning of the five leaves was explained and the fifth leaf was said to depict the existence of a devil.

Here, we will discuss in what episode he gets his devil powers that also transform his appearance.

Asta Demon Form Details

What Episode did Asta First Transform in his Devil Form?

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Asta first transformed into a devil in episode 63.

In the Witches' Forest Arc, the Black Bulls were looking desperately for a way to cure Asta's arms that had been permanently damaged by Vetto.

Vanessa knew that an ancient hex like that could only be broken by the Queen of the Witches.

Hence, she went to her homeland and tried to make a deal with the Queen.

Unfortunately, the Queen perceived Vanessa's departure from the village as a form of betrayal and refused to help.

After seeing the forest getting attacked by the Midnight Sun and the Diamond Kingdom, Asta and the others made a proposition to her.

They promised that they would help her stop the enemy if the Queen were to heal his hands.

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As promised, the hex on Asta's arms was lifted and he was stronger than ever.

They fought bravely against both the enemy groups and thought the battle had ended.

However, a Diamond Kingdom General recovered quickly and came back to kill them.

Asta was the only one who stood a chance against him but even his powers were proven to be lacking.

Just in the nick of time, when he thought he would lose, he gained unimaginable powers.

The devil residing in his grimoire that had been lying dormant until now had spoken to him and lent him his powers. It was an overwhelming win for him.

Asta's appearance changed completely as he grew a horn and a single wing, giving him the ability to fly.

He also had one of his eyes turned red and there were dark patches ranging from his shoulders to his arm.

This all appeared only on the left side of his body while his right side was completely normal.

What Episode did Asta Transform in his Full Devil Form?

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After Asta made a contract with Liebe (the devil in Asta's grimoire) as equals instead of a servant-master relationship, he gained even more powers.

He is now able to completely transform into a devil form, with a miniature version of Liebe on his shoulders.

It is called the "Devil Union Form" and it allows Asta to enhance their anti-magic abilities.

Currently, he can sustain this form for five minutes and have to wait for thirty minutes before transforming again.

The Devil Union Form is similar to Nacht's but he doesn't seem to have such limitations as Asta.

This form has not been shown in the anime since it was over before the series could cover it. However, it was shown in chapter 273 of the manga.

What is Asta's demon form called?

Black Asta is the ultimate demonic form which allows for Asta to coat himself in anti-magic to use the more intense anti-magic techniques.

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