What Are The Most Powerful Cards in Yu-Gi-Oh Manga?

What Are The Most Powerful Cards in Yu-Gi-Oh?

What Are The Most Powerful Cards in Yu-Gi-Oh Manga?

The main plot of Yu-Gi-Oh manga revolves around Monster duels which are contested using Cards. There are a variety of cards present in this anime which makes it so diverse and interesting at the same time. In each and every episode of this series, we get to see at least one monster card fight. Well, each and every monster card in this series have their own shapes and sizes through which they are presented. Alongside which the creators have their own inspiration behind every card as well as the most important thing is that these cards include different power levels which plays a major role in this card fight series.

Every person has their own taste which means that each person has their own opinion about their favorite character in the series. Well, every card has its own pros and con which makes them memorable. But the thing that is to be noticed is that each card has its own set of power which makes them overpowered over other cards in the series. Here is the list of the top 10 cards from the series based on their power level.

10. Relinquished

We get to see this card at the starting of the series and from the starting relinquished have become the favourite card of a lot of people. This card is very tricky in the series as this card can only be summoned through using the Black Illusion Ritual and at the starting it have 0 Attack and Defence. But the trick is this card can easily absorb other cards hence taking their Attack and Defence and making his own which make it so interesting and tricky. The more monsters it absorbs the more powerful it becomes and that is the sole source of power for this card.

9. Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon

It is the favourite card of the character Kaiba and we get to see this card when Kaiba used it against Yugi. It is a very powerful card that Kaiba uses and it is one of the most powerful fusion type cards. As Kaiba has three dragons in his deck he uses those three and fuses them together to create Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon. The most noticeable characteristic of this card is its 4500 Attack power as well as 3800 Defence power.

8. Five-Headed Dragon

It is one of the most powerful cards as it can be seen by its 5000 Attack as well as Defensive power which makes it so menacing among duelists. It is one of those cards which can't be destroyed using Dark, Earth or any elemental type card in possession. Well, we never see this card against any duelist properly in battle. It can be seen only 2 times in the series when Big Five which is the former leader of Kaiba Corp and he is trapped inside the virtual world which is created by Noah. Well, summoning this dragon is very difficult in reality.

7. Dragon Master Knight

It can be seen as a bond between Kaiba and Yugi as they both don't love or even hate each other and that's what makes them so fun to watch. They have respect for each other as card duelists but can't face each other eye to eye. Well, this card is the symbol of their working together. When they both went against Dartz they combined their most powerful card in order to create something even stronger which can be seen as it has strong 5000 Attack and Defense power and each dragon present there gives them additional 500 Attack power which makes it so cool.

6. Shinato King Of A Higher Plane

This Card can be seen during the fight between Noah and both Kaiba and Yugi as when they are facing a green-haired kid first he at first uses Shinato's Arc. The duel gets overboard when Shinato King arrives. It has a unique ability as well as making the duel more interesting. It has the ability to inflict half of the damage to their opponent which is actually insane as no other card can do so. While doing so it gets the same life points.

5. Orichalcos Kyutora

Dartz is a very interesting as well as tiresome villain in the series. During his fight against Yugi in order to awaken the legendary Leviathan, he shows what he is capable of doing. The deck which he uses is very OP as he has those cards which are either mysterious as well as which seems unstoppable at one time. In that deck, one of those cards is Orichalcos Kyutora. At the beginning of the duel, it doesn't seem very powerful with only 500 Attacks as well as Defense power. When summoned it can turn owners monsters damage to become 0 which is very powerful in itself. As well as it can summon another monster when destroyed.

4. Orichalcos Shunoros

Well as mentioned earlier once Kyutora gets destroyed by the opponent player can summon Shunoros into the field. It also has some kind of ability as the other card mentioned earlier but the change is when it is destroyed the owner can pay 10,000 points which can summon the third creature which is also the final creature it can summon. It is a very tricky ability that it has as it can summon Orichalcos Aristeros and Dexia as well.

3. Divine Serpent Geh

This is the last card that the player can summon which is Divine Serpent Geh after spending  10,000 Life points. Well, the other opponent's life point becomes null when this card is summoned. Also, the thing besides this is the player cant use any of this card's attacks until the opponent has sent his 10 cards into the graveyard. This card can be said to be risky to use but once it is used the player can't be defeated. As it is one of the most overpowered cards in the series. The player literally can't lose the battle at all in the presence of this card.

2. Exodia, The Forbidden One

This is the very first card of our main character Yugi which is also is Op Card. This is the card that Yugi used in the first episode in the battle against Kaiba. As in the fight when Kaiba thought that he is going to win with his Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon Exodia suddenly turns the table. Well, Yugi got to know that only when all the five parts of Exodia are together does he have the chance to win only then and single parts are not of much use. So, when they are arranged together they assure victory to Yugi.

1. The Egyptian Gods

No doubt that these are the most Op Cards of the entire series, As they have the power which is unmatched by any other card which is present in the game. The Pegasus feared these cards and did not want these cards to ever become into the real world. But later on, these cards made their appearance in the real world. Only Yugi is the one who is able to harbour most of the power of these cards which was never done before as he was the only one who can handle their immense power.