Who Are The Nine Titans in Attack on Titan Anime?

What are nine attack powers in Attack on Titan Anime?

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By Akash
What are nine attack powers in Attack on Titan Anime?

13 Years after first titan appeared on the earth after making a deal with the Devil of all earth, Fritz was the first titan and Fritz dies without any explanation or reason unknowingly. His soul than split into 9 other titans. These titan souls were inherited by the 8 noble houses and Fritz royal family who are also the direct descendant of the Fritz. They together constructed Eldian empire. And Fritz family being the king of the Eldia.

Now, coming to the nine titans...

1.  The Founding Titan

The founding or the first titan is the strongest between all the other titans. This is due to the fact that it possess the coordinates where all the Eldian paths come together. They come together as they are the part of Founder's real body. This thing allows the Founder to change all the compositions of Eldian, and have the powers including mind manipulation, sickness imunity and as well as causing their bodies to become sterile too.

The founder also have the ability to control all the Ymir and they become mindless titan that he can control. However there is a condition that in order to inherit the abilities like these the person should inherit royal blood. And at last Founder have the ability to harden his skin.

2. The Colossal Titan

The main feature of Colossal Titan is its sheer size which causes huge explosion due to inheritor triggering the transformation. The explosion caused is very devastating which results in blowing nearby buildings. It also have the ability of producing heat which can make any enemy into a crisp but there is downside of it also as heat may cause loss in power.

3.The Armored Titan

The main feature of Armored Titan is that it can surround itself with extensive armors which can provide prolonged durability. The skin of the Titan becomes very tough. On the other side Armor Titan can use this armored body to destroy the objects too. The only weak point of this Titan is that when armor is destroyed it regenerates very slowly and leave the movements turning them slow.

4. Attack Titan

The main abilities of Attack Titan is to foresee the future via path as it can foresee any incidents that are about to happen. The other ability that it have is the ability to went bersek and destroy anything in the way and can destroy female Titans in a second. Also this Titan have the ability to harden there skin.

5. Female Titan

The female Titan in the series have been described as an all rounder. It can accomplish a wide range of missions give to her. The female Titan is very light weight and flexible making it ideal for applying martial arts. In addition to this it also have a large amount of stamina naking Female Titan ideal for many missions. It have another feature too which is screaming by which it can control mindless Titans. Lastly it also have the ability of hardening its skin.

6. Beast Titan

It possesses long arms which it uses to throw stones on the enemy. It is used as an artillery unit. For example when Zeke began the beast titan it gained the ability to also produce Titans using fluids. But Xaver was much weak as compared to Zeke as Zeke contains Royal Blood. At last it also have skin hardening effect.

7. Jaw Titan

It is also used as an assault unit and it have the strongest jaws out of every Titan as well as its claws have the ability to crush even hardened objects easily. It contains a lot of speed and agility maling it perfect for fights. It also contains the ability of hardening the skills like other Titan's.

8. The Cart Titan

It doesn't have lot of power but its long stamina is the most useful in the long missions. It can be used to carry weapons from anywhere and is also used as such. It contains infiltration abilities.

9. The War Hammer Titan

This is the most versatile Titan out of each as it can create spiked objects out of itself by using ground too sometimes. It can create any shape object like crossbow or it may be hammer too. The only downside being this ability consumes a lot of energy.