MHA: What are Deku's 6 quirks? Explained

Deku is shown to be born without superpowers but still dreams, or we can say that he still wants to become a superhero by himself.

deku using one of his quirk

My Hero Academia is a Japanese superhero manga series illustrated and written by Kohei Horikoshi. The story revolves around a boy named Izuku Midoriya, Deku. He is shown to be born without superpowers but still dreams, or we can say that he still wants to become a superhero by himself.

It is shown in the manga series that he was scouted by the most extraordinary hero named All Might, who picked him as his successor after recognizing his potential.

All Might helped him enroll in a prestigious school for superheroes to expand his knowledge and be trained. Ahead in the manga, we see Deku undergo a big epiphany: he learns about the inherited quirk, which is both a blessing and a lesson to him.

Little did he know that because of this, he could manifest the Quirks that once belonged to his ancestors.

Deku is seen to learn how to use them by breaking all the battle rules and unlocking different strategies that blend different amounts of One For All with his other abilities. Let's learn about all of his 6 quirks and their significance.

6. Transference

deku using transference

Let's start our list with when Deku leant that the Quirks have been passed to him from his ancestors (from generation to generation), beginning with the brother of All for One.

In the manga series, All For One's dictatorship was opposed by Yoichi, born a sickly and powerful individual. All for One is seen to put him behind bars for this rather than simply killing him and also forcing a Quirk onto him.

Here we learned about Yoichi's unknown ability, which allowed him to pass his quirk to another person. The transfer of Quirks showed us that new heroes would come with time to resist his brother.

5. Float

character using power against a character

This quirk originally belonged to Nana Shimura. This quirk is the simplest one that allows the user to levitate in the air. Still, a doubt for many of us about how she used it in conjunction with One of all.

However, we have seen Deku using it for a while now. Float is said to be the second quirk he unlocked quickly when battling the Evil Tomura Shigaraki to save his friend from danger. Deku is seen to grab everyone around him and float them out of Tomura's reach. How exhilarating is that?

4. Smokescreen

all might in all the smoke

En was born with a Quirk called Smokescreen. Thi quirk is different from others, creating a dense amount of smog used as camouflage. An incredibly diverse as well as excellent ability Deku has. Even if he tends to go overboard and release the smoke, this will eventually obscure his own line of sight.

It's also seen in the episode that En said his quirk is worthless in a fight. From my point of view, we wouldn't know that Smokescreen is very helpful against opponents who don't need their vision power to fight.

3. Fa Jin

deku using fa jin in manga

It's not disclosed yet who is the holder of this quirk. We can say that this quirk Is a mixture of springlike limbs and many other quirks displayed by All For One.

It has a lot of energy through constant body movements and stores it in the user's body. Fa Jin is said to be the easiest to use by Deku. Deku's integrations of the quirk with him and Black Whip have made it more significant and influential.

2. Blackwhip

character fight against each other

The very first quirk of Deku. This quirk helps with vein-like extensions from his body. If we talk about the Quirk strength, it depends on the user's emotional state. Deku's super move includes PinPoint focus, a technique that shows the exact location of Deku's choice and also stents a tendril from his mouth.

1. Danger Sense

character using danger sense in manga

We can name this Hikage Shinomori's danger sense too! This ability warns the user of any threats in their immediate vicinity. This shows us that Deku won't be able to react to any of his opponents as they are either faster than him or their intentions. Deku's Danger sense brings into notice the immeasurable practical value of all the 6 quirks he has and examines them.