Were Sasuke and Sakura even perfect to end up together?

Sasuke and Sakura ended up together! how and why did they end up together? And were they even perfect to end up together?

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After Naruto and Hinata, Sasuke and Sakura have the most teased romance in the whole manga series. Even as a student at the Konoha Ninja Academy, Sakura already had her eyes laid on Sasuke. She showed her feelings for the first time when they were selected alongside Naruto under Master Kakashi as members of team 7.  

Even though Sakura was interested in him from the start, Sasuke had more pressing issues than romance on his mind. Like Sasuke was interested in many other things such as hunting down and getting revenge from his brother Itachi who killed his own family. But you guys know what? They ended up together! And this article is going to be only about how and why they ended up together! And were they even perfect to end up together?

1. Balance

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Their relationship had Balanced. Just like opposites are said to attract, and that is the exact case with this couple. Sakura is shown to be outspoken and generally optimistic. And at the same time, Sasuke is quiet, reversed, and views the world from a pessimistic perspective.

And if we talk about fighting, Sakura is more on the timid side. Whereas Sasuke is never afraid to jump into the fray. Because of all these differences, the couple is shown to work together and be together.

2. Boundaries

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The most important part of a relationship is to set boundaries, like even in real life too. Part of knowing your significant other is being aware of their wants and needs. Sasuke has taken on the role of assisting Naruto as the “Shadow Hokage” traveling under the radar and snuffing out threats at the root.

This is the point where Sakura acknowledges Sasuke's choices and allows him to carry out his task without pestering him. Same as Sasuke trusts Sakura’s parenting choices when he leaves Sadara alone with her mother for an extended period of time.

3. History

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As we all know the fact that they have known each other for a long period of time. Under Kakashi’s guidance, they trained, went out on missions, and entered the chunin exams as teammates too. I think Kishimoto didn’t believe in Love at first sight either and started their relationship from the start. In every relationship, bonding from the start really does help to make the relationship long-lasting.

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4. Loyalty

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From the very start, Sakura had her eyes laid for Sasuke. Sasuke is less of a romantic and never really expresses an attraction to any woman. Although it may cause Sasuke to question whether or not Sasuke considers her beautiful, it is reassuring to know that Sasuke is not prone to looking for beautiful women. They have the most teased romance in the whole manga series.

5. Shared interest

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No matter how much people say opposites attract one should know that to make a relationship work one should have something in common too. In this manga series, the couple has both chosen the path of the ninja. They both were into missions and were always ready to take risks. If these two ever run out of conversation they can always fall back and talk about Jutsu, ninja tools, and the past they had together.

And with all the above-mentioned points, how can you guys even think a relationship would not ever work?

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