What Would Happen If Wei Wu Xian and Wen Ke Xing Were in the Same Universe?

Meet Wei Wu Xian (The Untamed) and Wen Ke Xing (Word Of Honor). Imagine the unrivaled duo in the same universe doing what they do best - Justice.

Wei Wu Xian and Wen Ke Xing

If you are one of the few people from the population who enjoy Chinese dramas, the possibility of not being aware of The Untamed and Word of Honor is very unlikely.

No worries if you aren’t aware of the series because that might very well be the introduction starter kit to kickstart the Xianxia, Wushia, and costume drama. Well, for once, the costume dramas might intrigue you and the visual appeal is not a joke.

Meet Wei Wu Xian from The Untamed and Wen Ke Xing from Word of Honor. The Untamed is a  2019 Chinese drama based on the famous Danmei/Xianxia novel by Mo Xiang Tong Xiu. It was adapted into a Manhua and a Donghua (anime) and also known as Mo Dao Zu Shi or Grandmaster of the Demonic Cultivation.  

Word of Honor is based on the Danmei novel “Faraway Wanderers” by Priest. There are many similarities between the male protagonists from both series; one of them is scary and crazy.

You don’t wanna mess with either Wei Wu Xian or Wen Ke Xing. It’s 2022 and honestly, it’s hard to move on from either The Untamed or Word of Honor. Both the Cdramas is classic and definitely worth watching.

Word of Honor & The Untamed
Word of Honor & The Untamed

One of the most amusing questions that did occur at one point in time after watching the series. What would happen if Wei Wu Xian and Wen Ke Xing were in the same universe? Chaos? Check!!!

Overpowered and willing to destroy the world to save the loved one; totally double-checked. This might sound a little bit biased but the anime felt so unsatisfying. Watching The Untamed before finishing the anime can give so much satisfaction.

Introduction to Wei Wu Xian and Wen Ke Xing

Wei Wu Xian

Wei Wu Xian or the infamous Yiling Patriarch or Wei Ying is the main character from The Untamed.

Wei Wu Xian became the Grandmaster of Demonic cultivation to avenge the death of his foster family, the Jiang Clan. In the process, he lost his golden core to save his demanding friend Jiang Cheng, fight the evil clan the Wens and become the envy of people in the cultivation world.

The only person who truly cared about Wei Wu Xian was Lang Wang Ji also known as Lan Zhan or Hanguang Jun. Due to unforeseen circumstances, Wei Wu Xian ended up dead following a massacre, betrayal, and agonizing death.

Well, Wei Wu Xian did get revived in the body of Mo Xuanyu, but he’s Wei Wu Xian through and through. Actor Xiao Zhan nailed the role of Wei Wu Xian.

 Wen Ke Xing

Moving on, Wen Ke Xing from Word of Honor is the Master/Chief of the Ghost valley. Wen Ke Xing’s birth name was Zhen Yan and he was acquainted with Zhou Zishu.

After his parents were unjustly killed, Wen Ke Xing swore revenge and became the chief of the ghost valley. Wen Ke Xing detests the world of martial arts and Jianghu as two-faced people who preach kindness yet seek power to justify the means.

Wen Ke Xing used the glazed armor as a plot to shake the martial arts world and seek justice for his parents' world. The only person Wen Ke Xing cares about other than Gu Xiang (from ghost valley) is Zhou Zishu.  

Kudos to actor Gong Jun in the role of Wen Ke Xing.

The similarities between We Wu Xian and Wen Ke Xing

Wei Wu Xian and Wen Ke Xing

The reason why Wei Wu Xian became loathed in the cultivation world was that he was powerful, could harness demonic energy, and created the Stygian Tiger Amulet.

The Yiling Patriarch might be mischievous and loves to tease Lan Zhan, but he’s kind. He tried to repay back the kindness to the Wen siblings and tried protecting the remnants of Wen clan.

Wei Wu Xian protected Wen Ning (the Ghost General) and Wen Qing, the talented doctor. He tried to protect Wen Yuhan aka Lan Sizui who was later adopted by Lan Wangji.

Wei Wu Xian and Lang Wang Ji

Wen Ke Xing may appear as ruthless and create havoc, he protected Gu Xiang, The Amethyst Fiend of Ghost Valley. He called her a slave girl but never really treated her as a servant.

Gu Xiang was close to him as a family. Wen Ke Xing plotted revenge and used the Glazed Armor as the tool to control the 3000 ghosts to unmask the so-called martial arts heroes.

One thing is apparent and clear as water, both Wei Wu Xian and Wen Ke Xing were reasonable people, but mess with them or harm them, they would chase you to the end of the world.

Both Wei Wu Xian and Wen Ke Xing are extraordinary, charming, and eloquent. They possess brains and beauty.  When it comes to debate, you aren’t winning if competing against either of them.

Their kindness and compassion come with a price, their tolerance isn’t something you wanna take lightly. Wei Wu Xian was angry and lost control when Wen Ning and Wen Qing were executed.

Wei Ying arrived at the Nightless City to show what it felt to create real havoc and unleash madness. The same can be true for Wen Ke Xing who lost his senses when a bitter plot killed Gu Xiang and Cao Weining on their wedding day. (Welp after Red wedding this was probably the worst massacre one can’t get over).

Zhou Zishu and Wen Ke Xing

Wen Ke Xing never shied away to punish the ghosts if he felt like (not really). Wen Ke Xing is temperamental and almost a borderline Psychopath, but wait till he’s with Zhou Zishu.

Wen Ke Xing alone wrapped the martial arts heroes under his thumb. When it comes to Wei Wu Xian he wasn’t far behind. He unmasked Xue Yang and liberated poor Xiao Xingchen.

Technically, Wei Wu Xian was responsible for the events unfolding to Jin Guangyao’s fate. If the worlds were combined and had a special cross-over with Wei Wu Xian and Wen Ke Xing, the chaos, destruction, and massacre would be tenfold.

It would be quite amusing if Hua Cheng from Tian Guan Ci Fu made a special appearance as well.

Hua Cheng Live-Action TCGF
Hua Cheng Live-Action TCGF

Undoubtedly, with Wei Wu Xian and Wen Ke Xing, people would have a hard time, but it applies only to the bad people, the evildoers.

The good people can just chill and relax. If the worst comes to things, fret not, as we have Lan wang Ji from the Gusu Lan sect and Zhou Zishu, the former leader of The Window of Heaven/ Four Seasons Manor.

What can go wrong? Possibly everything.  It would be quite an interesting setting to see Wei Wu Xian and Wen Ke Xing together blasting off the enemies and doing some good.

Thanks for reading!!!