Top 5 Webtoon Picks of March 2022!

New releases and new seasons of the Webtoon series is back! if you're looking for webtoons to read check out the best picks of March!

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Webtoon Picks of March 2022!

Webtoon is available on Naver live webtoon app. Webtoon has been with us for over a decade and has given us joy from anime and Kdramas. In case you don't know, Webtoons are digital coloured comics, an equivalent of Japanese Manga and Korean Manhwa.

Although the feeling of reading Webtoon is different and the vast amount of series in different genres will make you want to explore more. Here are the best 5 picks worth reading in March, and if you’re new to the webtoon platform do check them out. Who knows which other series you might accidentally discover.

5. Floating in My Mind

poster Floating in My Mind

HCY created Floating in My Mind which has 24 episodes to date. Floating in My Mind shows the story of the reunion of two people who now share a secret. Sanduel met Garam in the past when they were friends.

However, their friendship didn't make some people happy. Now that Garam is in high school and has become a social outcast at school, how does Sandeul's return change the status quo?

What is Sandeul's secret? What does Garam have to do with Sandeul's secret? Do read Floating in My Mind to find out!

The series gets updated every Wednesday so do check it out.

Genre: Supernatural

4. Aza

poster Aza

The new webtoon series Aza was launched on 14th March 2022. Usaesae created Aza and the series will get updated every Monday. The story is set in an ancient world with monarchy and demons.

King Azazel of the beasts was captured by General Mu Ryang. The legends painted Azazel as a ruthless monster, but is it really the truth? Now Azazel is chained and confined to protect his race, will he take this silently or does he have other plans?

What does Mu Ryang feel after meeting Azazel? Are his morals and the practices of the country really right? Can the century-old conflict be ended?

Genre: Fantasy

3. Death: Rescheduled

poster Death: Rescheduled

Another new series from Snaillords. If you have read Freaking Romance, then you probably would remember Snaillords. Even if you haven't, let's brief you a bit.

One of the noticeable things in Death: Rescheduled is the characters designed are the same from another series Nightmare Factory. The story seems like a parallel universe.

Death: Rescheduled shows the world where everyone is given one free kill annually where people can kill anyone no questions asked. However, the second kill is punishable.

The protagonist of the series Kreyul Arroyal learns the cost of losing their life as he lost his mother and friend. In the world of deviants, Kreyul is a Penny, who is a pacifist. He doesn't support this brutal tradition of one kill rule and wants to get it abolished.

Now they only need 5 million signatures. Kreyul encountered a mysterious person Emai Jassu who has amnesia. She has taken interest in him. Meanwhile, Kissae is trying to help Kreyul but waits till he finds out about the troubles he got into.

From Nightmare Factory four characters have made an appearance including Seppi Seppy. Whether we will see Phirre Lotus or Kudus Elai is a burning question. The series gets updated every Saturday so keep your eyes on this!

Genre: Thriller

2. Purple Hyacinth Season 3

poster Purple Hyacinth

Purple Hyacinth is back!!!! The famous webtoon series Purple Hyacinth revolves around two people, Lauren Sinclair, a member of ACPD. Her unique ability to detect lies has made her an outstanding officer, however, a fated encounter with the dangerous killer Purple Hyacinth made her team up with him in search of truth.

In Purple Hyacinth Season 2, the series ended on a cliffhanger with Lune in a perilous situation fighting for their life. Now that Kym and William are aware of Lauren's identity, how will they deal with the aftermath?

What are the Apostles planning? What is Davenport's intention? Who is Apostle VII? Will we ever know who his Messenger is? Tune in to Purple Hyacinth Season 3 updating every Tuesday.

Ephemerys and Sophism created Purple Hyacinth. Excited for the new soundtracks in season 3.

Genre: Mystery

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1. How to Become a Dragon

poster How to Become a Dragon

What will Young Yoo do when a 1000-year-old Imogi Bari visits him and asks him to teach him? Bari demands one thing from Young, to pay for the sins of his ancestors and help him prepare for the upcoming Dragon test in Nakdong River.

Young is a skilled teacher who has made every student he taught secure a pass or good score. Will Bari be able to learn from Young? Why does Young suffer from an Ill fate?

Why did Young's ancestors betray Bari when they were best friends? Now that Bari and Young have made progress in the exam, what fate awaits them? Check out How to Become a Dragon every Saturday.

Genre: Fantasy

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