Ways (Not) to Mess Life | Twenty Five Twenty One Kdrama Edition

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The 2022 TvN/Netflix Kdrama Twenty Five Twenty One is a must-watch series because of Nam Joo Hyuk and Kim Tae Ri.

Kim Tae Ri’s character Na Hee Do may seem like a crazy person in love with fencing but there’s more to that. Na Hee Do always ends up in situations that can totally mess up her life.

Yet she holds and does whatever to achieve her goals and come out of those situations. Of course, we have Nam Joo Hyuk’s character Baek Yi Jin to thank for that.  

Twenty Five Twenty One Kdrama has taught us not to judge things so easily and there are ways one can mess their life if not careful.

It’s not just only Na Hee Do or Baek Yi Jin, but Ko Yu Rim (Bona), Moon Ji Woong (Choi Hyun Wook), and Ji Seung Wan (Lee Joo Myoung) have shown us ways not to mess up life.

Don’t Fight for the kicks

Nam Hee Do was determined to enter Ko Yu Rim’s world. She would do anything to get a forced transfer be it fighting with thugs or visiting nightclubs.

What’s noting is Baek Yi Jin’s concern and point of view that no matter how desperate Nam Hee Do was, this method was totally wrong.

It can land her in trouble as an athlete and as a student. Take notes from Baek Yi Jin.

Make Up for the mistakes

After a brutal confrontation with her mom, Na Hee Do was in more trouble. Her mom in a fit of anger tore her precious Full House comic which she loaned from Baek Yi Jin to read.  

Her dilemma was how can she make up for it without having to explain. Naive Na Hee Do drew the manga and tried to return it back only to be caught by Baek Yi Jin. Talk about poor timing and bad luck.

Na Hee Do ends up crying in the middle of the road and runs away in tears and embarrassment.

Betting Life on Luck

Desperate Na Hee Do visits Coach Yang Chan Mi to let her transfer to the fencing team. She plays a game of luck and loses horribly against the coach. Na Hee Do has some tough luck.

It felt like a bad scam as Na Hee Do bets on everything including her shoes only to lose against the coach’s wits. In the end, things did work out not because of luck, but because Na Hee Do’s mother pulled some strings.

Read the room!

Na Hee Do transferred to Ko Yu Rim’s school where the coach introduced her to everyone. Ko Yu Rim gave a flat rejection to spar with Na Hee Do, but she didn’t understand.

Na Hee Do introduced herself with passion, but Ko Yu Rim wasn’t interested. Sadly Ko Yu Rim later dissed Na Hee Do and questioned her reason for being in the fencing team.

This is possibly a foreshadowing that Ko Yu Rim might have to regret the harsh words she said without giving it a second thought.

Too early to Judge

Ji Seung Wan is the classic case of too early to judge someone. She met Baek Yi Jin who was her mom’s tenant.

Ji Seung Wan, without any awareness, politely orders Baek Yi Jin to use water properly and do not do it when she gets ready for school.

Baek Yi Jin quietly complies without any questions. This was soon going to bite her back because Baek Yi Jin is Ji Seung Wan’s broadcasting club Sunabe (senior) and they take seniority, respect and discipline very seriously.

Ji Seung Wan later regrets this and tried to cozy up to her newfound sunbae and tries to appease him.

Lying is Bad

Both Nam Hee Do and Ko Yu Rim ran like crazy the moment they heard that volume 12 of Full House was available.

Ko Yu Rim used the friend card to make reservations for the comic by calling Baek Yi Jin. Nam Hee Do was fast as she ran and arrived to loan her comic.

When Nam Hee Do asked about the comic, Baek Yi Jin lied through his teeth the comic was unavailable.

However, did he think he could fool Na Hee Do. As Na Hee Do was questioning Baek Yi Jin, Ko Yu Rim appeared on the scene to make matters worse.

In the end, Nam Hee Do ended up getting volume 12 because of the membership system. Lying is definitely bad, a lesson taught by Baek Yi Jin.

Bullying is bad

As the selection for the national team was approaching, Na Hee Do was practicing diligently. She started training at night, Ko Yu Rim joined her as well.

Unfortunately for them, their senior was chased from the PC room by their coach.

Feeling insulted, the senior barged into the training room and lectured Ko Yu Rim and Na Hee Do to the point of bullying.  

Seeing Ko Yu Rim hurt, Na Hee Do gave her piece of her mind to her senior, but Ko Yu Rim apologized to let the matter not escalate further.

It’s the intention that counts

After getting rejection from the job interview, Baek Yi Jin gets drunk.  It’s Nam Hee Do who consoles him and gives him a pep talk.

Baek Yi Jin, being awfully drunk and unable to go home, Nam Hee Do gives him a blanket and writes a signboard notifying people not to disturb him because he failed the job interview.

It was a good deed but also embarrassing for Baek Yi Jin.

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