5 Reasons It’s Definitely Ok To watch Korean Dramas with Cheating Husbands!

Looking for reasons to watch dramas with Cheating husbands, because why not!

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Cheating and Infidelity is not a new topic in Korean dramas. Over the year, the cheating husband trope in Kdrama has received quite a lot of attention and drama writers have become creative to justify infidelity and adultery.

Kdramas have mostly evolved and provided some popcorn munching and unbelievable scenarios where the scenes had us excited and flabbergasted at the same time.

With diversity in genres, it’s completely justified to binge-watch Kdramas with cheating spouses. 5 Reasons It’s Definitely Ok to watch these dramas and it gets even better!

Good Casting

Nothing can beat a good cast and it’s an undeniable fact. The charm of Kdrama males leads even though they might be cheating on their wives for foolish reasons, it’s hard to say no to Korean Dramas with Cheating Husbands.

When has Kdrama ever made sense; the point of Kdramas is to enjoy and even best when we have an amazing cast. If you think about the cheating plot on Kdramas, the top tier list includes Penthouse where Joo Dan Tae pretty much cheated on Shim Su Ryeon by using everyone.

It’s not just Penthouse there are tons of dramas to name like VIP, Mine (Han Ji Young), The World of Married, The Last Empress, The Good Wife, Artificial City and others.  

What do we have a common theme with Kdrama cheating husbands, rich and influential, manipulative and oppressive male leads who think it’s perfectly ok to dominate their wives and pretend to be the perfect husbands?

Oh well, you might hate the characters but the cast will make you want to binge the Kdramas without any guilt.

A Messy but Good Plot

Well, some scenes are pretty close to the typical Makjang plot, but no one can deny the attractiveness of a good cheesy and cringy cheating plot.

The plot is weird, and messy and has so many loopholes but don’t we all love a messy and a good plot in Kdramas.

It’s like nothing can beat the typical cheating Kdrama where the story justifies the typical actions of couples. We love them, we hate them, but we are unable to skip them.

Trash Talking the Cheaters!

What unites Kdrama fans is the common rage and hatred towards the cheater husband and the women in question.

Often Kdramas portray the wives as pitiful and submissive characters at the mercy of their in-laws and husband. Well, nothing can beat the common fury of fans on behalf of the victimised wive and universal justice is yet left to be served.

Revenge is a dish served cold!

Feeling the hate not yet subsiding, when Kdrama male leads aka cheating husbands have fun at the expense of the wives. Fear not, because retributive justice is served when the revenge begins.

The tables have turned and the revenge drama is yet to begin. When the female leads take matters into their hands to defend their rights, title and dignity, no one can save those cheating scumbags and cheating hoes from karmic retribution and revenge is a dish best served cold.

No one can see it coming when the cheating spouses are taught some less and fear is happily instilled. The best example of revenge drama is Cheat On Me If You Can when the cheating Kdrama husband met his match.

You can never forget classical examples when different characters come together to teach the corporate trashbag a lesson to mind some marital manners and better teach their family right.

Hail to the characters and plot with justice and vengeance because who doesn’t enjoy a good soap opera with a twist of sweet and bitter yet painful revenge for the brainwashed couple blinded over love, ‘coz love makes one blind. Good thing, the wives aren’t so clueless or blind anymore.

Strong & Empowered Female Leads

All hail to the strong and empowered women who no longer are left at the mercy of their cheating husbands. Despite the infidelity, they can take care of themselves, their family and their children.

The strong Kdrama female leads can survive without their cheating trashbag of spouses who think marriage is a childish game. Sucks to be them, because the strong, merciless and independent women will not be at anyone's mercy. They can defend their own rights and fight when they need it.

How else do you think it’s possible to deal with monsters and psychos like Joo Dan Tae and Han Ji Young who don’t think twice before their cheating games and feel it’s justified to trample on their wives.

Strong female Kdrama characters like Shim Su Ryeon, Seo Hi Soo, Na Jung Sun, and Yoon Jae Hee dealt with their other halves.

Of course, there are female leads who are too forgiving and the entire revenge game is meaningless maybe because they love their man way too much or the purpose is lost when they come to their senses.

But not everyone has it all like characters like Han Woo Sung whose fates are left hanging because Kang Yeo Joo might not let him live.

Then again, there are characters like Jo Yeon Joo who outsmarts everyone and doesn't care about her so-called cheating husband because she's good alone.

Even funny is love and cheating go side by side when women forget and take back their love, of course when money is involved.

Very relatable for Kim Yoon Cheol and his wife Sim Jae Kyung who let bygones be bygones are started afresh. Hail to this couple.

So need to free guilty and enjoy the dramatic and overexaggerated plot with Kdrama entertainment feat cheating husbands.

Thanks for reading!!!