Naruto: Zabuza and Haku | A One-Sided Love Story

As a child, Zabuza had a tough childhood. After years of training as a ninja, the students had one more challenge to see whether they would become a ninja. They had to execute all of their classmates.  

Naruto: Zabuza and Haku | A One-Sided Love Story

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Zabuza and Haku undeniably provided Naruto with the best plot possible. It was full of action, passion, concern, and everything else that an anime fan might enjoy.

The Plot

Group 7 was on a mission to defend a carpenter on his way to a neighboring land to build a bridge linking an impoverished country to a land of trade. A  wealthy gangster has a monopoly on the poor area. He did not want this bridge to be built. The reason was that the citizens under his influence would have the freedom to live and work elsewhere. Gato intercepts assassins to execute the bridge builder. He did this to foil any attempt to grant freedom to the people under his control. Furthermore, Zabuza and Haku are the names of these two assassins.

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The Story of Zabuza

As a child, Zabuza had a tough childhood. After years of training as a ninja, the students had one more challenge to see whether they would become a ninja. They had to execute all of their classmates. Zabuza was the last one standing. This incident inevitably affected him mentally for the rest of his life. Zabuza was an assassin who never let feeling enter into his life since then. He was hollow, like a tool. He lived in this belief for the majority of his life. It was the same till he met Haku.

The Story of Haku

Haku understood at a young age that he possessed a remarkable and strong talent that gave him an innate advantage over his rivals. Fearful of this force, Haku’s father murdered his mother and tried to murder him as well. It left Haku with no choice but to kill his father in self-defense. Following this horrific beginning, Haku became an orphaned beggar on the street, vying for food with wild dogs. Zabuza was walking through town one day when he came across the homeless boy. After discovering his ability through his powers, he recruited him as his ward.

Were Haku and Zabuza in love?

On the partially constructed bridge, Naruto and his squad face off against Zabuza and Haku. Zabuza and Haku are struggling, and in the last moments, before Zabuza is killed, Haku leaps in front of his attacker to surrender himself so that Zabuza can be spared. Zabuza, understandably, is unconcerned about this sacrifice. He was unaffected as he has a tool which is willing to die for him. Naruto has fallen in love with Haku’s innocence and unquestionable love for such a nasty person enraged with anger.

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Zabuza and Haku

Naruto’s words moved Zabuza, taking him to tears, but it was too late. After finally seeing Haku’s love for him, Zabuza channels all of his anger into Gato, murdering him and fatally injuring himself in the process. It took the death of the one person who had always loved him for Zabuza to see the ninja world’s brutality and sinfulness. In his final moments, Zabuza denied the belief that he had carried with him until now. He finally said that he is not a weapon, and neither is Haku. Naruto’s squad then carries Zabuza, who is on the verge of death, to lie beside Haku’s body. Zabuza dies heartbroken about what the world has turned him into and how he has projected it onto others.

Zabuza and Haku had a more personal relationship. Even though it was one-sided, the concern and affection are still genuine.