Violet Evergarden Episode 9 Explained

The Episode begins right where it left off. The Major shot in his eye and Violet trying as hard as she possibly can to save his life

Violet Evergarden Episode 9 Explained

Violet Evergarden Episode 9 is like a rollercoaster of emotions. Watching Violet dealing with the news of Major Gilbert’s possible death is like watching a caterpillar, struggling. It’s something so painful to be experiencing loss and grief. But like they say, there’s light at the end of the tunnel. It’s in the  knowing that she’s shedding an older skin and growing into a beautiful butterfly, that will soon be ready to fly!

Flashback into how the war ended…

The Episode begins right where it left off. The Major shot in his eye and Violet trying as hard as she possibly can to save his life. While she’s doing all that she can, she gets shot too, which results in her losing both her arms. It’s then that Major Gilbert asks her to go save herself, to be free and to live. Knowing that he might soon be gone, he decides to tell her how he loves her. Hearing the word ‘love’ and not knowing what it means, throws her off a bit.

Violet Evergarden Episode 9

Meanwhile the one enemy who had managed to survive decides to throw a shell in, which blasts. To save Violet’s life, the Major pushes her as far as he can from the site. And that’s how she was found later, at the bottom of the stairs. Although, the Major’s body was missing, but they found his ID.

The current day at the war site

Violet visits the war site, tries every bit that she possibly can to find the Major. Knowing her very well, Hodgins who has been looking for her also reaches there. He then tells her how the Major had spoken to him before the final war. How he told him to look after Violet, incase anything happened to him during the war. And so, to be the good friend that he is, he decides to stay on with her & comforts her with his presence.

Meanwhile, at the office..

After hearing everything that's going on with her, everyone at work worries about her well being and if she’d return. Erica & Iris decide to write her a letter, telling her how they are there for her and how someone called Spencer, has requested for her back at work.

With all this happening, it’s almost as if nothing is going the way it should. One of the delivery boys at work throws off some letters that he couldn’t deliver during his shift. But knowing how much letter mean, how each of them carries someones emotions, the delivery man at the office decides to do an extra shift. That is also how he ends up delivering the letter Erica & Iris wrote to Violet.

It’s Violet’s first time receiving a letter and just the feeling of reading someone sent soothing words to you, is something that truly touches her. She understands what it’s like to receive a letter from a loved one.

To make sure all the letters are delivered in time, Violet decides to help him out. Having understood the importance of letters, she also decides to reach out to Spencer who is her good friend Luculia’s brother and takes his request.

Dealing with the feelings of her past

It’s during this time that  she realises what Hodgins meant when he said, you are burning. Dealing with this ache to want to speak to the Major and be with him, she realises how she really has been burning from the sins of her past. The hands that killed so many, now write letters that connect people. It’s almost as if these words haunt her now.

All this makes her question her existence, her purpose and her current path. It’s these questions that make her run back to the office to see Hodgins. And when she asks him if she even deserves to live after having killed so many, he tears up.

Violet Evergarden episode 9 ends with Hodgins telling Violet how true it is that the past can’t be erased. But how her efforts and accomplishments as an Auto Memories Doll aren’t going to waste either. She may have killed many, but in her new journey as a Doll, she healed so many as well.

It’s through these moments of allowing herself to feel everything she feels, through acceptance that Violet begins to understand a bit of what the Major meant when we named her Violet Evergarden, amongst other things.