Violet Eergarden Episode 8 Explained

She begins by looking for Captain Bougainville, who is surprised to know that she did not know of this. She then goes to his parents place and the lady there shows him to his grave

Violet Evergarden Episode 8 | Thoughts & Summary

Violet Evergarden Episode 8 is where Violet finds out about Major Gilbert being MIA. It’s understandable how badly she wishes for that to not be the truth. It’s this denial and the overwhelming feelings about finding this out after so long that makes her flustered and confused. Imagine being alive for a certain thing, person, purpose? Then finding out that it doesn’t exist anymore? It’s almost as if her whole world is about to undergo a shift.

Violet tries hard to know if what she’s hearing of the Major is really true or not. She begins by looking for Captain Bougainville, who is surprised to know that she did not know of this. She then goes to his parents place and the lady there shows him to his grave. Watching that with the Major’s name engraved on it brings up a ton of memories for Violet.

Back in the day, when Violet met the Major…

Captain Bougainville, who is Gilbert’s older brother shows him this little girl who he found somewhere, a little girl without a name. He hands her over to Gilbert, who seems slightly disturbed by how his brother has been treating this child. Apparently, the girl is great on the fighting fields and so the military has taken her on as a weapon for the war. Although now, she is the Major’s weapon.

Violet Evergarden Episode 8

He takes her to his parents home, asks the housekeeper to draw her a bath, change her into fresh clothes, get her hair done in a parlour. Later that night, he asks her to use a blanket while sleeping, so she doesn’t catch a cold. His kindness towards her makes her feel like he’s a safe space and the next day she refuses to eat without him.

Preparing for the War

As it turns out, a war is about to begin anytime. The military is preparing for the attack and Major Gilbert is handed the responsibility to lead the team. He’s a little sceptical about the young girl being on the battle field but the orders are otherwise, so he has no choice but to follow those.  One night, they see the enemy’s guard and he asks her to stay put but it seems as though she does what she knows best. The Major seems a little surprised by how this little girl goes about killing one man after another, so swiftly.

And just like that, she seems to become a part of his life in the army & beyond. He names her Violet and believes that she’ll grow into it and will one day be more than being a tool. He teaches her how to read & write and treats her with utmost kindness, unlike anyone in her life so far.

Thanksgiving Day

On Thanksgiving, the major asks Violet if theres anything she wants. He feels that he wishes to express his thanks to her for all the fighting. While they’re walking through this market, she stops at a shop to look at this brooch. It’s how the first episode had started and being able to see what lead to that moment was nothing short of beautiful. Violet seems to feel something when she looks at it, it reminds her of the major eyes as its the exact colour. And so, as his way to thank her, he buys her the brooch. She also learns what the word beautiful means and lets him know how she thinks his eyes are beautiful.

Right before what could possibly be the final attack…

Lt.Col Hodgins walks in to meet the Major while they are the camp grounds. While in conversation he tells Gilbert that once the war ends he’ll quit the military and start a company. He also jokes about hiring Violet, which the Major thinks is a good idea. This seems to bother Violet, she asks Major Gilbert if she’s of no use to him anymore and would be getting transferred to Hodgins command. The major tells her to focus on the fight for now and soon enough, the war begins.

It seems as though the entire unit is basing their trust into Major Gilbert and  what seems like the end is probably not.

The Major sends out a green fire signal, which seems to be a sign to let his team know that they finished up all the enemies. Just as he does that, he’s shot in the eye and the episode ends.