Violet Evergarden Episode 7 Review

How gracefully with her presence she makes a difference in the lives of whoever she meets

Violet Evergarden Episode 7 Review

Violet Evergarden ‘s Episode 7, while watching this I definitely thought of how much Violet’s character seems to have grown. How wonderfully she has taken on her role in this new journey of knowing her emotions and findings words to the things she feels. How gracefully with her presence she makes a difference in the lives of whoever she meets.

Violet goes on assignment to be Oscar Webster’s assist, for his new play…

Violet knocks on this countryside cottage where the writer stays. He greets her and welcomes her in, although he’s a little surprised by how young she is. As he begins pouring his drink into a glass, Violet stops him and tells him to not drink during work. As it turns out, he’s a bit of an alcoholic and instead of writing tasks for the day he asks Violet to make some dinner and get stationary.

Violet, fully aware of her duties as an Auto Memories Doll, goes beyond. She cleans the workspace, she makes dinner and even goes on to hide all the alcohol bottles.

Violet Evergarden Episode 7

Her determination and enthusiasm to some extend goes through and the writer and Violet begin working.

Line after line, he goes on and she continues to type. Once the play seems to have reached close to its end, he asks her for her thoughts on it.

Violet, who has had so much trouble in the past to feel things, suddenly has a newer dimension opened up to her. She tells him how she’s never felt this way before. It’s as though she is the girl in the play. He tells her that means she’s feeling empathetic towards the girl, Olive, the protagonist. Violet then starts asking him all these questions about what happens next. Will Olive cross the valley of fire, find the sword, slay the monster? Will she return home? Which makes Oscar think about how he still needs to figure out the answers to these questions. He decides to take a walk outside since the weather is so beautiful.

It’s so nice to see Violet connecting so deeply with Oscar’s story. It’s almost as if she’s a whole new person.

The beautiful Parasol that shows them the way…

Violet brings out this beautiful blue parasol, which as it turns out belonged to Oscar’s little daughter. Seeing that brings up upsetting memories for him and he loses his cool a little and asks Violet to go home. But Violet, who is so deeply attached to the story asks him to finish the play and not leave it incomplete. He too thinks he owes this to his little daughter, to finish the play and give it a happy ending. He tells Violet about his daughter, Olivia who he lost to an illness. And how the play is based on a story he once told her and that her favourite things were frilled parasols and water birds and how she promised to cross the lake one day.

This inspires her to have the ending of the play based on the parasol & the water birds. To be able to write this well, he asks her to cross the lake. And so she does, how magically she jumps across like an angel sent from above.
This not only gives them a beautiful ending to the play but also channels his grief about losing his daughter. Watching Violet cross that bridge he feels she completed his daughter Olivia’s last wish. To thank her for being able to do that, he gives her the parasol as a present.

Violet hears about Major Gilbert’s passing

On her way back she meets Mrs. Evergarden and in between conversation finds out that the Major has actually passed away. As she hears this, she rushes to see Hodgins office and asks him if that’s true. He lets her know how they had found his ID card after the battle and her body deeply injured, but the Major’s missing in action. While the rest have come to terms with the fact that he probably passed away during the war, She is in denial.