Violet Evergarden Episode 6 Review | "Somewhere, Under a Starry Sky"

The next day the two of them are at the library. While he is looking for a book through the shelves, she waits downstairs

Violet Evergarden Episode 6 Review | "Somewhere, Under a Starry Sky"

Violet Evergarden Episode 6, watching this episode is like all kinds of feels. At first, I thought it would start off where the last episode ended, with the Navy Colonel Bougainville and his haunting words ringing in our ears. You would’ve guessed by now, that it didn’t. Which for me personally, was more of a delight than a disappointment.

Violet, along with 80 other Auto Memories Dolls & 80 transcription staff members are gathered together in an Observatory. They are paired in teams of two and have to  sort through some very delicate manuscripts  in order to save all the information. Violet is put to work with a boy named Leon. In the beginning though we see how Leon isn’t very fond of Auto Memories Dolls.

Violet Evergarden Episode 6

Both Violet & Leon seem to be on top of it, with his extreme efficiency and Violet’s excellent typing skills. On the first day itself, this team of two finishes three days worth of work.

Leon & Violet get talking,

Later that night Leon finds Violet in the hallways, watching the night sky. He asks her how after working all day, she’s still standing. Violet tells him how it’s the travelling that she does to be anywhere to write that is more tiring then writing letters itself. It’s lovely to see how wonderfully she has fit herself in the role, how work slowly has taken on a different meaning for her.

The next day the two of them are at the library. While he is looking for a book through the shelves, she waits downstairs. While she’s waiting, some of the other transcription members come and speak to her about Leon’s past as an orphan. Since she has had a similar past, she defends him and lets the boys know how backgrounds don’t define us. Leon hears the conversation and is slightly impressed by this wonderful girl, Violet Evergarden. Her modesty, discipline, very cool military background and just how she doesn’t let any of that be her identity is something that is beyond beautiful.

Leon tells Violet about the Ally’s Comet, which is a once in a life time opportunity, and if she’d watch it with him on the tower. She is delighted and agrees to meet him at 2AM to watch this unbelievably beautiful sight.

Watching the Ally’s Comet,

The night of the Comet arrives, the two of them are on the roof waiting for this wonder to show up in the sky. Violet is extremely pleased with the way Leon treats her that night, with warm soup & kind words. Leon, on the other hand lets her know how he isn’t very nice with girls, how he almost always acts cold. He also tells her about the time his mother abandoned him. How she choose his father over him and that, that broke him as a child. Violet shares her story too, where she exists because the Major does, if he didn’t her life would be pointless.

But then, the sadness is overpowered by this magical sight in the sky. The comet shows up, giving them a memory of sitting under a starry sky, that they will share forever.

Violet & Leon’s goodbye

The next morning, Violet is all set to leave. She thanks Leon for the lovely two weeks that they spent working together. Leon, tells her how his brief meeting with her, changed the way he feels about things. Just like her, now he too would like to travel for work and he hopes that one day, their paths would cross again.

Could this be a beginning of something new for Violet & Leon? Well, I certainly hope it is!