Violet Evergarden Episode 5 Review | "You Write Letters That Bring People Together?"

Violet Evergarden Episode 5 Review | "You Write Letters That Bring People Together?"

Violet Evergarden Episode 5, one thats filled with an exchange of something that they call ‘public love letters’ between a prince and a princess. Just when I thought this show couldn’t get any dreamier, but it does!

The beginning is a bit confusing as we see Hodgins, meeting with someone who seems to be from the Military. They talk about how there could be another war soon, with the North. The military man goes on to talk about a peace agreement between Drossels & the Fluegel. The two empires were once enemies, but then a marriage proposal came in for the princess of Drossels from the prince of Fluegel. Agreeing to this they say was like a symbolic gesture to let everyone know that the war had ended.

Violet arrives at the Kingdom of Drossels,

Violet was requested at the Kingdom, by the princess, Charlotte , to write a love letter to the prince, Damien. Initially Violet writes down letters for her and they receive a reply too from Damien. After a few letter exchanges, Charlotte seems to lose interest, as she realises that his replies are written by a doll too.

Violet Evergarden Episode 5
Violet Evergarden Episode 5 – Violet arrives at the palace to meet the Princess

One day she tells Violet the story of how she met the prince. It was her 10th birthday and all she did that day was meet suitable boys for marriage. It made her deeply unhappy and she cried sitting in one corner of the garden. And this good-looking, much older than her man showed up. He didn’t ask her not to cry, nor did he ask her why, he simply understood and comforted her. It was one short meeting, a few exchanged words and she knew she was in love with him. Mostly because he was the only one who had been his truest self around her. But after having exchanged these letters, she had started to worry if he really wanted to marry her.

After hearing Charlotte’s story, Violet has an idea that she believes is way out of her job duties. But from what we’ve come to know of her, she truly seems to go out of the way for things. So, Violet requests Cattleya, her head at the office to have Charlotte & Damien write letters directly to each other, to connect more deeply.

The two of them then start exchanging these public love letters, which I have to say has been the most beautiful thing i’ve come across in this show so far. And before we know it,  Damien one evening, comes to the kingdom and asks Charlotte to marry her.

The Wedding Day,

It’s a beautiful day, Charlotte, looks lovely dressed in white. Even though it was her dream from a long long time to marry the prince of Fluegel, she feels a bit sad about leaving her home and most of all, about leaving Alberta, the lady who pretty much raised her. While getting dressed, she thinks of Violet & how nice it would have been if she could see her in this wedding dress.
Meanwhile, Violet is heading back to Leiden and as she gets of at the port there’s this young man waiting for her. Dietfried, the Navy Colonel, this extremely intense looking man. He doesn’t seem very pleased about Violet becoming an Auto Memories Doll.

The episode ends with this sudden turn of events and the arrival of a new character, Dietfried. Not entirely new though as they did show him briefly in one of the episodes before as Gilbert’s older brother. So as confusing as it is, it’s also very exciting to see what happens next.