Violet Evergarden Episode 4 | Thoughts & Summary

Anime Feb 22, 2021

Violet Evergarden Episode 4, one more down, many more to go. With the end of each episode, I feel a little more affection. Affection, for Violet & her bittersweet relationship with the Major.

Here’s how Violet Evergarden Episode 4 begins,

Iris who so badly wished to write more than lists & addresses seems to her finally received her first commission. It turns out a lady named Sarah Florent from her hometown Kazalli requested for her. While she is excited about having received a letter request, she’s also very excited about showing off her new uniform back home.

But as luck would have it, she trips on the stairs at the office and injures her arm. Which only means one thing, she wouldn’t be able to type anymore and so Violet accompanies her for the assignment.

Violet Evergarden Episode 4
Violet Evergarden Episode 4 – Iris & Violet visit Kazallia on assignment

On reaching Kazalli they are greeted by Iris’s family who seem quite pleased to see their daughter. It is in between conversation that Iris finds out how the letter request was like a bait. Her family used her great-grandmothers name and requested for Iris only so that she’d visit home. As furious as she is about it, over time she learns that they did that to throw her a beautiful birthday party.

Soon enough, a guest list is shared and She is asked to write down the invites. Iris takes a glance at the list and lets Violet know not to send one particular invitation out, to this man called, Eamonn Snow. Violet being Violet refuses to follow through as the guest list was provided by her parents, who requested her services.

Cut to, Iris’ birthday party,

We then see a very elegant and graceful birthday lunch. A party with family and friends and a dolled up Iris. She seems quite happy, until this young man walks in & wishes her Happy Birthday!

Violet evergarden episode 4
Violet Evergarden Episode 4 – Iris at her birthday party

A bit flustered, she asks him why he showed up? To which he replies that he came because he was invited. Iris invited Eamonn regardless, this makes her truly mad and she storms out of her own party.

Later that night Iris tells Violet why she didn’t want to see Eamonn. How he was the reason she decided to leave town and become a doll. She shares her side of the story too about why she became an Auto Memories Doll. It is then that Iris begins to understand Violet a little better.

It’s only minutes before Violet seems to mess up, but this time she feels deeply sorry about it. But she also shares how difficult it has been for her to understand people and their feelings. This softens up Iris and makes her realise how so many times she feels exactly the same way.

Iris then asks Violet to write apology letters from her side, to everyone who attended the party and one to her parents too. When Iris’s parents read their letter, they feel a sense of pride and acceptance towards her. Next morning, they hand her gorgeous flowers while saying goodbye and the girls depart from Kazalli.

Violet evergarden
Iris after receiving beautiful flowers from her parents

The train ride back home,

As the train crossed a field full of Iris flowers in full bloom, Iris shares a story. A story of how her parents named her Iris.
The episode ends with this hint of nostalgia with Violet remembering some of Major Gilberts words.

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