Violet Evergarden Episode 3 Review | "May You Be an Exemplary Auto Memory Doll"

Its Violet’s first day at the school where she’s training to be the most optimal Auto Memory Doll

Violet Evergarden Episode 3 Review | "May You Be an Exemplary Auto Memory Doll"

Violet Evergarden episode 3 is another day of Violet’s adventures. It’s so beautifully shot and so thoughtfully pieced together, it makes me think about things, it makes me feel connected to the show in a way thats maybe beyond words. And isn’t that the best way to experience art!

Flashback into what  Episode 3 was like

Its Violet’s first day at the school where she’s training to be the most optimal Auto Memory Doll. All those who graduate from the course receive a shiny golden badge which is something everyone seems to be very excited about.

Violet in the beginning seems to be acing her classes, with her typing speed and very accurate vocabulary. But she seems to have trouble finding ways to express feelings when writing a letter, hers seem more like a report. Her teacher at the school reads a letter written by and tells her how it could  hardly be called a letter and as it turns out she doesn’t graduate with a shiny golden badge from the training school. Violet through it at all stays very composed but feels like she let down Hodgins as she didn’t complete her mission, but he reassures her that the training program isnt the only way to decide if she can become an Auto Memory Doll.

Although she did not graduate and even felt a bit let down by her experience at the school, but, her doll like outfits, her very proper mannerisms found her an admirer. Her fellow trainee, Luculia, was extremely delighted by Violet for how she was during the program.

Violet Evergarden Episode 3. Luculia & Violet
Violet Evergarden Episode 3. Luculia & Violet 

One day after their training class Luculia decides to take Violet to this beautiful spot in the city, the Lieden tower. It also happens to be a place that Major Gilbert wanted her to see.

Its Luculia’s admiration towards Violet and genuine kind nature which makes her feel like she must help her voice out her feelings. So, she asks her to express her feelings about the Major who she wrote about in each practice letter during the training course. It’s during this conversation that Luculia opens up about her own struggles, the remorse and pain she feels for her brother, Spencer who spends most of his time drinking ever since he returned from the war and the grief she feels for having lost her parents.

The two of them sitting, talking right at the Leiden Tower, opens a floodgate of emotions for Luculia and she decides to run out for a breath of fresh air. And somehow this touches a nerve for Violet too. She’s able to write down exactly what Luculia wishes to tell her brother and later that evening, she hands over the letter to Spencer.

When Luculia finds out, she is extremely pleased as the letter magically strengthened the bond between her and her brother. She then decides to let their professor at the training course know about how Violet was able to express Luculia’s feelings into a letter  exactly how she’d wanted and this leads to Violet receiving the badge of honour from her professor.

Violet Evergarden , in her doll like outfits, who acted like a soldier at all times and was a wonderful girl, somehow with her strangeness and her wish to feel, happened to change Luculia’s life forever, in a beautiful beautiful way.