Violet Evergarden Episode 2 | Thoughts & Summary

Anime Feb 20, 2021

Violet Evergarden’s first episode ended on a sweet positive note, with Violet stepping into her own and deciding to be an Auto Memory Doll. In the beginning its not very clear as to what an Auto Memory Doll is, but it is known that they are people who help others express their feelings in words, by writing letters for them on request. And So Begins Violet Evergarden’s  Journey as an Auto Memory Doll in Violet Evergarden Episode 2 .

The dolls department seems to be head by a lady called Cattleya, working along with her, are Iris & Erica. While Iris is brave to speak her mind and fairly new at the job she wishes to write more  than just making lists and typing addresses.
Then theres, Erica, who seems soft, kind, and maybe a tad bit shy but has eyes, innocent eyes full of dreams.

Violet Evergarden episode 2
Violet Evergarden episode 2 | The Auto Memory Dolls

Soon enough Violet begins her training by learning how to use the typewriter, she spends hours practising. Even though that makes her a fast typist,  she comes across as someone who has trouble feeling and expressing affection. This seems to make her slightly unsuited for the job, in the eyes of the others around and after a straight-forward, not a lovey love letter written by her for a client, to her own self too.  Its evident how different Violet is from the other Auto Memory Dolls, but its her desire and longing to know ‘love’, the meaning and emotion behind that word that sets her apart.

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Amongst this and an unsettling office situation where Iris feels Violet is not quite right for the role she starts doubting her own capabilities. Her wish to know the meaning of ‘I Love You’, which were Major Gilberts words to her, gives her the strength to continue on this new journey.  She seeks comfort in a conversation with Erica. It’s in this little exchange of words that Erica begins to notice how similar they are, how deeply they both long for connection.

In between all of this, Hodgins finds Violet’s emerald green crystal brooch in a black market, spends his monthly salary and buys it for her, which makes her deeply happy, and takes her mind off of everything else and once again reminds her of Major Gilbert.
It seems as though she’s not the only one who found something positive, Erica too through her encounters with Violet remembers why she started writing letters and how much she hopes to one day be able to able to write words that deeply touch peoples hearts.

Even though Violet Evergarden episode 2 ends with reminding us to find ways to see the good during tough times, Gilberts whereabouts and whether or not he will return continue to be a mystery.

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