Violet Evergarden: Episode 12 | Thoughts & Summary
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Violet Evergarden: Episode 12 | Thoughts & Summary

Captain Bougainville is appointed by the government to ensure the peace treaty, which is in talks,  is signed
Violet Evergarden: Episode 12 | Thoughts & Summary

Violet Evergarden Episode 12, well from how I see it, it’s a high on war kind of an episode. Violet puts up a good fight and vows not to kill another soul. And, the Navy Captain maybe opens his heart to seeing how she’s more than a tool.
Violet, once again, deals with her past and comes to the other side beautifully.

A peace treaty or just an excuse for another war?

Captain Bougainville is appointed by the government to ensure the peace treaty, which is in talks,  is signed. On the other hand there’s an anti peace ambush plan in order, led by a General.

Violet Evergarden Episode 12
Violet Evergarden Episode 12 – Cattleya & Benedict on a mission to help bring peace

While Bougainville is all set to bring an end to this war. He is taking a convey full of soldier & Cattleya and Benedict to bring an end to this war. The enemies led by the General decide to throw explosives to break the only bridge connecting the South and the North. They obviously do that so the train cannot cross the bridge and that results in a delay.

Violet happens to be returning from her previous mission and when she spots the train she decides to get off there to help.
Violet decides to tell the Navy Captain about the soldiers she witnessed during her previous writing mission, which we saw and talked of in the Episode 11, where Violet in my opinion was a total rockstar! She also decides to stay with them, for she knows she can help out if the enemies attack.

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Captain Bougainville is not surprised as he thinks a tool always remains a tool. Violet seems to feel differently now, she tells him how she doesn’t want to kill anymore.

The Enemies Attack The Train

The enemies decide to break off the train compartments and then attack the train. Violet decides to what she does best, only this time without a weapon & with no intention to kill. She fights them off, which is super intense to watch.

Violet Evergarden Episode 12 kill
Violet Evergarden Episode 12 – Violet fights off the enemy

Although, since she decided not to kill, they get her. But like most action movies or series, the good doesn’t go down without a good fight or support. She is backed up by Bougainville and they end up fighting the lot. But this makes Captain Bougainville question Violet’s existence. He seems upset about how now she refuses to kill and his brother Gilbert died in the war to protect her. Violet, of course is angry and upset too because she wanted to protect the Major but losing her arms in the war made her incapable of doing so.

Just then, Isador, an emery soldier comes on top of the train with a gun but he is shot instead it seems and Violet somehow seems to jump in to save him.
The episode ends on a note where it’s unclear what’s going to happen next. Watching Violet go all out to save people and fight after having lost her arms and the Major, makes Captain Bougainville think about how maybe she is much more than a tool.

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