Violet Evergarden Episode 10 Review | "A Loved One Will Always Watch Over You"

he then sees a doll walking towards the house and somehow she instantly thinks that this doll, brings with her some bad news

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By kanika
Violet Evergarden Episode 10 Review | "A Loved One Will Always Watch Over You"

Violet Evergarden Episode 10 begins with a new scene. It’s almost as if Violet has moved past her feelings of grief and started fresh. Only this time, she’s maybe softer, kinder and warmer.

Ann & her mother

We see this little girl  sitting on her wooden bench, playing with her doll. Wondering why her mother has visitors and when they’ll be gone?

She then sees a doll walking towards the house and somehow she instantly thinks that this doll, brings with her some bad news. Confused and worried she runs to her mother’s room, barges in and asks her mother why a doll has come visiting?
At first the mother scolds her for not knocking or greeting the visitors and then, the housekeeper brings Violet in.

violet evergden episode 10

It seems as though the young girl Ann lives in this big house with her mother, who appears to be sick. The father died a hero in the big war and with her mother having little time left, Ann might be left alone.

Violet’s week long assignment

Violet Evergarden at your service, she greets and bows. Every time Violet speaks, the little girls eyes go wider in awe. The mother invites Violet in for tea and lets her know she’d like to begin working as soon as they can. She also tells her  daughter that Violet will be living with them for seven days, helping her write some letters. Letters? The girl asks. I could help you write letters. Disappointed that being little and not knowing some big words will take away her time with her mother.

Ann, who longs to read, dance and play with her mother is upset and slightly angry whenever people come visit. For all they seem to do, is take away her precious little time with her mother.

Ann is in awe of Violet for she didn’t know there were living dolls in this world. The ones she knew of were only the dolls she played with. To watch Violet be how she is gets her excited and confused. Excited because a real doll to be around, which child wouldn’t want that right? Confused because who could they possibly be writing letters to. She tries time and time again, to peep into their writing room and even offers to carry the tray of snacks to be able to know what’s going on, but her efforts go to waste.

Ann seeks comfort in Violet

Over the days that Violet is living in the mansion with Ann and her mother, the little girl tries to make friends with Violet.
She asks her to play with her, read to her. She even tells her about her father who died in the war. She asks her to tie her a ribbon in her too. But then she tells her how much she wishes to do these things with her mother instead. Her mother, who has been sick, who isn't getting any better. She opens up about how badly she wishes for the two of them to spend time together, for if she has little time left, shouldn’t they be with each other.

Violet who doesn’t have too many answers and cannot tell her who they’re writing letters to, does try to comfort her. She tells her how kind and understanding she is.

What’s lovely to watch here is how Violet embraces her and is so real with her. She doesnt see her a little child, but as a person. She is with her how she’d be with anyone else and that to me is absolutely beautiful.

Soon, Violet returns and Ann’s mother passes away

Once the assignment is done with, Violet says her goodbye. Ann, who hated visitors grew a liking for Violet and kisses her goodbye.

Violet returns and Ann’s mother passes away

But over the next few days, Ann’s mother is taken away by her illness. But each year on her birthday, she receives a letter. A letter from her mother. How thoughtful of her mother to take her time and write letters for her daughter to make her feel loved even after she’s gone.

Everyone back at the office is very impressed with Violet for her first long trip assignment. It’s a great accomplishment, to have written 50 letters in just 7 days.
But you know what’s even more beautiful, watching Violet burst into tears. For feeling what the little girl Ann would have felt. For being able to feel the pain of another is truly something. She feels sorry about how alone Ann would be after her mother’s passing. It’s then that Cattleya reminds her, that each year Ann would receive her mothers letter and how we’re never truly alone because our loved ones, always watch over us.

Another sweet, simple but beautiful episode of Violet Evergarden and some more to go. I wonder what will happen next? I wonder if we’ll only watch Violet grow or will they bring back the Major. Maybe this episode is a way to let Violet know too, that she isn’t really alone. Her loved ones are watching out for her. The Major might be too!