Vincenzo | Must-watch Netflix Kdrama of Song Joon Ki & TaecYoon

Is Vincenzo popular in Korea? Is Vincenzo worth watching? Who is the villain in Vincenzo? Who is the real owner of Babel in Vincenzo?

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If you're a Kdrama fan and still haven't explored Vincenzo... You're certainly missing out a lot. Vincenzo Kdrama was one of the most ambitious projects from South Korea drama land. Guess who's back playing the Italian consigliere and ready to swoon your hearts with his cool, cute, hot, and sexy but devilish charms. Fans of Song Jun Ki can rejoice and celebrate as Song Jun Ki is back to play Vincenzo Cassano in the Kdrama.

As a fan, I must admit, the starting scenes of Vincenzo will instantly hook you up and you won't be able to leave or quit this drama. Not at all dramas are worth binging, not all dramas are worth watching on-air, but Vincenzo is suitable for both.

You can binge it in one session or take breaks and enjoy it at your own pace. No one will be bothering you and no there's no hurry to finish this blissful Kdrama. You can enjoy every second and moment of this drama where not just Song Jun Ki, but 2PM's  TaecYeonis also part of the main cast.

The main cast included Song Joon Ki, TaecYoon, Jeon Yeo Bin, Kwak Dong Yeong, Kim Yeo Jin, and Jo Han Chul. The veterans did an amazing job and actor  Yoo Jae Myung (Stranger drama & Life Kdrtama famed) was briefly in the drama. Vincenzo is available on Netflix and other streaming sites!

It is worth noting that the entire cast, be it main or supporting cast, all did an immensely good job. The fans of the drama just can't get enough of this drama and the entire cast will tie up you and make you stuck to your laptop or device screens with their wits, charms, and amazing comedy. The gags and emotional aspect of the drama will appeal to you and will make you instantly fall in love with this drama.

Is Vincenzo a romantic drama?

Fans who are not much into romantic drama can rejoice and happily enjoy Vincenzo, as romance is not the central theme of the drama. Vincenzo doesn’t have much or any romance as the prime central theme of the drama revolves around serving justice against an evil multinational group called Babel who has been involved in many criminal activities and it’s upto the main characters Vincenzo and Hong Cha Yeong to expose the filthy and greedy multinational corporation. And along the way, many twists and turns are awaiting the main protagonist due to classic betrayal, comedy, and intense suspense with moderate cliffhangers.

Does Vincenzo fall in love?

Main cast

Well, to sum up, this question, you gotta watch the Vincenzo drama. It’s impossible for him to not fall for the beautiful Hong Cha Yeong! They make an adorable couple and fight for justice against the Babel group. Watch Vincenzo & Hong Cha Yeong’s action and comedy in the series, exclusively available on Netflix!

Is Vincenzo worth watching?

That’s barely a question to ask! Vincenzo is absolutely worth watching. It’s a must-watch Kdrama in 2021 and if you miss this amazing series, it’s your loss! Vincenzo is absolutely worth watching today, tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow. You don’t need to wait for any specific date and time. Just watch Vincenzo today! Happy Binging fellow fans!

Who is the villain in Vincenzo?

Main cast

Well, spoiler alert! You gotta watch till the end to find out the series. Well, the hint is….beloved TaecYoon plays the evil villain and owner of the Babel group who will just shock you and leave you speechless.

Is Vincenzo happy ending?

Fans can be assured. Vincenzo has a good and happy ending, however, spoiler alert, the series just gives an open but justified ending. The open ending leaves a chance for makers whether they want to pursue a new season in the future or not.

Who is the real owner of Babel in Vincenzo?

2PM singer

The real owner of Babel is Jang Joon Woo played by the dashing 2 PM singer TaecYoon. He did such a beautiful job to portray his role as a creepy and psychopathic person who has no qualms of killing anyone. Hats off to the actor to play his role and entertain the fans. Hate the character, but not on the actor, please!

Can Song Joong-Ki speak Italian?

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SJK in Vincenzo

It was really adorable and beautiful to see Song Joon Ki speak in Italian without any hitch, The South Korean actor must have practiced Italian to give us a stellar performance. He said in an interview that he learned to speak Italian for the drama and fans can agree that he did justice with the language. Speaking a foreign and non-English language is never easy, but the actor did an amazing job portraying his role as an Italian Mafia!

Will there be a season 2 of Vincenzo?

Given the popularity of the series, and launching sequels are nothing out of the ordinary, who knows, Vincenzo makers might just give the fans a season 2 in the future. Many other Kdramas like Stranger, Age of Youth, Hospital playlist, Reply series, and School series had sequels. So, there’s still hope for Vincenzo to give us a new season anytime in the future.

Vincenzo has been extremely popular in Korea and with the international fans, all swooning over the main leads. Even Kwak Dong Yeong played an amazing role and beautifully portrayed his character. It was an absolute delight to see the entire cast of Vincenzo play their respective part and gave us such an awesome Kdrama that we can binge to our heart’s content.

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