12 Upcoming Kdramas in December 2021 Worth Anticipating!

The Last month of 2021 has 12 brand new Kdramas to keep you busy while we prepare ourselves to bid 2021 goodbye. Which Kdrama are you waiting for?

12 Upcoming Kdramas in December 2021 Worth Anticipating!

Welcome back Kdrama lovers, because December is finally here. With less than 30 days left before 2021 is over, December has to offer brand new Kdramas we can enjoy. SO gear up for some of the most anticipated upcoming Kdramas in December 2021. Enjoy! Which Kdramas are you most excited for?

1. Our Beloved Summer

A Choi Woo Sik drama is hard to miss. Our Beloved story seems like an emotional story so let’s gear up for heartbreak, angst and closure hopefully. The documentary filmed 10 years ago, has become popular. Two people who were in love broke up and now are reunited once again to shoot the documentary. What entail for the main couple? It will be available on Netflix so getting my hopes up!

Air date: 6th December 2021

Network:SBS/ Netflix

2. Artificial City

Another twisted Chaebol Kdrama well that’s we need. Strangely, these dramas have their own charm and USP. Artificial City teaser looks good so let’s sign up for another crazy Kdrama. It’s a typical girl who marries a rich guy dumps a poor boyfriend, but there’s a catch. War against in-laws and aiming for President now that’s quite original. It’s a thriller/mystery drama, hope Artificial city will be good.

Air date: 8th December 2021


3. A DeadbEAT's Meal

12 Upcoming Kdramas in December 2021 Worth Anticipating!

Ha Seok Jin is back with another interesting drama. Hope it’s fun. A DeadbEAT’s Meal is adapted from a Naver webtoon. Wish it was available to read. It’s a healing drama about a man and woman who are both concerned about what they will eat.

Air date: 10th December 2021

Network:Tving/Naver TV

4. Taejong Yi Bang-Won

Another saeguk/historical Kdrama of 2021 hell yes. Another plus point it’s based on Yi Bang Won, a historical figure and king of the Joseon dynasty. Dramas based on Yi Bang Won are usually interesting so the hope is up for Taejong Yi Bang-Won Kdrama. Weekends will be lit again! The cast looks pretty interesting with the actor Joo Sung Wook in the mail role.  

Air date: 11th December 2021


5. Uncle (Korean Version)

Uncle Kdrama is adapted from the UK series and is a remake of the original. Haven’t seen the original series so no comments, but it’s an Oh Jung Se drama in his main role so definitely worth the watch. Oh Jung Se is nailing his role in Jirisan so hope Uncle Kdrama will be good.

Air date: 11th December 2021

Network: Tv Chosun

6. Bad and Crazy

Since the trailers are out, as a fan of Lee Dong Wook and Wi Ha Joon, Kdrama fans are crazily anticipating Bad and Crazy Kdrama, no pun intended. A competent cop with questionable ethics and a righteous but crazy person combination. Just the right du0 we need! Also, Vixx N/ Cha Hak Yeon is part of the main cast as well, another reason to watch Bad and Crazy!

Air date: 17th December 2021


7.Bulgasal: Immortal Souls

Yes! Another mythical/immortal Kdrama. How we wish every Kdrama like Goblin to be good, so hopes are quite high for Bulgasal: Immortal Souls. Also, the cast of the Kdrama with Lee Joon is another reason to anticipate it. An immortal 600-year-old guy and more immortal people.

Air date: 18th December 2021

Network: Tvn

8. Snowdrop

Finally, Snowdrop Kdrama is going to be released. Following the previous controversies, the story is completely changed, but nevertheless, waiting for Snowdrop will be worth it. The star-studded cast is no joke, start counting days for Snowdrop to finally air. Jung Hae In, Yoo In Ah, Jang Seung Jo and Kim Ji Soo all in one Kdrama, fingers crossed.

Air date: 18th December 2021

Network: JTBC, Disney+

9. When Flowers Bloom, I Think of the Moon

Another historical drama and Yoo Seung Ho is back. Yoo Seung Ho’s dramas are quite compelling, especially Saeguk dramas so When Flowers Bloom, I think of the Moon will be high on the anticipation list. Alcohol prohibition in the Joseon dynasty seems very refreshing and unbelievable. Korean drama without alcohol! Hyeri and Yoo Seung Ho will be entertaining to watch.

Air date: 20th December 2021

Network: KBS2

10. The One and Only

The premise of The One and Only seems quite unusual.  A person has limited days to live and is unable to express her feelings. There is also a murder case involved, practically a mixed bag.

Air date: 20th December 2021

Network: JTBC

11. Tracer

Im SI Wan’s 2021 Kdrama Tracer is one of the anticipated Kdramas of 2021. The premise of Tracer is around Taxation division, kinda getting 38 Task Force vibes but even more interested in Tracer drama.

Air date:  December 2021

Network: Wavve

12. The Silent Sea

Christmas Eve will definitely be interesting since we’re trapped at home and have nowhere to go (thanks Covid!), Let binge The Silent Sea Kdrama on Netflix. Damn, the cast of The Silent Sea is pretty interesting with Bae Doo Na (Stranger), Gong Yoo (Goblin),  and Lee Joon (My Father is Strange). The space-themed drama is totally anticipated!

Air date: 24th December 2021

Network: Netflix

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