9 Upcoming New Kdramas Worth Watching in April 2022

9 new Korean Dramas will be airing in April 2022. Lee Joon Gi, Kim Woo Bin, Park Hae Jin, Lee Kwang Soo are returning with brand new Kdramas!

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9 Upcoming New Kdramas Worth Watching in April 2022

Seasons are changing so are the month. It’s gonna be April soon and the start of some new Korean dramas to keep us entertained. March was one of the best months so far with so many amazing dramas, but with March, the expectations are high.

Some of our favourite Oppas and Eonnie (Noonas) are making their comeback dramas in 2022. On top of that, we have different genres in the Kdrama variety to fill up our empty hearts.

Which upcoming new Kdramas are you most excited for? Which Kdramas are worth waiting and adding to the list, let’s explore!

1. Green Mother’s Club

The new Kdrama Green Mother’s Club will replace Thirty Nine. The story revolves around 5 women who develop friendships as they interact with each mother. The main leads portray the role of elementary school childrens’ mothers and how they grow as a person and develop their motherly bond. This seems like a slice of life drama so looking forward to it.

Air Date: 6 April 2022

Network: JTBC

2. Again My Life

This is one of the most awaited Kdrama of April 2022 because Lee Joon Gi is back with a new drama this month! Again My Life is based on a web novel published by Lee Hae Nal.

This isn’t the first time Lee Joon Gi is portraying the role of a prosecutor, which is another reason to become so excited for his role in Again My Life. Again My Life Kdrama will replace another masterpiece Through The Darkness.

The drama has a bit of a supernatural element as Lee Joon Gi’s character comes back to life after a fatal encounter with death. Since it’s a legal drama, expect political mind games, uncovering corruption and chasing the bad guys. Totally worth adding to the list.

Air Date: 8 April 2022

Network: SBS

3. My Liberation Notes

Another most awaited drama of 2022 is My Liberation Diary starring Lee Min Ki, Kim Ji Won, Son Suk Ku, Lee El, Lee Ki Woo and others. The plot revolves around three siblings and a stranger.

My Liberation Notes give a slice of life / Romcom vibe from the trailers. The drama is about finding dreams, love alleviating boredom. My Liberation Notes makes us wonder how things will work out for the siblings. Stay tuned and do check out the drama!

Air Date: 9 April 2022

Network: JTBC

4. Our Blues

After a long time, there’s a 20 episode of Kdrama. One of the most awaited Kdrama is Our Blues because Kim Woo Bin will be returning to Kdramas after a very long time. The actor was battling cancer and we hope he’s healthy now.

Moving on, Our Blues has a very interesting cast with Lee Byun Hun, Shin Min A, Cha Seung Won, Kim Woo Bin, Lee Jung Eun, Han Ji Min, Uhm Jung Hwa in the main roles.

It does give a Hometown Cha Cha Cha vibes, but it’s definitely different. Our Blues portray the lives of people living in Jeju Island. This looks like a comedy/Slice of Life and really looking forward to the Kdrama. Our Blues will replace Twenty Five Twenty One Kdrama.

Air Date: 9 April 2022

Network: TvN

5. Shooting Stars

The popular Kdrama is creating a buzz with actors Lee Sung Kyung and Kim Young Dae (Penthouse). The story is set in the entertainment industry showing PR and crisis management.

The main leads will perform the role of manager and actor and hope the relationship will develop beautifully. It’s a romance Kdrama and Shooting Stars is actually making us want to watch it like crazy. The plot may seem a bit cliche, but totally worth checking out.

Air Date: 22 April 2022

Network: TvN

6. The Killer’s Shopping List

Lee Kwang Soo is back with a brand new drama in 2022. He plays the role of a person with good memory working in MS Mart. His character will get involved in a murder case and using his memory skills can they catch the killer? Let’s find out after the drama airs!

Air Date: 27 April 2022

Network: TvN

7. Love All Play

The story of Love All play is set around badminton sports. This Korean drama reminds us of an ongoing anime Ryman’s club, do check it out. It feels similar to the anime Love All Play is set to air in April 2022, wonder if there are any similarities.  

The story revolves around two people who are badminton players but have a very different mindset towards the game.

Chae Jong Hyeop (Sispyphus/Hot Stove League) and Park Ju Hyun (Mouse/Zombie Detective)  are starring in the main roles of Love All Play. The exact air date is not announced yet.

Air Date: April 2022

Network: KBS2

8. Monstrous

The upcoming April drama gives the occult and supernatural vibes. DP famed actor Koo Gyo Hwan plays the role of an archaeologist.  Shin Hyun Bin (Hospital Playlist/ Reflection of You) plays the role of his ex-wife and a fellow archaeologist. The remaining cast is quite attractive. Hope the drama airs soon in April.

Air Date: April 2022

Network: Tving

9. Showtime Begins

Park Hae Jin is back after a very long time with Showtime Begins Kdrama. The premise of Showtime Begins is quite interesting. Mixing magic and the supernatural was a genius idea.

Park Hae Jin stars in the role of a magician who can communicate with ghosts. He gets involved with a passionate police officer played by Jin Ki Joo (The Secret Life of My Secretary). Excited to watch Showtime Begins soon!

Air Date: 23 April 2022

Network: MBC

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