10 Unknown Facts About Gyomei Himejima In Demon Slayer

Gyomei Himejima is the strongest Hashira who uses the stone breathing technique.

Gyomei folding his hands in front of kagaya

Demon Slayer is one of the most popular anime and manga series of the decade. The series is a perfect blend of action, thrill, tragedy, comedy,  suspense, and horror.

The 2nd season revealed many secrets about the Sun Breathing Technique and Demon Slayer Mark. We will also learn more about Nezuko's powers and some new changes in her.

Up till now, the series has already introduced us to all the Hashiras, though the true powers of most of them remain a mystery. The Hashiras are the nine strongest demon slayers in the entire Demon Slayer Corp.

all the hashira standing

The word "Hashira" means pillar in Japanese. Referring to the demon slayers as Hashiras explains the fact that they are the ones holding the organization together.

The Hashiras are highly respected for their job because they are assigned the most difficult tasks, which include battling with the 12 Kizuki. One of them was Gyomei Himejima, the Stone Hashira.

Gyomei is said to be the strongest Hashira, despite the fact that he always seems to be crying.

Till now, the series hasn't properly introduced us to his powers so there are a lot of things that we don't know about him yet. Below are the 10 unknown facts that anime fans would like to know about Gyomei Himejima.

1. He is Blind

Gyomei Himejima crying with floded hands

Not many people know about this but Gyomei is blind. At some point in his childhood, he was blinded by an unknown fever. But despite his blindness, he was able to sense things around him.

He was always able to easily sense people around him doing anything to him like mocking him or trying to harm him. He can also easily dodge them making people around him suspect him saying that no blind person can do things like that and he is faking it.

2. He is an Orphan

Gyomei exercising as illustrated in manga

Like most Hashira, Gyomei had a troubled childhood. His mother died while giving birth to him so he doesn't have any memory of her.

As for his father, he died from an unknown disease when Gyomei was young. Since the death of his father, he lived in an orphanage with nine other children younger than him.

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3. He Raised Nine Kids

Gyomei  eating food with the kids

When Gyomei was living as an orphan, he raised other orphans in a temple. Gyomei, being the oldest of them all raised them like a big brother. Even though he is blind, all the kids used to listen to him.

When getting attacked by a demon, they all thought he won't be able to protect them so they thought of helping him instead.

However, they all died at the hands of the demon without being any help to him at all. And Gyomei spent the rest of his life misunderstanding that they all abandoned him in the face of death.  

4. He Uses Nichirin Axes

Gyomei using Nichirin Axes

A Nichirin sword is a staple of any demon slayer, not just a Hashira. Except for Gyomei Himejima, there hasn't been a single case of anyone using a weapon other than a sword.

Gyomei uses a pair of spiked mace and an axe attached to a long chain. He uses the chain sounds as a way to compensate for his blindness and uses the motion of the axes to launch attacks on his enemies.

5. His Stone Breathing

illustration of Gyomei made by a fan

Gyomei is the only known character in the series to be using Stone Breathing. This kind of breathing style mimics earth and stone and replicates it with the user's movements and techniques.

This attack allows the user to generate powerful and sturdy attacks that specialize in both offence and defence.

Not much is known about this breathing technique except the fact that it was created by one of Yoriichi's students who didn't want to use Sun Breathing anymore.

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6. He is Religious

Gyomei Himejima praying

Since his father's death, Gyomei has been living in a temple. The religious teachings stayed with him for his entire life. His belief in Buddha was shown through his actions whenever he used to pray for someone while crying.

He wears a giant necklace of beads around his neck and wraps one over his both palms or one arm.  

7. His Connection with Kaigaku

kaigaku shouting

Out of the several kids he raised, one of them Kaigaku. He was chased out at night of the temple for stealing money. On his way out, he encountered a demon ready to attack them.

When the temple was attacked by a demon, Kaigaku was the one who led him to the orphans. He asked the demon to kill and eat everyone there but spare him at least. Later, Kaigaku became a demon as well and joined the ranks of the Twelve Kizuki.

8. He became a Hashira After Losing the Ones Close to Him

all the hashiras standing, full moon in the background is also visible

Gyomei was 19 when he became a Hashira. After the temple was attacked by a demon, he was misunderstood as a demon and falsely imprisoned by others. It was the leader of the Demon Slayer Corps, Kagaya Ubuyashiki who saved him.

Kagaya took him in and trained him to be a demon slayer. Two months after becoming a demon slayer, Gyomei rose up to the ranks of Hashira.

9. He doesn't Trust People

Gyomei batttling with bare hands

The night of the demon attack left a huge scar on Gyomei. As soon as the demon attacked the temple, it killed four kids immediately. After that, Gyomei told the rest of the kids to stay inside but they didn't listen to him and died as soon as they stepped out. The only surviving kid told everyone about the demon.

It was after Gyomei had killed that demon with his bare hands. However, people misunderstood that Gyomei was a demon which resulted in the latter being imprisoned.

That led to him gaining a sceptical personality. Even though he was kind and helpful to everyone, he always believed that one day people will betray each other.

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10. He Will Die During his Battle with Muzan

blood oozing out from Gyomei's injuries

Gyomei is one of the many characters in the series who dies from severe injuries during the final battle with Muzan. He takes his last breath as soon as Muzan dies. However, before dying he realizes that he had been misunderstanding the kids all this time.

The fact was they left him only to get help from others for his sake or get some weapons to fight the demon. It was because the kids thought that Gyomei wouldn't be able to protect them so they should be the ones protecting him.    

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