Unique K-dramas of 2021 Which Left Us Awestruck

2021 was full of good dramas. But some really left us wondering. Read the full article to know which K-dramas made through this list.

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Each year, Korean dramas push their own creative limits and present us with the most spectacular dramas.

This year too was no different, in a year filled with idol dramas and much-awaited second seasons of popular dramas of the past year, we had a few dramas that redefined traditional 'K-drama norms' and presented us with some unique and interesting K-dramas.

Now that the year is coming to an end here is a list of dramas that you can watch in these holidays. Here you go:

1. Mouse

Lee Seung Gi's 'Mouse' is blessed with an eye-catching storyline. The one line of the drama -

"Whether it is possible to scan a psychopath in the mother's womb using fetal genetic testing?

Did You Know? P.O, a member of the boy group Block B appears as a supporting character.

And if the child in the womb is a psychopath, will it be wise to have that child?", is enough to intrigue your interests towards the drama.

Watch out for this amazing drama for its unique storyline and spectacular performances.

2. Vincenzo

At the age of eight, Park Joo-Hyung was adopted by an Italian family. He later joins the mafia and is adopted by Don Fabio, head of the Cassano Family.

Renamed “Vincenzo Cassano” he becomes a lawyer, a consigliere for the mafia, and Don Fabio's right-hand man.

After Fabio dies, Paolo, Fabio's biological son and the new leader of the Cassano Family attempts to kill Vincenzo.

He flees to Seoul and sets out to recover 1.5 tons of gold that he helped a recently-dead Chinese tycoon secretly stash within the basement of Geumga Plaza.

Did You Know? The Italy which was shown in Vincenzo was created with computer graphics.

However, a subsidiary of Babel Group has illegally taken ownership of the building, and Vincenzo must use his skills to reclaim the building andhel recover his fortunes.

Among the quirky tenants at Geumga Plaza is the Jipuragi Law Firm run by Hong Yoo-chan in which Vincenzo finds he has aligned interests.

At first, he comes into conflict with Hong Yoo-chan's daughter, Hong Cha-young, an attorney for a rival firm, but after her father's death, she takes over the practice and joins forces with Vincenzo and the other tenants to fight Babel Group.

3. Hellbound

Director Yeon Sang-Ho of 'Train to Busan' fame strikes his genius yet again with Netflix's 'Hellbound' starring Yoo Ah In, Yang Ik June, Kim Hyun Joo and Park Jeong Min in pivotal roles.

The dark-fantasy thriller series explores the concepts of God, religious cults, hell and heaven in this tight and tense series.

Did You Know? Hellbound made it to the top ten Netflix drama content in one day of its release. 

It might not be a unique storyline, but major credits to director Yeon Sang-Ho and the team for pushing the envelope and offering audiences a deep and distinctive perspective on this highly debatable topic.

4. Yumi's Cells

This adorable Disney-esque drama was all things cute and enjoyable! A cell-based psychological romance drama, it explores the daily life of an ordinary office worker Yumi through the eyes of the cells in her head.

Did You Know? Jinyoung of GOT7 is one of the main leads in Yumi's Cells. 

Yumi is an ordinary single working woman. She is not good at expressing her feelings.

Through her romantic relationship and work, she grows as a person and finds happiness in her daily life.

Yumi has cells in her brain that represent different emotions like love, violence, rationality, good, and bad.

These tiny cells in her brain work actively for her. They deal with her emotions and troubles.

Did You Know? The 2nd season of Yumi's Cells will be a Korean interpretation of "Sex and the city"

It is the first time viewers got to watch something like this in a k-drama world, and we must say it is both unique and charming in equal measure.

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5. My Name

Well! Han So-Hee deserves all the awards for her power-pack acting in this drama. Yoon Ji-Woo’s father dies suddenly.

Did You Know? Han So-Hee won Actress of the year at the Kinolights award for her role as Yoon Ji-Woo.

She wants to desperately take revenge on whoever is responsible for her father's death.

Yoon Ji-Woo works for the drug crime group Dongcheonpa. Choi Mu-Jin is the boss of the drug gang.

With the help of Choi Mu-Jin and to uncover the reason for her father's death, Yoon Ji-Woo joins the police department and becomes a mole for the drug group.

Yoon Ji-Woo is assigned to work in the drug investigation unit in the police department. Her partner there is Detective Jeon Pil-Do.

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6. You Are My Spring

While the world is trying its best to have healthy and impactful conversations surrounding mental health, it is nice to see writers and creative talents write more stories centred on the taboo topic!

While 2020's Emmy nominated 'It's Okay to not be Okay' was the foot in the door, 2021's 'You are my Spring' takes the mantle forward.

With a sensitive storyline and heartwarming performances, we are happy to have 'You are my Spring' make it to our list.

7. Reflection Of You

It is one of those dramas that caught viewers off-guard for its unique presentation and representation.

Did You Know? Kim Su-an, who plays the role of Li-sa, is the little girl in Train To Busan.

The taut melodrama explores an unlikely relationship between two women - a successful painter and essayist Jeong Hee Joo and an art teacher who is full of life.

The drama keeps you glued to your seat and its high-engagement rate is what keeps you interested in the drama.

8. Navillera

Song Kang's 'Navillera' made it to our list a couple of times, and true to its story, it is path-breaking and unique in every right.

The drama explores the story of Shim Deok Chul, a 70-year-old retired mailman who decides to pursue his life-long dream of learning ballet, which does not please his family.

Did You Know? Song Kang took Ballerina classes to prepare for his role as Shim Deok-Chul. 

It is so refreshing to have a senior veteran actor like Park In Hwan as a protagonist in the series, alongside a young and upcoming star like Song Kang, and just for this, we believe it totally deserves to make it to our 'unique K-dramas list'.

9. Happiness

This list will never be completed unless we add this gold piece which was released this year.

The highly-acclaimed apocalyptic thriller drama set in the near future, depicts the fear, psychological battle and desperate struggle for survival of the residents of an apartment building, struggling to keep their nerves still as an infectious disease takes over.

Now, while the plot itself isn't its unique selling point, the casting of the main leads is what makes it unique.

Do You Know? This drama is the official comeback of Park Hyung-Sik after his military service and Han Hyo-Joo after her last K-drama "W: Two World's Apart".

It is no doubt that Park Hyung Sik and Han Hyo Joo are absolutely talented actors and we must say, quite the surprise package in this dark and gripping drama.

Well! This article is here to save your holidays. Binge-Watch and enjoy. Happy Holidays.  

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