Ubel Blatt Manga: Why You Should Read It?

Ubel Blatt Manga is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Etorouji Shiono. Its 170 chapters were collected into 24 tankobon volumes by Square Enix.

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By Akash
Ubel Blatt Manga: Why You Should Read It?

Ubel Blatt Manga is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Etorouji Shiono. It was serialized in the semi-monthly seinen manga magazine Young Gugan from December 2004 to 2009, when it was transferred to Monthly Big Gungan where it continued until its end in March 2019. Its 170 chapters were collected into 24 tankobon volumes by Square Enix. Ubel Blatt Manga  story of Übel Blatt takes place in a medieval, fantasy-like landscape. It follows the steps of Koinzell, who appears to be nothing more than a mere half-human child most distinguishable for the scar over his left eye. He is on a quest of revenge against those who betrayed and killed him and now call themselves the seven heroes of the land.

Ubel Blatt Manga begins some twenty years prior to the start of the manga, the story narrates on how Koinzell, then named Ascheriit, was a young, prodigious swordsman whose skill granted him the fabled title of Blatt Meister (literally “Blade Master”).

His deeds made him one of the fourteen chosen by the ruling emperor of the Empire of Szaalenden to venture into a dangerous quest to defeat a powerful enemy invader known as the evil nation of Wischtech, of whom the many powerful engines of destruction and dark sorcery made a dangerous foe.

Each armed with a lance blessed by the Emperor himself, and thus known as the Fourteen Lances, the chosen traveled far into the enemy’s wasted landscape, losing three of their ranks to the perils of the land, until they arrived into a forest where seven of the eleven remaining decided to forfeit their mission, fearing for their lives. Nevertheless, Ascheriit and three of those still bent on following the Emperor’s will continued, and incredibly succeeded in their deed, returning victorious.

It was then that the seven who abandoned the mission ambushed their comrades and massacred them. On returning home, they told the Emperor that the four they killed turned traitors against them, and after dispatching them the seven completed the task. Thus, they were hailed as heroes and dubbed the Seven Heroes, while the four who were killed became symbols of treachery and received the moniker of Lances of Betrayal.

Thus, the story tells of the voyage of Ascheriit, who indeed survived the slaughter and vowed to take the head of his traitorous companions, now powerful nobles and warlords hailed as saviors by the people. Ubel Blatt Manga is what a masterpiece. In my opinion…cliche….does not exist with this one. I prefer action over everything! action movies, animes, and books. And this is definitely action with a story you cant hate…the only time i find myself hating the manga, is when i’m “waiting” on the next release.

The first few pages of the first chapter…i “really” wanted to drop this, because it seemed like a very smutty action manga with a pointless plot, but in the middle of the first chapter i realized if i drop this i would have regretted it. Now im addicted to another manga besides Berserk.

14 extraordinary warriors given a dangerous task by their emperor as the 14 lances to defeat a dangerous enemy. One of the warriors Ascheriit (now named Koinzell), a young, prodigious swordsman so skilled grants him the title of Blade Master. Losing 3 on the way there..struck with fear the remaining 7 decides to give up. Ascheriit and the other 3 decides to complete the task, and completed it.

Ubel Blatt Manga, On the way back the 7 others plotted in fear of being called cowards ambushes the 4, killing them. The 7 return to the emperor as heroes and gaining wealth and the citizens loyalty. Telling the emperor that Ascheriit and the other3 betrayed them branding them as the lances of betrayal. Ascheriit determined not to die raged in anger eats a fairy allowing him to return 20 years later in a different identity, but taking a toll good and bad on his body. Annnnnd the journey to revenge starts noooow!