TXT: Which TXT Member's Zodiac Sign Is Similar To Yours?

Each of their individual signs has distinctive energy that is unmatched. Here's a look into the zodiac signs of TXT members.

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TXT: Which TXT Member's Zodiac Sign Is Similar To Yours?
Tomorrow By Together (TXT)

There's something about the quintet that seems really personal, whether of whether you're the biggest MOA in your buddy group or only recently joined the TXT fandom.

It truly makes so much sense when you look at each member's astrology. From an astrological perspective, this K-Pop quintet is possibly the most well-rounded boy band there is.

Even while being in a band isn't always easy, the sun signs of Yeonjun, Soobin, Huening Kai, Taehyun, and Beomgyu are a perfect combination because they fall under the fire, air, earth, or water elements of the zodiac. Each of their individual signs has distinctive energy that is unmatched.

Yeonjun- Virgo (September 13, 1999)


Yeonjun is the most helpful and analytical member of TXT due to his Virgo zodiac sign. He places a high priority on problem-solving and enjoys making sure that everything is going as smoothly as possible.

He is a great resource for advice as a problem solver and may use his earth sign character to come up with effective solutions to any problems that may arise.

He is quickly able to adjust to any new alterations or adjustments because he is a changeable sign, which is important when dealing with other team members.

When it comes to his artistic ability, he's also recognized as a "legendary" trainee, and being a Virgo, he probably takes that responsibility extremely seriously. The band certainly thanks him in TXT for everything he does to support and assist everyone in the group.

Soobin- Sagittarius (December 5, 2000)


Soobin is the life of the party in any situation as the upbeat and daring member of the group. He's probably the team member who reminds everyone to see the positive side of things when things become too tight, and he's valued for his positive view of life.

Since he is the band's leader, his positive outlook keeps his bandmates motivated and aiming for excellence. Because Sagittarius is a changeable fire sign, he expresses his extroverted traits in a flexible and always-moving manner.

It's probably uncommon for someone who aspires to learn new things to become stuck in a rut constantly. He probably is the one to urge his bandmates to always have fun because he is constantly looking for the next adventure.

Heuning Kai- Leo(August 14, 2002)

Heuning Kai

The warmth of Huening Kai, the brilliant, vivacious sign of the zodiac, uplifts and enthuses every member. He is a born leader because he is a Leo and is not afraid to take charge when necessary.

Leo is an impulsive sign, but it's a fixed sign, so he has the ability to retain his positive outlook, giving the group a sense of vigour and life.

Huening Kai is driven by recognition, which may be readily attained as a member of TXT, as the sun is the sign of the zodiac that rules it. His enthusiasm is essential to the group since he wants to spread his creativity to everyone.

Taehyun- Aquarius (February 5, 2002)


Since Taehyun is the only air sign in the group, his Aquarian energy stands out in contrast to that of his earth, water, and fire teammates. He stresses community and cooperation above all else because he is an Aquarius, which is a crucial aspect of this group's identity.

Along with a yearning for community, he also longs for the chance to express his distinctive identity, which TXT unquestionably fosters. Air signs are known for wanting to communicate, and Taehyun takes satisfaction in expressing his unique viewpoints and ideas while also coming up with novel solutions to problems to keep things interesting.

He values good conversation, thus he's always willing to speak up and respond to inquiries in interviews. Probably to the delight of his bandmates, he is always willing to think beyond the box.

Beomgyu- Pisces (March 13, 2001)


Being the only person born under the water sign, Beomgyu's watery, intuitive character makes him an important member of the group.

He brings to TXT a tremendous sense of intuition and emotional depth as a Pisces, and his sympathetic personality truly makes it easy for him to put himself in his bandmates' situations.

His sensitive nature can serve as a reminder to the rest of the crew to occasionally check in with their feelings. In any group, understanding where each individual is coming from is essential.

Water helps things to flow, and his bandmates can really appreciate his capacity for adaptation as a Pisces.

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