Twice: Which Twice Member's Zodiac Sign Is Similar To Yours?

Zodiac signs are one of the most trending topics to see if we vibe with our favourite K-pop idol. Today, let's see the zodiac signs of Twice and know "the feels".

Twice: Which Twice Member's Zodiac Sign Is Similar To Yours?

Birthdays only occur once a year, but it's the perfect opportunity for everyone to "feel special." It's not just a routine occurrence where we just increase our age; it's also a chance to express gratitude for surviving another year. Zodiac signs are the one thing that really gives colour to birthdays! Sure, not everyone practices astrology, but there comes a time when we have all looked up our zodiac signs to seek advice or to just assess our personalities and compatibility.

This also applies to K-pop culture. Admit it or not, most of us made an effort to determine the star signs of our idols in an effort to better comprehend who they were. If we find out that our signals coincide with theirs, we definitely get the feels*! Let's release all the emotions as we get to know them TWICE based on their zodiac signs since they are one of the most sought-after K-pop girl groups right now.

1. Jihyo- Aquarius


Jihyo, the leader of TWICE, is an Aquarius who was born on the first day of the love month. This sign is known for its sophisticated, brilliant, remarkable, and upbeat individuals. These qualities are essential for everyone who aspires to or is given the responsibility of leading a group. She also demonstrates her independence by having trained for approximately a decade prior to making her debut. We completely comprehend why this all-around feminine idol is the ideal embodiment of this sign.

2. Nayeon- Virgo


The oldest member of TWICE succeeded as a Virgo because she was born on the final day of the sign. Since they are compassionate individuals, Virgos typically generate outstanding compatibility with everyone. They are also reputed to be hardworking, compassionate, and understanding—characteristics that Nayeon possesses. Additionally, Virgos admire the effort and strive for greatness, so now that Nayeon has made her solo debut, we have undoubtedly seen the results of her hard work.

3. Jeongyeon- Scorpio


Jeongyeon celebrates her birthday on the first of November, making her a Scorpio. Scorpios are characterized as courageous, passionate, inventive, and devoted. The characteristics listed may represent Jeongyeon's personality. She gives candid advice and places a high emphasis on peer loyalty. When Jeongyeon is passionate about something, she also puts her heart into it, and her sincerity is obvious in her eyes.

4. Momo- Scorpio


Momo, the lead dancer for TWICE, also belongs to the same zodiac sign as Jeongyeon. Scorpios are well represented on the list by the second November baby. The artistry of this "dancing machine" is driven by true emotion. She effortlessly wins our hearts with her powerful dancing skills, which are the result of her inherent talent and unwavering resolve.

5. Sana- Capricorn


Sana, another person from Japan, is the next person on the list. She is the lone Capricorn in the bunch. Sana unquestionably embodies the traits of this star sign, which are renowned to be diligent and goal-oriented. She is also quite trustworthy, which is supported by the fact that many TWICE members feel at ease around her. Sana is the perfect example of a beautiful person who is also intelligent socially.

6. Mina- Aries


Completing It is none other than Mina who is the Japanese representative for TWICE and has a really princess-like beauty. She most likely possesses all the traits of an Aries. This sign's inhabitants are renowned for being incredibly sensitive and caring. They are trustworthy and honest as well. Even though Mina tends to speak less than the other members, she always exudes grace and gentleness.

7. Dahyun- Gemini


Geminis are reputed to be adaptable, astute, humorous, and inquisitive. Now that you understand, you won't be confused about why Dahyun is the subject of this description. She is regarded as an enthusiastic team member that can make anyone laugh with her clever one-liners. She may make jokes most of the time, but when matters are important, she puts her heart and soul into them. Overall, Dahyun is just too sweet!

8. Chaeyoung- Taurus


Although the terms "cool" and "cute" may not have the same connotations for everyone, Chaeyoung of TWICE is a prime example of someone who possesses both qualities. This ardent performer, who was born on April 23, is a Taurus. This zodiac sign is known for its intelligent, trustworthy, and laid-back inhabitants. Chaeyoung is a genuine all-arounder in the world of idols. She is a free-spirited individual who accomplishes things with exceptional skill.

9. Tzuyu- Gemini


Tzuyu, the group's maknae and TWICE's second Gemini, is last but certainly not least. She and Dahyun both have the same sign, but she seems to be the complete opposite. Tzuyu emanates the more laid-back energy of the star sign. We can see that Tzuyu is a superb thinker, as is typical of Geminis, from his perceptive comments. She could be sophisticated for her age, but as you get to know her better, you'll realize that she's still the group's little girl. In general, a Gemini wants to have her own private area to explore.

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