Twenty Five, Twenty One KDrama | Episode 1 Review

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It seems like one of the most unexpected couples in the history of K-Dramas has been formed. First of all, A big congratulations to all Nam-Joo Hyuk fans. Seems like Nam Joo-Hyuk is back with another K-drama alongside Kim Tae-Ri.

Nam Joo-Hyuk and Kim Tae-Ri have been paired up for an all-new K-Drama "Twenty Five, Twenty One".

Fencing With An Umbrella | Episode 1

In the first episode of Twenty Five, Twenty One, Min-Chae arrives for a ballet competition in front of a panel of judges. Unfortunately, after witnessing a talented individual perform in front of her, she loses her nerve. She makes the decision to resign.

Min-Chae flees to her grandmother's house, where she stays in her mother's old chamber, which is adorned with countless fencing medals. Min-Chae discovers her mother's diary while digging for it in her room.

She discovers delicious details about her life when she opens it up. Min-Chae starts reading the entries, and we're transported back to the overly saturated world of 1998.

It's a good method of visually distinguishing the two time periods, and Hee-Do is our major protagonist in this one. On a Saturday, she arrives at class with a cheerful attitude.

She looks forward to this day of the week because she gets to visit "that kid". However, we are also in the midst of an IMF crisis.

For those unfamiliar, this refers to the financial crisis that Koreans faced in the late 1990s, which resulted in a major foreign exchange shortage, putting South Korea on the verge of default.

In any case, there are street rallies about saving the film industry, but Hee-Do is too young and naive to notice and continues on her trip to Tae-Yang High. She meets Go Yoo-Rim there.

Yoo-Rim is a phenomenal fencer, and Hee-Do aspires to one day be her opponent. Unfortunately, the fencing team has been disbanded due to the IMF crisis, thus Hee-hopes Do's now lying solely on making it into Tae-Yang High. Her mother refuses to let her transfer and instead advises her to stop the sport.

The new paperboy, Baek Yi-Jin, arrives at the residence with the newspaper while the two dispute. He overhears everything on his first day, eventually hurling the newspaper but smashing the peeing boy statue outside.

As luck would have it, there's even a letter clearly stating that newspapers should not be delivered. Unfortunately, the fake statue's penis has been knocked off, and this is the source of Hee-Do's rage when she confronts the paperboy.

Yi-Jin has only recently moved into the area, and he also works part-time at a comic book store. Hee-Do, it turns out, is a regular here, and she comes in seeking the latest volume of Full House, the comic she's been reading.

However, the one she's given in has a huge bogie across the page, and he accuses her of tampering with it.

Hee-Do sneaks into Tae Yang High that night and falls to her knees, begging Coach Yang to teach her. She declines but advises her to try to transfer there if she is able.

Hee-Do seizes the opportunity to show off her talents when a large brawl breaks out in the streets between a group of girls, seizing an umbrella and using it as a fencing weapon to stop a man who arrives to sabotage her intentions.

Hee-Do, you see, is so desperate to transfer that she's ready to risk her life to make it happen.

The other females all come to a halt to watch her fight, but when she fails to be arrested, everything goes horribly wrong. This scenario, on the other hand, helps to demonstrate that the girl has some significant abilities.

That identical umbrella, however, is thrown to Yu-Rim later that day by Hee-Do, who hides on the roof and declares herself a fan.

Things go even worse later that day when Hee-Do shows up as a minor at a nightclub. She's dead set on doing something unlawful, but who should be present when she's summoned to a secret room except Yi-jin?

He's not pleased with her arrival, but one of the other guys chastises Yi-jin, claiming that since his family went bankrupt, he's become cheap.

Yi-Jin defies the men's warnings and leads Hee-Do outside. He forewarns her that things could have turned out disastrously. It is here that she discusses her disappointment in not being able to pursue her ambition of fencing.

Yi-Jin, on the other hand, has a lot of experience with losing things (thanks to his family's history) and encourages her to come up with a better strategy if she wants to succeed.

Yi-Jin also advises her to cling to her dream and not let it go. Hee-Do decides he can continue delivering newspapers after learning each other's names.

Hee-Do has a heated fight with her mother in the morning. As the situation worsens, she rips up Hee-comic Do's book, which is an overreaction.

Hee-Do's mother is chilly toward her daughter, and over the years, Hee-Do has always found refuge in the comic's words and images.

This has been particularly difficult since her father died, which may explain Hee-melancholy Do's mother and icy manner.

She ultimately composes herself and goes away, not even glancing at her daughter as she leaves the house for work, tears streaming down her cheeks.

Hee-Do, on the other hand, is in a pickle since the comic she's returning contains ripped pages that aren't suited for a shelf.

However, she makes every effort to replace the pages, sketching them herself.

Hee-Do is a complete disaster when she returns the book, and she struggles to speak above her sobs.

Yi-Jin, on the other hand, takes the comic home and begins reading what she's done, straining to keep his laughter in check. Her spelling is very appalling!

Hee-Do arrives at Coach Yang's office in the morning. She passes the first test by swiping an apple in mid-air with her sword. What about the second test?

A competition that ended in total failure. She has to determine whether the chances are in her favor or not... Every time she tries, she fails.

She has even misplaced her shoes. Her perseverance, combined with Coach Yang's abilities, convinces her to let Hee-Do attend Yang High.

Surprisingly, it turns out that she had previously been given a spot there. Hee-mother Do's had shown up earlier in the day and asked if she could teach him.

She may be abrasive and aloof, but this mother has a heart and understands how vital her kid is.

So Hee-Do is able to attend her new high school after all, and she thanks Yi-jin for his assistance.

But he's already walked past the house and dropped the newspaper off. Still, he hears it all from behind the bushes and smiles pleasantly, congratulating her.

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