Your Lie In April | The Bond Between Tsubaki and Kousei

Tsubaki's deep and unconditional friendship, care, and love are testimony to her constant support for Kousei no matter what he did.

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tsubaki getting emotional on the beach

Apart from the emotional tear-jerking themes in Shigatsu Wa Kimi No Uso, the characters and their friendships make us trapped in severe emotional turmoil to reflect on our lives.

The beautiful chemistry between Arima Kousei and Miyazono Kaori that did not unhinge the friendship between Watari Ryouta and Kousei and his relationship with Kaori is a noteworthy friendship shown between the characters. Among the main characters, Tsubaki Sawabe creates a separate place for herself in the hearts of the viewers. She is a dedicated friend who thinks of Arima before she thinks of herself.

Her dedication and love towards Kousei stem from them being childhood friends and neighbors. The fact that she has been with him through thick and thin giving him emotional support and staying silently by him in tough times, shows the unbreakable and quirky bond that both the characters share.

As the series progresses, the characters surrounding her help her realize that she might be in love with Kousei because of the precious memories and emotional bonding they share. Her deep and unconditional friendship, care, and love is the testimony to her constant support for Kousei no matter what he did.

She loved him and wanted to be by his side no matter if he chose to validate his musical talent or not. The moments of jealousy, overthinking, caring nature, and friendship help the viewers realize some really important lessons in their lives. Tsubaki is a character many people will relate to or will want in their lives.

Tsubaki and Kousei

Tsubaki and Kousei holdig each other's hands

Given that Kousei and Tsubaki are neighbors from the very onset of their childhood, it goes without saying that they are inseparable. Tsubaki has been a best friend, sister, and supportive human being who never left his side, especially when he lost his mother to a long illness.

From checking up on him if he had eaten to taking care of him being aloof and not and being able to play, obsessing about his first competition after many years since he left music, Tsubaki is an exemplary symbol of true friendship, care, and love.

There were times she could not perceive her own emotions but wanted to convey them to Kousei, be it on a piggyback ride home or racing with Kousei against a train, worrying about him in every aspect that might affect him, Tsubaki makes herself the most lovable and relatable as well as the desirable character of the anime.

Even after understanding Kousei’s weakness towards Kaori, seeing their intimacy and bonding, feeling like an outcast, and not being able to help Kousei in music because it is not her niche, she is portrayed as a girl of fourteen who values friendship among her people over anything.

Her jealousy does not get in the way, in fact, she tries to make peace with her feelings except for occasional outbursts which make the viewers sympathize with her. Through the episodes, as her perception adds to the best features of the character, she keeps becoming more lovable to the viewers.

Tsubaki’s unconventional characteristics

tsubaki looking at the viewers

Countless times on the series, Tsubaki had been referred to as the “she-gorilla”, because of her masculine tom-boyish nature that distinguished from how girls normally behaved. Her tomboy outfit and outgoing personality suggest her choice regardless of her gender. When she understands her feelings for Kousei, she thinks that he never saw her as a “woman” which hurt her.

Her character stands as an example of such instances in daily lives where gender perceptions and questions on masculinity come from societal impositions of asserted masculinity to a gender. Regardless of this, Tsubaki’s character flows against this imposition which makes her a favorite among the viewers.

Despite the crests and troughs of the anime with the heartbreaking ending, we see Tsubaki’s unwavering dedication and friendship like a childhood promise to Kousei. Their bond still has the childhood quirks and fun and bantering that they retained through the end of the anime.