Tower of God: Why Does Everyone Hate Rachel? Does Rachel Hate Baam?

Tower of God is a popular South Korean Webtoon created by SIU in 2010. Rachel is pretty shady and receives a lot of hate from the fandom.

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Rachel Tower of God

Tower of God is a popular South Korean Webtoon created by SIU in 2010. Rachel is a female character from Tower of God who is pretty shady and receives a lot of hate from the fandom.

Tower of God why does everyone hate Rachel so much? Does she really deserve all the hate from the fandom? Let’s find out.

Friendly waning – the article contains a lot of spoilers and a little bit of hate towards Rachel so tread carefully.

What is Wrong with Rachel in Tower of God?

Rachel is a female character in the Tower of God universe. She is SIU’s favorite character. At first look, she’s like any other character but, is it really? What is wrong with Rachel?

Well, firstly Rachel is weird, and not just simple level weird. Her motives, her reasons nothing ever makes sense. She taught good things to Baam, but then why couldn’t she implement it on herself? Just the empty talk?  

Rachel told Baam never to betray anyone when she’s the one first to jump the betrayal train to kill Baam (Quite literally). She didn’t even hesitate for a moment to hurt Baam.

Later in the webtoon, she was the reason why Khun nearly died. If words can describe Rachel, she is the definition of a backstabber like a pro. She is incorrigible.

There’s no scope for Rachel to mend her ways. In simple words, everything is wrong with her.

Does Rachel Hate Baam?

Rachel and baam Tower of God

Rachel is the most dubious character in Tower of God.  No one really knows what Rachel is thinking. Does she hate Baam?

But the real question is if she even likes anybody. She’s purely selfish and doesn’t care about anyone but herself. Rachel strongly detests everyone who likes Baam.

What can we really infer from this?! Honestly speaking, Rachel as a character lacks dimension in Tower of God. She’s just random and envies Baam.

Her inferiority complex towards Baam, Androssi, and Khun is so openly visible that you can barely tolerate her. Rachel does not deserve any sympathy from anyone.

When things don’t go well, all Rachel does is whine, scream and throw tantrums. Rachel’s pushing people from the tower is too OP.

Why did Rachel Push Baam?

Does she need a reason to do anything? Well, then again She’s Rachel. Rachel pushed Baam because she made a deal with Headon to weed him out of the tower.

Rachel and Headon made a deal on the first floor to kick Baam out of the tower as he is irregular.  

But that’s simply a superficial reason. She is jealous of Baam and wants everything he has.

According to Rachel, Baam gets everything very easily.

She pushed Baam out of the bubble, because she wants to climb higher, wants to see the stars.

Her reason is good, but is it ok to push people? Judge it for yourself.

Does Rachel Regret Betraying Baam?

Do you think someone like Rachel is capable of remorse or feeling guilty of anything?

If someone like her can kill off people so easily, do you think she deserves to be trusted?

Rachel is a wolf in a sheep’s clothing.

Rachel nonchalantly smothered Ja Wangnan, stole his ring, and is responsible for the death of his friends. Can Ja Wangnan forgive Rachel? Can Rak and Khun stop hating Rachel? Not by a long shot.

She did so many bad things, that in comparison, Slayer white looks like a decent villain.

Rachel did not have any character development at all. She’s simply a flat character who only cares about herself and to become the heroine of her story.

Why Hate Rachel?

She has given so many reasons to people to hate her. Rachel’s actions can’t be simply passed as mistakes. She never takes accountability for anything. 

It was so satisfying to see Rak give his piece of mind to her. 

He literally told her to go to hell. The best scene of the webtoon was when Baam finally cut ties with Rachel and for real this time. 

Poor Baam is the only guy who got pushed by Rachel twice. Rachel has never been kind to anyone, not even to Baam. 

All Baam ever needed was warmth from Rachel, but that too, he didn’t get. Baam is too good to be true.

Why Does Everyone Hate Rachel – Betrayal?


Tower of God Tope 10 Betrayals will be probably her, reigning the list.

The Tower of God why everyone hates Rachel can be summed up in a meaningful way. Rachel deserves the hate in this fandom.

She has a severe inferiority complex towards everyone. In the series, she’s even using Ha Yura. When will she return Wangnan’s ring?

Probably not in this lifetime. The Tower of God is going to come out of hiatus soon. Be sure to catch up and re-read the series. Happy Binging.