Top 15 One Piece Opening Theme Songs | Ranked

One of the selling traits of the One piece anime is its incredible list of openings that have hailed fans across generations.

One Piece Opening Theme Songs

I love how the openings are a very important part of the manga series and enlighten the manga as a whole.

One Piece is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda.

The animation continues to evolve and change.

The anime has offered the fans plenty of memorable and iconic openings as well as many scenes which may have been the reason why this manga series is among one of the most famous manga series of all time.

One of the selling traits of the One piece anime is its incredible list of openings that have hailed fans across generations.

By keeping in mind both the music and good visuals, the One Piece opening is a beloved piece of entertainment in its own right.

15. Bon Voyage- Bon Bon Blanco

If we see the few openings of this manga series we can make out the same feeling of being on a tropical adventure the same way that “BonVoyage!” does.

All the good one-piece openings mostly give us a visual rundown of each of the ‘Straw Hats’ characters and pasts.

14. Crazy Rainbow- Tackey And Tsubasa

Just like “Bon Voyage!” was marked as the end of the era, this opening was the indication of a new one.

As we saw in the manga series, during the Enies Lobby Arc, in One Piece Crazy Rainbow was the beginning of the beautiful tradition and it doesn't disappoint with the extra room.

This opening astonishes us by not including any type of imagery or reference to any kind of actual arc, instead opting to entice the viewer with a broad narrative of the Straw Hats vacationing.

Also if you have observed, Crazy Rainbow opening gathered attention because of the funky beats which surely uplifted the theme and the manga too as a whole.

13. Brand New World - D-51

This opening marks the energetic start to the Enies Lobby Arc. This was literally the most liked opening in the manga series to date.

This begins with a lot of serious imagery of the Straw Hats running and racing through different scenes.

Also, this was followed by the usual casting call that teases the bigger names also of the series which include, whitebeard, hawkeye mihawk, and many more.

This opening gained its importance because of the fights of the straw hats.

12. Over the top- Hiroshi Kitadani And Kohei Tanka

Some of the openings of One Piece don't need any recognition, they are separate masterpieces.  

The opening itself told us at the very beginning about how unique and special the Wano arc is going to be.

Like if we talk about the entry theme of the grand story, it was filled with as many references and characters as possible.

It perfectly showed us all the twists, turns, and plots that were supposed to come in the manga series ahead.

Because of this, there were a lot of questions that would have troubled every One Piece fan out there.

Especially what is going to happen next or will the character come back?

11. Hope - Namie Amuro

If we talk about the key figure in the manga series, this is what it is.

Namie Amuro is a key figure of the one-piece fandom.

Her entry was a fateful return to the series for one emotional ride to match the early parts of the Whole Cake Island Arc.

This is the Arc where Sani tragically attacks and kind of betrayed Luffy to distance himself from the crew.

This opening is basically about Sanji's struggle between his past and his duty now as a crew member.

With all this and the great tune and plenty of intimate teases, Hope was another great showing for Namie Amuro.

10. Share The World- Tohoshinki

This was a pivotal period for the straw hats crew where they had their clash with some of Marine’s elites on the top of introducing them to some of the pirates who were legends and rivals.

We saw this Arc’s opening as this arc had to articulate the unexpected uptick on the manga action as well as commemorate the transitional period for the straw hats crew to the very next page of the adventure.

9. One Day - The Rootless

This was the 13th opening to the series and had a big effect on the manga series as a whole.

Not only was it shown as the theme music of the manga but also one of the biggest arcs of all time of One Piece.

This is definitely one of the very famous openings which turned out many things.

But we can say this opening also has an immense amount of myths behind it too.

The Paramount War was an entire showcase of all the legends in one frame including the Marines, emperors, and many more.

8. Hikari E - The Babystars

As most of us would have already seen in the manga, when the Straw Hat pirates entered the Grand Line, a new and larger adventure was waiting for them that would easily outshine the confusion and scope of the East Blue.

To capture this event, the series third opening replicated the nature of the original opening but with a much serious but funky tone.

Because of this every One Piece viewer was excited and must have thought at least once about what would be the next consequence they were going to face.

Also, this was one of the few openings of the manga series which was dubbed in English and also had the same energy as the Japanese version.

7. Hands Up!- Kota Shinzato

In the manga series when the straw hats entered the oppressive heat and blistering cold of Punk Hazard, this opening played a very important role as it felt to the viewers as a summary of what was going to happen in the manga ahead.

We can say the opening “Hands Up” did a really good job of maintaining the energy and interest in the mystery that the arc was holding.

6. We Go! - Hiroshi Kitadani

This opening impression is going to last forever.

The introductory piece was for the revered time skip that recaptured the same energy and sense as any other opening which was shown in the manga before.

The opening's greatest strength is having the Straw Hats' new looks and abilities on full display and also showcasing their personalities while maintaining their own uniqueness from other openings.

5. We Are! - Hiroshi Kitadani

You can try as much as you can but there is no replacing the magic of One Piece’s first opening “ We Are!”.

As per my experience of the first opening of the manga series “We Are!” is a nostalgic piece of media whose hearty tones and natural optimism still serve as the default theme behind all the One Piece.

We can say that the opening's fast beat and visuals can practically be attractive to anyone who is a new fan of the manga series.

Its fight sequence has definitely set the series standard for all the upcoming openings in the manga series ahead.

4. Kaze O Sagashite- Yaguchi Mari And The Straw Hats

In the manga series, when Luffy decided to break into Impel Down, he was launched into one of the miserable and most deadly arcs of the entire series.

To match this, the anime gave it one of the most spooky openings to ever hit the adventure.

“Kaze O Sagashite” is beloved and is liked by fans all over, due to many reasons.

Firstly, the song played during the opening is very thematically on point and catchy.

If we talk about the visuals, it's perfectly matched with the changing tones of the sudden switch between Slice-of-Life adventure and the endearing darkness of the video.

3. Kokoro No Chizu-BOYSTYLE

This opening is always going to stick with the fans.

Either because of its catchy tune or haunting memories of one of the most sobering arcs in the entire manga series.

The sequence started off with a very astonishing look at the Straw Hat’s literal descent after they leave Skypiea.

Afterward in the manga series, we saw that it somehow manages to flawlessly move between the action and energy between the Long Run Islands and the Water Seven ones.

This was surely one of the visuals that just makes the viewer want to learn more.

2. Wake Up!- AAA

This is the 17th opening to One Piece.

Also, it was the 15- year anniversary of the manga.

This opening did an incredible job of capturing the series’ broad sense of adventure, the calm and the sweet nature between the crew members and the way they used to be with each other, and many more aspects which the manga fans are waiting for ahead.

This opening included the best-ever fight sequence out of the manga series.

As we saw the hyped exchange that happened between Luffy and Blackbeard breaks the sequence but maintains the same energy throughout the manga.

1. Fight Together- Namie Amuro

This is the one, at the top of our list of the most incredible openings of all of One Piece.

“Fight Together” celebrates some of the most astonishing and sincere traits of the one piece’s story which is the sad backstories and heartfelt declarations of the loyalty of all the Straw Hats.

In the manga, we saw that even though being separated after Sabaody Archipelago and having to miss the cruelest period of Luffy's life, the straw hats were working hard here.

Luffy himself was thinking of the days that when he first met Ace and Sabo and the childhood he spent with them.

This was the most amazing sequence of all time.

The tones and the strong context helped the fans of the manga series to feel the pain and the thoughts they all were going through at the exact moment.

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