Top 10 Justin Park's Tiktok Songs To Dance To

What are the top 10 famous songs of Justin Park on Tik Tok?

Justin Park's Tiktok Songs
Justin Park 

Jungkook is widely praised for his excellent music taste and kind habit of promoting small businesses, artists, and singers by wearing their clothes and sharing the songs he likes using his big platforms.

Jungkook shared two songs on his Instagram stories recently, one is from Justin Park, and the other is the latest release from Homies.

Justin Park is a Korean-American singer/songwriter from Los Angeles.

Justin made his official musical debut in 2018. Homies (호미들) is a South Korean hip-hop trio formed under G.M.S.P in 2019, consisting of three rappers Louie, CK, and Chin.

But other than that what are his other famous songs on Tiktok? Let's find out:

10. You Don't Know

You Don't Know

“You Don’t Know,” is a bittersweet account of unrequited love.

American Songwriter recently sat down to ask Park about this track and a behind-the-scenes peek at his creative process.

Written by music producer and songwriter Dirk Pate, “You Don’t Know” doesn’t waste time before spinning emotion into the song’s smooth lyricism.

“It’s a short nice piece, very simple, and I think that we put the language together in a way where people can totally relate,” Park says.

“So I hope that the fans that listen to it will fall in love with it.”

9. Adore You, Dior You

Adore You, Dior You

The catchy track, titled “Adore You, Dior You,” was written by both men and will make listeners want to get up and groove with its infectious beat.

Your head will automatically begin to nod as soon as you hear the guitar chords.

Ted is a wordsmith during his verse, while Justin’s smooth voice complements the beat, which Banana Beatz produced.

The only negative would be that the song is too short; however, the song gives hope that the two Parks will provide fans with another collaboration.

8. Like We Used To

Like We Used To

Like droplets hitting a windowpane, the first tentative notes of R&B singer-songwriter Justin Park's "Like We Used To" drip into earshot, making way for the singer's honey-soaked croon to make its first confession: "Scared of heights, but I'm still fallin'."

The resulting heart-wrenching song, a standout on Park's debut and self-penned album, Places Like Home, pours out, both fraught with frustration and longing, but also carrying an unmistakable groove, making it easy as a listener to settle in with 22-year-old on his emotional journey.

"Like We Used To" — directed by K-pop artist and close friend Amber Liu — paints a vivid picture of a couple ripped apart by infidelity but nonetheless waxing poetic about the simpler times in which the two were the centre of each other worlds.

7. Dates In LA

Dates In LA

“Dates in LA (DILA)” which frankly is a summer bop.  

Hip-hop producer  BrandUN DeShay (Mac Miller, Chance the Rapper) helped create “DILA” and was further arranged by 5A LABEL along with pianist/keyboardist Rick’ey Pageot (Madonna) and gospel choir leader Marcus Pettit.

Justin wrote the melody and lyrics, along with the help of singer-songwriter Andrew Choi (EXO, SM Entertainment).

6. Nahimmastay


NAHIMMASTAY (Namaste) Produced by LIKE, written by Justin Park Recorded by Edward Shin at ST5A DTLA, Mixed by Peter MSTR RCKS Hong at ST5A DTLA.

Mastered by Maor Applbaum Directed, cut & shot by Jay Ahn Art Director Ray Choi Assistant Priscilla Lee Production Assistants Edward Shin, Andre Melara, Nicole Movement Coach Ellen Kim Steadycam Ray Ruggieri Styled by Carl the Drifter.

The song is taken from the Hindi word "Namaste".

The song talks about Park's inner struggles of being an artist.

5. Summer SHXT

Summer SHXT 

The official music video for the song, directed and shot by Johnson Diep, shows off Park's smooth moves and vocals.

Days before the release of the single, the 5A LABEL artist announced a countdown contest for a chance to win a coffee shop date or a personalized gift from Park.

"Yeah we got history, Stuck in the in-between, But baby finally, We Ain't gotta keep it on the low".

4. Bay To The City

Bay To The City

A Label artist, Justin Park, released the accompanying music video for his single, “Bay to the City,” featuring award-winning dancers directed and choreographed by Ellen Kim (International industry choreographer).

It also includes Bailey Sok (World of Dance), Kayla Brenda (Jason Derulo), Blair Kim, Mike Song (World of Dance/ Kinjaz), Jawn Ha (Kinjaz), Ben B-Tek Chung (Kinjaz/ WOD), and Katelyn Andreassen (NBA choreographer).

"Bay To The City" is a typical groovy song that can make you dance in an instant.

3. Circles


Circles is originally a track of Demi Cao. Justin Park is featured in the song which is like a cherry on the top.

The track is about a relationship that is beyond repairable and both sides are aware of it but not ready to openly admit it just yet.

"‘Circles’ embodies a relationship that is long past broken, but both sides are still trying to hang on.”

The video is also directed by Demie herself and showcases her talents as not only an artist but also a director.

2. LO-FI


LO-FI is a song from Park's album "Places Like Home". The song is written by Justin and produced by Peter “Mstr Rcks” Hong.

The song talks about longing for someone's love as distance keeps on growing you apart.

1. On The Low

On The Low

"On The Low" is the song that was shared by Jungkook on his Instagram story.

Thanks to this gesture of him Justin Park blew up on every social media.

He even thanked Jungkook and ARMY personally through his Instagram story and Twitter handle.

"On The Low" is one of the most famous songs of Park on Tik Tok and it makes sense.

The song is a sweet melody that will be stuck in your mind the minute you listen to it.

Make sure to check Justin Park out.

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