Top 9 Shocking Moments in The Devil Judge Kdrama

Which moment shocked you the most in the Devil Judge Kdrama?

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The 2021 TvN drama The Devil Judge is famous to shock the viewers.

Just when you expect things are gonna be less intense, the writers drop a massive huge cliffhanger or shocking twists.

The Devil Judge Kdrama without a doubt is one of the most recommended Kdramas especially if you love suspense, fast-paced dramas, and planning-plotting.

Although The Devil Judge Kdrama had an amazing plot, there were so many shocking moments that will blow your mind and might make you angry.  

So out of all the scenes, what’s the most Shocking Moments in The Devil Judge Kdrama that made you go speechless?

9. Jung Sun A joins hand with Yo Han

It was one of the less predicted outcomes when Jung Sun A temporarily joined hands with Kang Yo Han to team up against  Cha Kyung Hee.

The aftermath was disastrous and set a chain of events leading to everyone’s doom!

8. K’s Death

The loyal follower of Kang Yo Han, K was kidnapped by Jung A and her crony.

To make Yo Han suffer, she ruthlessly killed K and shot Yo Han, so that he can’t ask for help. K was a good guy but died a very pitiful death. May his character RIP!

7. People experiment conducted illegally in the Dream House

Well, it wasn’t all that expected but did come as a very shocking moment when the so-called President Heo Joong Se used people to conduct illegal experiments and even had plans to extract the organs of people after death.

He’s cruel and vicious, his greed will be his doom.

6. Judge Oh Jin Joo’s reverse betrayal

That was sort of expected yet it’s one of the shocking moments in The Devil Judge Kdrama.

Judge Oh Jin Joo was blinded by the manipulation fed by Jung A and for a momentary lapse in judgment sided with the Foundation to betray Kang Yo Han and Kim Ga On.  

In a shocking twist, she double-crosses the Foundation and joins Kang Yo Han to help the truth reach the people when everyone in the so-called fake infected areas was illegally transported, beaten, and assaulted.

5. Cha Kyung Hee’s suicide

The queen of blackmailer Cha Kyung Hee was hell-bent on exacting revenge on Kang Yo Han for humiliating her son.

She has everyone’s secrets locked away and would use them to threaten anyone who upset her.

When she was pushed into a corner from all sides, and everyone against her, it still didn’t look like she would commit suicide.

When Yo Han and Ga On went to give her one last chance to show remorse, Cha Kyung Hee, shot herself to death. Her pride got the best of her.

4. Soo Hyun’s death

This was one of the most shocking moments in The Devil Judge Kdrama when Soo Hyun was shot.

No one expected her to die on the spot. Writers just wanted to kill her off because she knew the real truth about the church’s fire.

It was really sad to see her die like that. She became an innocent bystander and a casualty between Kang Yo Han and Jung A.

3. Minister Min Jung Ho’s betrayal

If something’s too good to be true, then it probably isn’t good.

This totally related to Jung Ho ahjusshi who betrayed Kim Ga On and was indirectly involved in Soo Hyun’s death.

It turns out he was the minion of Jung A from the very beginning and all of them used Ga On as a chess piece and a pawn against  Kang Yo Han.

Ga On looks very similar to Yo Han’s elder brother Isaac, which was why they sent him to spy on Yo Han.

2. Real culprit responsible for Church fire

Fans have been doubting and speculating about the culprit who set fire to the church where Yo Han’s elder brother and other people from the foundation were present.

Even till the end, the writers tried to make Kang Yo Han look guilty.

But in a shocking twist, the real culprit is revealed when Jung A acquired the CCTV footage from Johan, a member of the church who went hiding.

He gave false testimony to Ga On, and guess what happens next. The real culprit is revealed to be a young Elijah who accidentally set fire to the church.

Yo Han was protective of her and tried to take the secret to his grave but oh well! Elijah’s reveal was one of the most shocking moments in The Devil Judge Kdrama.

1. Kim G On’s Betrayal

The Devil Judge is the drama of the year infamous for betrayals, but nothing comes close to home with Kim Ga On’s betrayal.

Whether he’s naive or painfully stupid, after the death of Soo Hyun, Ga On became extremely grieved over her death.

He became hell-bent and fixated on getting revenge for her death, no matter who it is or what the consequences are.

Ga On fell right through the trap set by Jung Sun A and minister Min Jung Ho.

They set Kang Yo Han as the culprit and thanks to Kim Ga On’s betrayal, Yo Han became the culprit.

Not just that, because of his press conference, Juk Chang escaped the death penalty and the online court was dissolved as well.  

Kim G On’s Betrayal was the ultimate shocking moment in The Devil Judge Kdrama.        

The Devil Judge Kdrama has finished airing, hope you have fun binging the series!

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