Top 8 Ongoing Kdramas to watch in October 2021

With so many dramas out there, a list to exclusively let you pick the dramas worth watching in October 2021.

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Top 8 Ongoing Kdramas to watch in October 2021

September is just a few days away before October visits us. With so many new dramas going on it’s surely difficult to pick from the extensive list. But fret not, here’s an exclusive list to watch the best ongoing dramas currently airing. Here’s to enjoying watching Kdramas every week and suffering due to the wait for next week to arrive; wish it could arrive sooner.

8. You Raise Me up

The short 8 episode drama of Yoon Si Yoon is next on the list. Meet Do Young Shik, a guy preparing for civil services, has a psychological trauma that affects his physical health causing erectile dysfunction. If that wasn’t enough, he suffers from low self-esteem and gets embarrassed by his first love who seems to have an ulterior motive to treat him.  Will Young Shik reclaim his life back or not it’s a matter of time at You Raise Me Up!

You Raise Me Up Kdrama Review
Why did Lee Ru da help Do Young Shik? What is DO Ji Hyeok’s angle with Young Shik?

7. High Class

Another high society drama possibly makjang (we hope not), suspense and mystery Kdrama this season. A prestigious lawyer end’s up under the suspicion of killing her husband, who mysteriously disappears after committing fraud. With her husband dead and moving to Jeju with her son, what secrets will Song Ye Wool find about her husband? Was fraud the only crime or there are other malicious intentions? Watch High Class Kdrama to find out more!

High Class Kdrama Review: Who’s the Mystery Sender?
High Class Kdrama begins airing on TvN. The mystery Kdrama creates a lot of buzz and ends up in a cliffhanger. Join Song Yeo Wool in the life of 0.1% of Korean society.

6. Police University

Police University starring Cha Tae Hyun and Jin Young is totally entertaining and worth binging, The two of them started out as enemies but became partners to find the crime ring of illegal gamblers. Sun Ho, the new police university recruit, and Dong Man is the newly transferred teacher who previously caught him doing cyberhacking. Will the duo chase the ringleader and the mole in the organization be sure to check it out!

Police University Kdrama Episode 12 - Is Choi Hee Soo The Mole?
Dong Man and Sun Ho are chasing the ringleader of the illegal gambling. Who is the mole? The shocking revelation....

5. Dali And Cocky Prince

This new Kdrama is one hidden gen this fall. Dali and Cocky Prince center around two people who met under strange circumstances in a foreign country. The strange coincidence brings Da Li and the Cocky prince together but they separate again. Circumstances lead them to meet again in Korea but as debtor and payee. What will happen to them? Curious? Watch the drama!!!

Dali and Cocky Prince Review (Episode 1 & 2)
Will Jin Moo Hak find Da Li again? What promise did they make?

4. Hometown Cha Cha Cha

Hometown Cha Cha Cha is refreshing and entertaining. If you like light-hearted dramas, a little bit of romance, and comedy, this drama is just for you. A morally ethically dentist who got shut out due to her boss’s power trip decides to relocate to the seaside of Gongjin and starts practising there. She meets different people and how they bring changes in her life including Chief Hong, the master of all trades. Will Hye Jin fall for Chief Hong watch to find out!

Shin Min A and Kim Sun Ho starring Hometown Cha Cha Cha Netflix Kdrama Review
Hometown Cha Cha Cha begins airing after the Devil Judge Kdrama on Saturdays and Sundays. What is Hometown Cha Cha Cha Kdrama about?!

3. Yumi’s Cells

Yumi’s Cells is one of the most anticipated dramas of 2021. Join Yumi and her different cells as she explores love once again. Hope Ruby is not a hindrance to her love life. Yumi is an average office worker who previously had her heart broken into pieces. She got set up on a blind date with Gu Woong. Will sparks finally fly and can Yumi find true love?

Yumi’s Cells (Ep 1&2) Kdrama Review | Is Love Finally Here?!
Will love cell be back for Yu Mi? How will the date with Ugi go?

2. One The Woman

One of the least expected dramas but the most entertaining drama of 2021. One The Woman starring Lee Ha Nee, playing a double role. The former prosecutor got into an accident and lost her memories. After waking up she ends up as Kang Mi Na, the daughter-in-law of the Hanju group. She teams up with her ex-lover to uncover conspiracy and fight for her rights.

One The Woman Review (Episode 1 & 2) | A Tale of the Twins
What’s the twist waiting for the prosecutor after a princess style swap?

1. The Veil

The Veil starring Namkoong Min is the most recommended Kdrama of this season. The story revolves around a formidable NIS agent who loses his memory and tries to catch the mole inside the organisation. 1 year ago someone from NIS betrayed him which ended up getting his team killed. What are people concealing?  

The Veil Review (Ep 1 & 2) | The Hunt for the Spy Begins!
The action thriller Kdrama The Veil started airing. What shocking revelations are up for store awaiting Ji Hyuk?