Top 8 Sports Anime to Watch! Released in 2021

Still hungover with Haikyuu? Which sports anime of 2021 has caught your interest?

Best Sports Anime of 2021 to watch

Sports anime is one of the best anime genres and quite frankly it has a lot to offer. With sports anime like Haikyuu, Yuri on Ice, Kuroko no Basket, Free and others on the list, the expectations of fans have increased. The new Haikyuu season is not out yet, the new movie of Free and Yuri On Ice is slated to release sometime in 2021/2022.

Now is the perfect chance to watch some sports anime while anticipating them and changing from the Isekai series. 2021 was remarkable for too many Isekai animes for sure.

8. Wave!!: Surfing Yappe!!

This was the most surprising sports anime on this list. This is another series that is either a hit or a miss. You will either like Wave!!: Surfing Yappe!! or not. The protagonist Masaki Hinoka aka corgi doesn’t know to swim and hasn’t surfed no matter how many times Tanaka Nalu, his friend asked him to.

A new encounter with the transfer student Shou changes everything for Masaki. Shou influences and encourages Masaki to pursue surfing. What will this experience bring for Masaki?  

7. Puraore! Pride of Orange

There are seldom women-centric sports animes and even less on Ice Hockey. 7 Puraore! Pride of Orange is an ongoing fall anime of 2021 and is on the recommendation list. Manakawa Mizusawa, a third-year high school student is passionate and enthusiastic about Ice Hockey.

Can she and her team reach the top and experience their passion for Ice Hockey? 7 Puraore! Pride of Orange is a hit or miss sports anime; either you will like it or you can drop it!

6. 2.43: Seiin Koukou Danshi Volley-bu

If you love Haikyuu, 2.43: Seiin Koukou Danshi Volley-bu is highly recommended because of Volleyball sports. However, this is no Haikyuu, so any comparison between the two series is useless. 2.43: Seiin Koukou Danshi Volley-bu has its own charm and intriguing story.

The winter 2021 sports anime 2.43: Seiin Koukou Danshi Volley-bu presents a good story. Hajima Kimichika is a genius setter who might have attitude issues. He moved back from Tokyo due to an incident.

Hajima joins Seiin in hopes of forming a new team with his old childhood friend Kuroba. Will it be easy? Watch 2.43: Seiin Koukou Danshi Volley-bu to find out how Hajima is faring.  

5. Skate Leading Stars

Looking for a binge-watch sports anime series, the most suited choice is Skate Leading Sports. This is one of the few animes where it didn’t have a single boring moment. You will barely want to skip any scene.

The 12 episode winter 2021 sports anime featured team bases skate leading. Maeshima, a child prodigy quits figure skating after getting defeated by Shinozaki Reo. Years later, Shinozaki’s brother, Sasugai challenges Maeshima to return back to the skating world to defeat his past rival.

Can Maeshima beat Shinozaki? Skate Leading Stars was beautiful, the most precious thing was the Sasugai-Maeshima duo.    

4. Shakunetsu Kabaddi

When the trailers of Shakunetsu Kabaddi was released, the first thought was Kabaddi? Does the world even know about this sport? A sports anime on Kabaddi from Japan, sign me up.

The 2021 spring anime Shakunetsu Kabaddi introduces Yoigoshi Tatsuya, who was a gifted soccer player. Due to past incidences, he quit sports. Yoigoshi, the first-year student is a secret live streamer, who gets caught by his senpai who practically forced him to join the team.

Inspired and regaining his sports spirit, Yoiguchi meets the team captain Masato creating a competitive spark. Shakunetsu Kabaddi is one of the best 2021 sports anime because of the story and the characters. Kei Iruya is one of the best characters and a good reason to watch Burning Kabaddi.  

3. Re-Main

Re-Main is a summer 2021 sports anime focusing on Water polo. There hasn’t been any anime in this sport yet so the hope was quite high. Re-Main certainly delivers what it promises and the setting of the series was quite unique.

Minato Kiyomizu was at the height of success, and once hailed as a genius and gifted water polo player, had an unfortunate accident. Minato wakes up from a coma after half a year and has amnesia. He loses his memory and skills. Can he become the champion once he was in the past?

Which Minato will regain his skills? Re-Main is highly recommended and it’s very entertaining. Unlike the cliche sports anime, Re-Main is quite different.  

2. Bakuten

This was one of the most surprising but beautiful sports anime indeed. Bakuten is a spring 2021 anime that is quite enjoyable and refreshing to watch. The background, art, music was amazing along with good character development.

The protagonist Futaba Shoutaro was never good in any of the sports he played in the past, but he is very passionate about it. After returning from his baseball match he saw some seniors practicing rhythmic gymnastics in the park.

Following them and unexpectedly watching their performance, Futaba is mesmerized by their captivating performance and decides to apply to the same school hoping to join their team. Watch Bakuten anime to find out who things fare for him.  

1. Sk8 The Infinity

Reki Kyan loves skateboarding and is willing to do everything to improve his. A fateful encounter with a new transfer student Langa Hasegawa changes everything for Reki.

Top 8 SK8 The Infinity Characters
Which SK8 The Infinity Character is your favourite? Which skateboarder do you cheer for? Sk8 The Infinity is a 2021 winter anime that is immensely popular!

As Reki and Langa’s friendship grow, they discover their passion for skateboarding.  Skate The Infinity is the best sports anime of 2021 and is highly recommended. The thing gets serious for Reki and Langa when they enter the S tournament and their paths encounter with Adam. Can Langa be the best?