Top 7 Shocking Moments in The Veil Kdrama in Episode 7 & 8

Why did Han Ji Hyuk get locked up? What's going on with Ye Ji?

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The 12 episodes of MBC Kdrama The Veil is nearing the end and yet so many mysteries were answered. As the series progresses, The Veil keeps dropping intense shocking moments. In the previous episodes 5 & 6, Han Ji Hyuk got big-time betrayal from Yoon Je Yi and Mr Kang. if that wasn’t enough, there’s more awaiting Han Ji Hyuk at the NIS. Can he survive them all?

1. Han Ji Hyuk Gets Locked Up

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Fans thought that like every Kdrama, they won’t kill the main character and some twist might be waiting for them. Well, The Veil practically ditched any hopes of Soo Yeon being alive. Soo Yeon is dead. RIP Soo Yeon.

The Veil Episode 7 surely felt odd and extremely rushed. It’s not just fast-paced but extremely rushed and confusing. While locked up in the mental institute if it can even be called that, guess who’s the surprise visitor?! Ha Dong Kyun (Crime Information centre) visits Han Ji Hyuk and tries to uncover what Ji Hyuk’s upto.  

2. Chung Chun Woo is dead

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One thing’s that The Veil is consistent with is people dropping dead like flies. You can barely keep track of how many people have died so far. It’s like the moment you try to do something for yourself, for sure you will die. Chung Chun Woo is mercilessly killed and hanged as a public execution.  The secret organisation Sangmuhoe and Baek Mo Sa are pretty serious when dealing with threats.

3. Why did Yoon Je Yi betray Han Ji Hyuk?

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This question has stirred a lot of curiosity. Why the sudden change of temperament? Why did she do it? Turns out Mr Kang Baited Je Yi with the information of her lost dad who was also a former NIS agent. Je YI has been trying to search for the whereabouts of her father without any luck.

Kang Pil Ho (Foreign Intelligence Bureau) practically threatens Je Yi to betray Ji Hyuk and so she does. Will she betray again? Guess not, as her consciousness awakens and when Mr Kang tried to coerce her, she outright refuses. Someone definitely got a wake-up call.  

4. Do Jin Suk’s Resignation

Unable to keep her word and apprehend the killers of Chung Chun Woo, Do Jin Suk steps down as the head of the Foreign Intelligence Bureau. Kang Pil Mo replaces her and he has her own scheme going on. This character is so weird and mysterious.

It’s clear that Kang Pil Mo is one of the moles and is somehow related to the mysterious organisation. How much he’s aware of and if he is pretending can be uncovered in the future episodes. There’s a possibility that Kang Pil Mo and Soo Yeon might have been in a secret relationship, but the show didn’t delve much into it.

5. Ha Dong Kyun The Secret Comrade

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It was the most shocking information to process in Episode 7 of The Veil Kdrama. Han Ji Hyuk threatened Ha Dong Kyun to secretly help him before he pulled the memory-erasing stunt. It was Ha Dong Kyun who has been helping Han Ji Hyuk and Yoo Je Yi secretly so far. He provided the ID for the deep fake project to Je Yi. Turns out he’s not such a bad guy anymore. He was helping Ji Hyuk from the background and it was him who sent the original video footage to prove Han Ji Hyuk’s innocence.

6. The Mole Who Betrayed Han Ji Hyuk

Han Ji Hyuk gets flashes of his past and remembers the identity of the mole who betrayed his team. They were doing reconnaissance and tailing Chung Chun Woo and a North Korean leader, along with Baek Mo Sa from the picture that was revealed in the previous episodes.

The leader was blackmailed because of his son’s involvement in drugs and was later killed before he couldn’t defect to South Korea. Kim Dong Wook, his other partner betrayed them and caused Soo Yeon's boyfriend to die. How he himself ended up dead is still a mystery.  There’s a much more complex scheme going on. It is related to elections and manipulating people sentiment or votes.  

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If you’re familiar with AI you will understand how Sangmuhoe is planning to use technology to its advantage. Park Young Ju, Je Yi’s Sunbae who worked for the Planet has mysteriously disappeared who was later revealed to be in an accident. There’s something fishy going on. Let’s not forget the person at the end of the secure line Mr Kang Pil Mo who tried to run over Han Ji Hyuk without any fear of consequences. That man is truly scary.

7. Is Baek Mo Sa Je Yi’s dad?

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Something is definitely fishy. There’s a possibility that Baek Mo Sa could be Je Yi’s dad.  It will be really horrible if he was dead because ended up ruthlessly shooting her, although she was protected due to a bulletproof vest, but still.  

A more shocking twist was Lee In Hwan (leader of Domestic Intelligence Bureau) disclosing information regarding Je Yi’s dad. Her dad didn’t disappear and went of his own volition. Much worse, it was Do Jin Sook who betrayed her dad and Je Yi was seen visiting her with a gun in Episode 8. Hope she doesn’t do something reckless.

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