Top 5 Webtoon Picks of November 2022!

A pinch of Romance with thriller. Which Webtoon series will you choose?

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Top 5 Webtoon Picks of November 2022!

New seasons and new stories to explore in November 2022. With so many stories coming to an end, new ones are a must to discover.  

If you’re looking for good stories with a mix of romance this season, check out some of the completed and ongoing series this fall! Here are the top 5 Webtoon picks worth checking out if you haven’t read them yet!

5. The Guy Upstairs

2 men holding knife

The creator of My Deepest Secret Webtoon series, Hanza Art is back with another thriller. The Guy Upstairs shows the story of Rosana aka Rosy who finds the neighbour, a guy upstairs a bit shady.

Rosy’s neighbour Adam gives a mysterious aura and says he lives with a cat. Something about Mr Adama smells suspicious. Rosy confused her worries with her best friend Hawa and Ravi.

An incident lets her get hospitalised when Rosy’s suspicious neighbour saves him. Is Rosy pulling an “A boy who cried wolf” or is Adam a serial killer? Check out The Guy Upstairs series which gets updated every Friday!

Genre: Thriller

4. Seasons of Blossom

a couple holding together

Now a major Kdrama adaptation, Seasons of Blossom is a must-read webtoon series. The series shows the stories in different seasons, each love story with a bittersweet and pure ending.

While some stories can make your heart bleed, some are pure gold. Seasons of Blossom series is created by Hongduck and Art by Nemone.

The First season focuses on Bomi’s flower and how she rediscovers love, friendship and first love. What Bomi needed was to protect her friendship with Seonhui, but she didn’t know she would end up finding love.

The Second Season- Hamin’s flower shows the story of Somang, Hamin and Jaemin. Will Somang and Jaemin find closure as Hamin passed away untimely, it’s a bittersweet and heartbreaking tale.

Season Three tells the story of Ga Eul, Somang’s best friend and how her middle school and high school were troubled because of the bullies. Now, Ga Eul is in university, can she start over and find love? Will first love ever come true?

The Fourth Season is ongoing with Dongchae’s story. He is one of the students where Jaemin and Bomi study. Dongchae is getting bullied and he once had an encounter with Hamin.

Do check out Seasons of Blossom every Tuesday!

Genre: Romance

3. No Marriage is Perfect

a couple standing in their lounge

What happens when you love someone but the other person may not love you at all? A strategic marriage, a marriage of convenience, power and unification of corporations may not leave scope for love.

Meet Song Yeonhwa, the only child of the Hojin Group who finds her perfect lover Yoon Geonu, the heir of the Daejin group.

Married together for three years but never been together, life turns upside down for Yeonhwa when Geonu asks for divorce on their third marriage anniversary. An accident caused her to fall, and she ended up faking amnesia.

Can the lie save her marriage and win her love back? No Marriage is Perfect is Created Lee Dahong, Written by Long.B and Art by Choi. Check out the webtoon which gets updated every Wednesday.

Genre: Romance

2. My Gently Raised Beast

a couple enjoying their company

No one could have thought that their life can take a complete 180 degrees by the last gift saved by their mother.

Blondina, the protagonist of the story had her life backed into a corner after her mother passed away.

After running away from her abusive guardian, Blondina had the rags-to-riches Cinderella-style life turnover as he became the princess of the Ates empire.

Even after becoming the princess, life at the palace isn’t that exciting when you have a ruthless emperor like your father and two half-siblings who are determined not to get along.

Blondina’s life changes when she meets a mysterious mythical and powerful cat-like creature, Amon. How will her life change?

My Gently Raised Beast is Adapted by Teava (The First Night with the Duke) and Kim JunJun  Art by Yeoseulki, and Written by Early Flower.

The series gets updated every Sunday so do check it out!

Genre: Romance

1. Marry Me

a women cooking food for her boyfriend

The Japanese webtoon series Marry Me is created by Miku Yuki. The series shows the story of Sinn, a civil servant who marries Mari due to the Neet protection law.

The couple had a rough start but slowly falls for each other while trying to deal with the challenges of not having a perfect wedding.

Can Sinn and Mari find their happiness or break up, only time can tell. Mary Me webtoon is completed and has 134 chapters. It is a Daily pass series and one episode is available every day. Do check out Marry Me webtoon!

Genre: Romance

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