Top 5 Webtoon Picks for April 2022!

Which webtoon series to read in April 2022???!

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Do you like reading Webtoon? Stuck in the plethora of series and unable to decide which series to read? Are you a sucker for Tower of God and God of Highschool? Did the anime or Kdramas like Hellbound, Cheese in the Trap, and Yumi’s Cells make you curious?

Are you in search of more Webtoon series? Here’s a new list of 5 Webtoon series to enjoy in April 2022 or even after if you’re looking for something new and different to read. Happy binging and happy exploring.

Be My Villain

What if life gave you more than you expect? Such is the story of Mills, an average high school guy with two superagent dads. During an accident, a villain Shadowmaker saved Mills from the clutches of death.

What began as a curiosity for Mills or Shadowmaker could it develop more? Mills is convinced Shadomaker was to conduct surveillance over him and asked him for his phone number.

What will happen to Mills now? Check out Be My Villain created by Mintibi which gets updated every Friday. The series has 15 episodes so far.

Genre: Romance

Our Beloved Summer

Another Kdrama adaptation this year is in 2021-2022. Guk Yeon Su is the top student while Choi Wung is the exact opposite.

Their interaction started with the documentary when they were in school trying to record the lives of high schoolers.

What started as a not so thrilling adventure, the two of them got closure and even dated. Can they forget this summer and what holds for their future? Our Beloved Summer is created by Han Kyung Chal and Lee Naeun. There are 20 episodes and get updated every Friday.

Genre: Romance

She’s Hopeless

The webtoon She’s Hopeless is one of the dramas that offer unexpected situations and unpredictable storylines.

The protagonist Gabin is bullied in school because of her behaviour and because she comes from a wealthy family.

Gabin has a twisted personality and isn't like the typical sore loser /bullied person. She doesn’t hesitate to lash out at others and has a twisted relationship with her grandma.

Worried about the situation, her grandma sends a bodyguard Tae Ung with an offer he cannot refuse. How will their story unfold? Read She’s Hopeless created by Seokwoo. The series has 52 episodes and gets updated every Saturday.

Genre: Drama


If you’re guessing, it’s definitely the right guess. The Netflix Korean drama is adapted from the Tomorrow webtoon created by Llama.

The story shows the life of Choi Jun Woong who became involved with the Grim Reapers of Jumadeung.

The accident made him comatose and now he works with Koo Ryeong and Lim Ryung Gu in the crisis management team.

Do check out their adventure while waiting for the new episodes. Tomorrow webtoon has 26 available episodes and gets updated every Saturday.

Genre: Drama

The Makeup Remover

The webtoon is a very relaxing and soothing one. The Makeup Remover shows the story of Kim Yeseul who dedicated her entire to her studies.

After she reached college, the lack of make-up in societal standards was the beginning of doom.

Yeseul’s life changed when she coincidentally met the famous makeup artist Cheon Yuseon. Together they compete in the competition Face off Cinderella and how Yeseul’s life changed to the point of growth and self-discovery.

The Makeup Remover is completed and has 129 episodes so do check it out. It’s a pretty good series for a binge read.

The series is created by Lee Yone.  Also, The series will become a daily pass series on 28th April 2022, so definitely read it while you can!

Genre: Romance

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