Top 5 Romance Webtoon Picks for July 2022!

Which romance webtoons are worth discovering and reading in July 2022?

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2022 is so far one of the best years considering so many Kdrama adaptations.

If you’re a Kdrama lover or webtoon lover, exploring new series to read is like a gold mine and a heavenly pleasure.

With so many new Webtoon releases and Kdrama adaptations, readers and watchers can rejoice and explore more reading options.

If you’re looking for some romantic vibes this month, look no further and explore Top 5 Webtoon Picks for July 2022! Hope you have fun reading and exploring!

5. My Younger Brother’s Friend

The romance webtoon created by Nimni features Ga Eun and her brother Ha Eun. Things became difficult when Ga Eun broke up with her long-term boyfriend On Jae Ha.

Little did she know the people around her have their own secrets and not everyone wants to approach them out of the goodness of their hearts.  

Although the reason both Jae Ha and Ga Eun broke up may seem weird, things take a different turn for her when she gets surrounded by three possible love interests.

What makes things worse, is that all of them are her brother’s friends (classmates).

Surrounded by childhood friend/brother Kwon Dowan, intimidated but kind-hearted Jun Dokgo or the perfect class President On Sangu.

Check out My Younger Brother’s Friend every Tuesday to fill your romance appetite with a good plot and handsome-looking men!

4. Trash Belongs in the Trash Can!

The new webtoon release might have a lot of surprises and dark turns for readers. This is a one-of-a-kind and dark romance created by EDDiERiNG.

Woobin is a specialist, a certified trashbag who scams women, the rich and wealthy ladies to get by.

He has his own childhood traumas but somehow he ends up having no remorse for leeching off high-class and rich lovers who like to spend their riches on him.

Things change for better or worse when Woobin saved a woman from a life-threatening situation and suddenly got asked out for a date.

The pretty, innocent and wealthy Suji falls in love with him, as love at first sight. What is simply a coincidence or a well elaborate plan?

Who knows what will happen to Woobin and Sujin as they fall in love or not?! Check out Trash Belongs in the Trash Can! Webtoon every Saturday.

3. Sixth Sense Kiss

The new 2022 Kdrama Kiss Sixth Sense is adapted from the web novel and the webtoon Sixth Sense Kiss.

Although the drama and the webtoon have a lot of differences, the webtoon has a different charm.

Sixth Sense Kiss shows the story of Hong Yesul who can see the future with a kiss. Due to this gift/curse, Yesul broke up with her long-term boyfriend because she saw the future. In the future, they weren’t together.

Hong Yesul is in for a shock when she accidentally kissed Cha Minhu, her superior at work and saw a steamy passionate future together.

Was it destiny or an utter shock if things weren’t worse already, her ex-boyfriend from the past is back in her professional and personal life.

Read Sixth Sense Kiss by Got W, Jocobong every Saturday as Season 1 has ended. The series is perfect for a binge-read while waiting for the drama every week.

2. Can I Take It Back?

Another new Webtoon release with a sweet and shocking high school romance plot.

What made the webtoon so attractive was the good plot and attractive characters.

The creator of  Can I Take It Back? Shinmae introduced us to Ban Hayan, a high school girl crushing on her sunbae, Tae Eun.

What Hayan thought was love for her admirable Sunbae and decided to confess, that the universe had other plans in store.

Her neatly written confession ended up with the wrong person.

The other sunbae, Hayan infamous from the basketball group with very shady images ended up receiving the confession.

Little did he know his secret crush who might not even like him.

The confession mix-up and getting entangled with Bakha could wreck Hayan’s love life and peace. Can she escape Bakha and confess to Tae Eun?

Check out  Can I Take It Back? Webtoon every Sunday and who knows you might end up rooting for Bakha!

1. See You in My 19th Life

One of the most extraordinary romance and comedy series, See You in My 19th Life is the top recommendation this month.

The Webtoon is slated for a Kdrama adaptation and that’s another plus point to start binge-reading the series.

The story revolves around Jieum Ban who could remember all her previous lives. In her 18th life, she (Juwon Yun) met Moon Seoha and ended up falling for him.

Unfortunately for Juwon Yun, her 18th life ended due to an unfortunate accident.

Now in her 19th life, Juwon Yun aka Jieum Ban is desperate to find Moon Seoha and would do anything to be with him.

On the other hand, her sister from 18th life Chowon Yun entered her life.

Chowon has a crush on Moon Seoha’s secretary Ha Doyun but for some reason, he keeps pushing her away. What has the future in store for star-crossed lovers? Will Jieum Ban finally be with Moon Seoha?

Why can she remember her previous lives? If you’re curious check out See You in My 19th Life created by Lee Hey every Thursday!

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