Top 10 Seinen Manga of the decade!

This is about Top 10 Seinen Manga of the decade!

Top 10 Seinen Manga of the decade!

The term Seinen literally means youth in Japanese but Seinen Japanese manga means a whole another thing or we can say that it is targeted towards the people of 20 to 50 years age group and basically men. It tends to cover more adult theme manga as compared to any other genre. Today we are going to discuss about Ten most popular seinen manga which gained popularity in this decade.

10. Kusuriya No Hitorigoto

It is a historical seinen manga. It takes place in china and basically ancient china where the story starts after Maomao which is our main character's kidnapping. Later on she is forced into servants role in the emperor's palace. At first she works off to free herself and she had quite mastery in medicine. Later in the story her skills started to be noticed in the Emperor's Palace and her rank just continues to improve. It is a very well written manga.

9. Gangsta

This action drama takes place in Ergastulum which is a place filled with criminals. The two main characters of this manga are Nic and Worick who work as Handiman and they do the jobs which other people might not do. This story constitutes a blend of characters which make this story quite interesting.

8. Drifters

Drifters have a unique way of blending genre and history together in a perfect way. A group of individuals went to another world full of wizards and they try to save that world from annihilation. Toyoshika is the main character of this story and he is sent to other world by Murasaki where he met a band of people who are also from different world and they come together in order to save the world.

7. Kingdom

Historical drama manga have been in trend recently and this manga is also from historic genre. Many stories too have been written due to increase in the trend. It is set in ancient China and during 221 Bc when the king of Qin nation at last united china. The characters include Li Xin and Piao who dream to be good generals in the future despite coming from a poor background. Lin Xin in the story attains significant things in his life thus meeting Piao on his death bed. Definitely a worth read manga.

6. Black Lagooon

It is one of the favorite action related manga of many viewers which lead to its popularity. It involve a group of people who are basically pirates and mercenaries. The story is near the Cambodian border. It also includes a wide range of characters from Japanese to Chinese and American to Jewish. It is quite a Hollywood style or inspired story.

5. Jojo's Bizzare Adventure

The fans of Jojo are persistent and as well as the writer who is writing from 1980s onward. Currently Jojo's eighth arc is going on which can show the persistence of the writer. The main character of this manga includes Yashuo and Joushuu who one day conicidentally meets a man who is naked and he have also lost his memories due to amnesia. And now the quest for where he belongs starts. There are plenty of battles during finding his identity.

4. Golden Kamuy

It is a very successful series which is produced in the 90s and no one knows exactly what lead to this success but it for sure that it is an interesting manga to read. It involves criminal characters, serial killers as well as hunters. It is also a historical manga. Sugimoto is discharged from army after his duty, and after that he sets on a journey to find gold and also a promise to fulfil. It have been said that various criminals have gold map on their back in pieces and our MC have to collect these pieces. With the help of Aina huntress his quest officially began.

3. Space Brothers

Sci fi genre and fiction have always been my favorite and this manga perfectly explores those two genres. It is a very inspiring story about brotherhood and how to achieve dreams in one's life. It is a very beautiful demonstration of this genre. Mutta and Hibito are main characters of this manga as well as brothers who once witnessed a UFO which inspired them to become astronauts. After they grew uo Hibito fulfils his dream in space agency and become the first Japanese man on the moon while on other hand Mutta lives a pretty decent life and finally his dream comes true to become an astronaut. Quite interesting manga series.

2. March comes in like a Lion

Many of the stories are quite emotional but it takes a step further and keeps the story very real and heartwarming. Rei Kiryama is the main character of this story who is also a Shogi genius even before he enters the high school. At home he have to face family pressure, neglection and depression on the other hand. His private life is basically very low going until he mets Kawamotos family. From there on his life took a positive turn. It is a very special manga to read.

1. Vinland Saga

At number 1 is Vinland Saga and it truly deserves it too. It received worldwide acclaim and awards at one hand. Thorfinn is the main protagonist of the story. He heard story about Vinland where there is no need for any kind of war, a very peaceful place. He is grown up as a mercenary in Finland. His father once explained to him that battle is of no use. He faces a lot of trauma when he was young and he have to face the hardships. A beautiful story is conveyed through Vikings setting. A very remarkable manga in its own.