Top 10 Romance manga of the decade!

Top 10 Romance manga of the decade!

Top 10 Romance manga of the decade!

It is one of the best genre of many viewers. It is one of the emotions that everyone on the earth is involved in. No matter what sort of romantic manga it is readers will read that manga. Romance is a genre that involves other elements too like horror, comedy and action etc. So, here is the list of Top 10 romance manga:

10. Love me Love me Not

Top 10 Romance manga of the decade!

Io Sakisaka is the writer and illustrator of this manga and many readers are aware about Io. This is the newest creation of Io to add new fans. The series include amazing artwork and also it includes heartwarming romantic story too.

The main characters of the story are Yuri and Hikari and they are nothing alike and different in every manner but the thing is they are inseperable until two boys arrived named Rio and Kazuomi. The story shows how complex a romance can get.

9. Daily Butterfly

Top 10 Romance manga of the decade!

The author and illustrator of this manga is Suu Morishita. The main character of the story is Shibazaki who is a 15 years old girl and she is quite cute too. The other character is Taichi who is also of the same age is silent in nature and also karate champion. During the first day of school every boy admires Shibazaki only exception being Taichi.

Eventually in the story they fell in love and date each other until the last day of school. It is a good take on Slice on life and Romance.

8. A Tropical Fish yearns for Snow

Top 10 Romance manga of the decade!

The main character is Konatsu and she moved recently to the city and she joined a club at her school which is quite unique and there she meets eccentric Honami who is the only member of that club. After which they became friends and there friendship just became to blossom.

Both Konatsu and Honami are kinda introvert or reserved in nature and this story beautifully displays their interaction with each other with beautiful artwork. It have a unique storyline and straight firward animation making this manga quite good to read.

7. After the Rain

Top 10 Romance manga of the decade!

Jin is the writer of this manga and in Japanese it is known as Love is like after the rain. Akira is the main character of this story and also fells in love with the divorcee manager named Masami where Akira works at a restaurant and Akira is very soft spoken high school student too. Akira is not able to hide her feelings despite there age gap being large.

After an accident Akira was not able to move and fell into depression and during that time Masami treated her. It is very heartwarming story.

6. How do we do Relationship?

Top 10 Romance manga of the decade!

It is twist on traditional fake marriages or arranged marriage and the main characters both being a women. Miwa is the main character of the story and she always liked women but now as he is away from her surroundings she is finally able to open up despite being reserved.

Saeko became the friend of Miwa and soon they became couples and end into a relationship this was more than what Miwa could imagined. It uses mature romance and is not cliche.

5. So Cute it Hurts

Top 10 Romance manga of the decade!

The author and illustrator of this manga is Gou Ikeyamada. Also known for works including I like you  suzuki kun. The story is about two twins Megumu and Mitsuru, they become bored after attending their own schools which is only for girls.After which they decide to switch up things.

After that they fell into romance and there switching up places became complicated. It is more into comedic genre.

4. Living Room Matsunaga san

Top 10 Romance manga of the decade!

The author and illustrator of this manga is Keiko. This includes age gap romance in a very beautiful manner. Miko is a high schooler who leaves her parents in order to live in a boarding house where she meets a scary looking man named Jun Matsunga.

It figures out that he is his tenant, and he akways looks after her. Well it is unique story between Matsumga and Miko.

3. My Love Story

Top 10 Romance manga of the decade!

The author and illustrator of this manga is Ariko. Takeo is the main character of this story and he have the heart of gold as he is very kind in nature.

Rinko the other character was saved by him and she became attracted towards him and she asks him to become his boyfriend too. It is one of the sweetest romance stories.

2. Blue Flag

Blue Flag romance manga

The normal romance is between two people and then comes a love triangle but the strangest of all is quadruple romance. The story takes place during spring tough times for high school students.

The story is about teenagers but present in a mature way about romance and things that a person goes through and as well as actuality of all these things.

1. Noragami: The Stray Dog

Noragami: The Stray Dog

It brings some old ideas and some new ideas together in one story. Iki is the main character and the story is about Iki getting mixed up in adventures somehow.

Delivery God yato is quite minor god and have not much responsibilities. it is the romance between God and human.

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