Top 10 Magic Anime Perfect To Binge-Watch, Ranked

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Top 10 Magic Anime 

Animes give a lot of genres to the viewers. One of the most loved ones is the genre of magic animes. The magic battles which are described seem very powerful. The settings and how differ greatly depending on the work, and every anime has a new set of ideas that adds freshness to the anime. There are many animations that give a clear view of what magic animes are. Today, we've rounded up the Top 10 magic animes.

10) Black Cover

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Black Clover 

The original is a comic book of the same name by Yuki Tabata, produced by Studio Pero. The hot development unique to Shohen Manga is an attractive work. The story is set in a world where magic is commonplace. The main character, Asta, was born without magical power in a world where magical power is everything, has become a story aimed at a magical Emporer, the top of the mage. The highlight of this work is that various magics appear one after another. Each character has a magical attribute, from standard things such as fire, water, wind, and lightning to things that can not be found elsewhere, such as thread, space, recombination, and painting. Characters with their own magic have rich personalities and different battle styles. Such an attractive work.

9) Magi: The Labyrinth Of Magic

The main characters in a blue hairstyle with a magic wand
Magi: The Labyrinth Of Magic 

The story revolves around Aladdin a mysterious child who carries a flute, with which he is able to invoke a giant jinn called Ugo. Aladdin travels trying to discover who he really is and to learn about the world he lives in. One day, he meets a young merchant named Alibaba who dreams of conquering a dungeon. Shortly after, he meets a slave named Morgiana, and both join their adventure. Throughout history, Aladdin discovers he is a "magi", a kind of magician capable of gathering the rukh around him for his own use. In addition, he finds out that he is not only a magi since there are three more, of which he meets Judar, an evil magi who controls the black rukh and who works for the same organization Al Thamen. With the help of Sinbad, the king of Sindria, Aladdin and the others will fight against the evil organization and try to find out their dark motives.

8) Fairy Tail

The main male and female lead of Fairy Tale anime
Fairy Tail 

Lucy Heartfilia, a travelling Mage, meets Natsu Dragneel, a Mage looking for his foster parent, a dragon named Igneel, with his best friend, Happy, a blue, talking and flying cat. Shortly after their meeting,  Lucy is abducted by Bora of Prominence, who was posing as Salamander of Fairy Tail, to be sold as a slave. Natsu rescues her and reveals that he is the Salamander of Fairy Tale and has the skills of a Dragon Slayer, a form of lost magic. He offers her membership into the guild, which she gladly accepts. They, along with the armoured Mage Erza Scarlet, Ice-Make Mage Gray Fullbuster, and Happy, become a team performing various missions offered to the Fairy Tail Guild.

7) Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?

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Is It Wrong To Try To Pick Up Dungeon 

The story follows Bell Cranel, a 14-year-old solitary adventurer serving Goddess Hestia. As the only member of the Hestia Family, Bell works hard every day in the Dungeon in order to seek to improve himself. He admires Aiz Wallenstein, a famous and powerful swordsman who once saved his life, making him fall in love with her. Bell has not realized that many other girls, deities and mortals alike, have also developed feelings for him; most notably Hestia herself, while he gains allies and improves himself with each new challenge he faces.

6) High School DxD

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High School DXD 

Issei Hyōdō is a second-year student of the Kuō Academy who has great perversion and very lascivious behaviour. He leads a quiet life until he is called for an appointment with a girl named Yūma Amano. When it starts to get dark, the girl takes him to a secluded place where he shows her true form. She is a fallen angel and plans to assassinate him. Since no one can save him, Issei dies. When he wakes up, he discovers that he has reincarnated into a demon, and since that day he works as a servant of Rias Gremory, a high-level demon girl who turns out to be the most beautiful and popular in the institute.

5) Strike The Blood

The girl with a magic weapon along with her other friends
Strike The Blood 

On an island south of Japan is a Demon Sanctuary known as Itogami Island. In that place, rumours are told of the existence of the strongest vampire in the world, the Fourth Progenitor, who controls the twelve Kenjuu of calamity. Being considered a threat to the world, the Lion King Organization sends Yukina Himeragi, an attack wizard and apprentice of "Sword Shaman" to fulfil the task of observing and eliminating Kojou Akatsuki, a young high school student who is indicated as the fourth parent.

4) Gate

The charcaters shocked at seeing the portal open for the other world

When a portal from another world appears in Ginza, Tokyo, a legion of soldiers and monsters emerges to attack the city. But thanks to their much more advanced weapons and tactics, Japan's Self-Defense Forces (FAD) easily repels the enemy, and they pass through a portal to establish an advanced base of operations and force the Roman Empire of the other world to open peace negotiations Yoji Itami is a FAD soldier that an agent sent to investigate the other world, where magic, dragons and elves are real. Using his knowledge of fantasy stories to make his way in this new environment.

3) Re: Zero- Starting Life In Another World

The girls getting shy at seeing the boy
Re Zero: Starting Life In Another World 

Subaru Natsuki is an ordinary high school student who is lost in an alternative world, where a beautiful silver-haired girl rescues him. To return the favour he decides to stay with her, but the destiny with which the girl carries is much heavier than Subaru can imagine. The enemies attack tirelessly, one after the other until he and the girl finally die. That is when Subaru discovers that he has the power to go back in time and return to the beginning of the story, to the point where he reached an unknown world. The problem is that he is the only one who remembers what happened.

2) A Certain Magical Index

The two characters in an awkward selfie
A Certain Magical Index

The story is located in Academy City, a technologically advanced city located west of Tokyo that specializes in the development of psychic powers, but is also situated in a world where magic is real. Touma Kamijou is a high school student who has his right hand a mysterious power called Imagine Breaker, which can deny supernatural phenomena, whether psychic or magical, which also cancels his own good luck. One day he finds a girl named Index hanging from his balcony. She is a nun who has in her mind the Index Librorum Prohibitorum, which is a collection of 103,000 magical books. When the paths of science and magic intersect, the story begins.

1) Blast Of Tempest

the characters of Blast Tempt in white clothes
Blast Of Tempest 

The story centres on Yoshino Takigawa and his friend Mahiro Fuwa, a teenager whose sister was mysteriously murdered a year ago. Mahiro disappears since he decides to investigate the case of his murdered sister, on the other hand, Yoshino is concerned by a woman named Evangeline, investigating the whereabouts of his friend Mahiro, since, in the places where Mahiro appeared, an epidemic occurred, however,  Mahiro appears to help his friend and in turn explains the situation. Mahiro was contacted by Kusaribe Hakase, a magician who is on a desert island from which he cannot leave since he opposed the wishes of his clan. Between Hakase and Mahiro there is a deal in which Hakase will help Mahiro find those guilty of his sister's tragedy. And Mahiro, with Yoshino's help, will stop Kusaribe Clan.

If you're looking for some mind-blowing magic animes, these are definitely made for you.  

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